Home and Away Spoilers – Why can’t Dean tell Amber he loves her?

On next week’s Home and Away in the UK, Amber is reeling after Dean can’t tell her he loves her. Is he just not ready, or are his feelings for someone else getting in the way?

“You really are the best thing that’s ever happened to him. And the best thing that’s ever happened to me. That’s why I love you!”

Amber says those infamous three words to Dean at the end of this week’s episodes, after he suggests they do something for Jai to celebrate him getting two merit awards.

The silence is deafening. A look of shock spreads across Dean’s face, and before either of them has a chance to say any more, Roo barges in with a list of urgent tasks for the surf competition. Amber makes a run for it before Dean can say a word, leaving him to deal with a frantic Roo’s giant to-do list, and leaving Amber’s head in a mess.

Next week, Amber turns to Mackenzie for advice, with Mac more surprised than anyone. Still reeling from her own breakup with Ari, she’s hardly the best person to reassure Amber that love conquers all, and instead gives her a dose of honesty.

Amber pries for all of the info on Dean and Ziggy’s relationship, wanting to know how long it took Dean to tell her he loved her. Mackenzie obviously has no idea of the finer details of her brother’s love life, but does have some advice to dish out.

When Amber asks what happens if he can never say “I love you” to her, Mackenzie advises her, “Well, you’ll have to ask yourself if you’re willing to settle for being second best. I wasn’t with Ari.”

“You think I’m second best?”

Mackenzie tells her that although they may have an excellent relationship, their slow-burn reunion after years apart isn’t exactly big, life-changing love. She doesn’t say it, but it’s obvious that what Dean had with Ziggy was more exciting, more passionate.

Amber points out that it was only recently that Dean was talking about having another kid. However, she’ll soon realise that that’s part of it – Dean is with her because he wants a family, but not because he necessarily wants her.

When Dean eventually catches up with Amber, he reassures her that she’s got it all wrong. He panicked when she told him she loved him as he just wanted to be sure. But right now, there’s nowhere else he’d rather be than with her and Jai.

“Look, it feels like we’re building something great here,” he assures her. “I hope you know that.”

But is that enough?

Later in the week, the surf competition finally arrives. Dean and Roo have done a great job of getting the event together under the difficult circumstances, and they’ve managed to talk the sponsors into putting in enough money – again – to pay for it!

The sun is shining, Dean has taken to the waves for one last practice session, and everything is in place for the happy father to win himself, Amber and Jai a trip to Movie World. He’s all but promised Jai a holiday, so the pressure is on for him to win the competition and bag the top prize.

While he’s off surfing, Ziggy arrives ready for her own practice, and stops for a friendly chat with Amber and Jai – but one which could cement Amber’s concerns about her relationship. Ziggy comments on how nice it is to see Dean competing, and how she can’t believe it’s taken so long.

When Amber asks her what she means, Ziggy explains that Dean always dreamed of the two of them travelling the country on the weekends, taking part in surf competitions, but it just never happened. It’s great that he’s finally got a competition on his doorstep.

Amber realises that while she brings Dean happiness, he isn’t exactly living his dream life. She’ll do anything to make their relationship work – after all, it’s what she’s wanted since she was a teen – and when he’s back on dry land, she runs the idea past him of them travelling to competitions of their own, like he and Ziggy always planned to. However, he quickly shoots her down, reminding her that she doesn’t even surf. It’s a devastating blow.

When Ziggy comes out of the water after her heat, she goes straight into the arms of Tane. Amber can’t help but notice Dean’s eyes are fixed solely on his ex, and she realises she simply can’t offer him what Ziggy did.

Is Dean still in love with Ziggy?

Later that day, the winners of the surf competition are revealed – and of course, it’s the two ex lovers!

They get to decide who gets what, with Dean instantly grabbing the Movie World tickets, and Ziggy more than happy to settle for an all expenses trip to the Hunter Valley. Dean has won the family holiday he’s been dreaming of, but will he ever get the chance to take it?

As the ex-lovers celebrate their win arm in arm, Amber’s smile fades as she whispers to Tane, “tell me again how solid you two are.”

And just like that, it’s not just Dean and Amber who are in trouble. Amber’s throw-away comment leaves Tane with some major doubts of his own, and as he and Ziggy relax in the Surf Club afterwards, he has just one question: “You and Dean. Tell me why the two of you aren’t still together.”

Knowing the truth about their breakup would be enough to land Dean behind bars, how will Ziggy deal with the question?

Also next week, Ryder is still dealing with Mackenzie’s request that he fire Chloe. His boss has no idea that he and Chloe are dating, and has decided she wants her gone in her quest to make her life a Parata-free zone.

Ryder is still unable to bring himself to fire his girlfriend, making excuse after excuse to avoid it. He sees how well she deals with a major customer on the phone and knows just how unfair it is for her to lose her job because of Mackenzie’s jealousy. Alf is surprised when he comes to Salt to find Chloe still working there, commenting to Ryder that she seems to have taken the news exceptionally well!

He feels even more guilty when Chloe tells him she’s thinking about asking Mac for a change of position – she wants to become Salt’s new event manager. He can’t even bring himself to dissuade her, knowing how great she’d be.

Sadly for Ryder, the decision is soon taken out of his hands when Mackenzie returns to work early, unable to cope with her mandated 2 weeks of rest. She’s stunned when she arrives at Salt to find Chloe still working, and fires her on the spot, telling Ryder “that’s how it’s done, quick and painless.”

Chloe is shocked at being fired, but even more shocked at the revelation her boyfriend knew it was coming.

There’s one more surprise in store before the week is up. When Chloe tells Ryder she expected more from him and that he should have had his back, he makes a bold move to show his loyalty – he quits Salt!

With the surf competition looming, how will a still recovering Mac cope with being two members of staff down on her busiest day of the year?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 24th May 2021 (Episode 7540)

Mac becomes an unlikely ear to Amber. Ryder’s faced with his greatest challenge. Leah and Justin’s paths begin to fork.

Tuesday 25th May 2021 (Episode 7541)

The fallout from Mac firing Chloe continues. Leah won’t be distracted from chasing Susie. Justin’s pain causes him to make a drastic decision.

Wednesday 26th May 2021 (Episode 7542)

Ryder and Chloe have to go backwards to go forwards. Marilyn comes to the rescue for Roo. Leah is too distracted to notice Justin might need help.

Thursday 27th May 2021 (Episode 7543)

Irene and Marilyn both have to navigate their Surf Comp duties. Leah worries when Justin doesn’t appear for his heat. Amber worries about her relationship with Dean.

Friday 28th May 2021 (Episode 7544)

Ziggy faces a tricky dilemma after Tane questions her break-up with Dean. Bella is horrified when the past rears its ugly head. Tori is perturbed by Christian’s new found perspective.

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