Home and Away Spoilers – Lewis’s murderous reign comes to an end

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Lewis Hayes is finally arrested as he confesses to murdering Christian’s patients… but will he get away with one more murder before the week is up?

Since his arrival in Summer Bay in late February, Lewis (Luke Arnold) has struggled to keep his feelings for Christian (Ditch Davey) to himself. He still blames him for the death of his wife Anna, who passed away shortly after Christian operated on her following a car accident.

Although Christian assured him that nothing more could have been done to save her, Lewis is looking for someone to blame, and the neurosurgeon is his only option.


Lewis securing a job as a nurse at Northern Districts meant the two were forced to work together, and they’ve clashed heads almost continuously over the last few months. Christian has apologised for not immediately remembering Anna’s case, lamented Lewis’s loss, and has done everything to try to win him round, but only manages to rile him up all the more.

Lewis has made it his aim to ruin Christian’s career, and, as we recently discovered, has been bumping off his patients by injecting them with heart-stopping Potassium as soon as he’s alone with them. He tried doing the same to Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams), but was thankfully interrupted by Mia (Anna Samson) before he had time to administer the injection.

Things came to a head when Christian was suspended pending an investigation into his recent spate of patient deaths. He took his anger out on Lewis, punching him square in the nose after Lewis made a sarcastic comment about his drinking, and the nurse finally thought he was on track to get Christian struck off.

However, when Christian survived the investigation, and the hospital took no further action over the punching incident, Lewis was enraged. Despite Jasmine’s (Sam Frost) best efforts to calm him, he’s now convinced that Christian can get away with murder, unable to see the irony that he’s the one murdering patient after patient in his search for vengeance.

On next week’s Home and Away in the UK, he decides enough is enough. In shocking scenes airing in the final moments of next Monday’s episode, Northern Districts’ head nurse drags an unconscious Christian into a disused ward in the hospital and straps him to a hospital bed!

Presumably ambushing Christian at the start of his shift, Lewis has found a way to knock the neurosurgeon out, and, using the fire exit to get in undetected, has dragged him up to a long forgotten about ward of the hospital. He binds both arms and legs to the bed, and, when Christian wakes up shortly afterwards, he quickly realises how much trouble he’s in.

Considering the fate of Lewis’s other victims, is this the end for Dr Christian Green?!

While this is going on, Jasmine is becoming more and more concerned for Lewis’s welfare.

She initially understood his anger towards Christian, knowing too well the grief of losing a loved one, but as the weeks have gone on she’s realised that what he really wants is revenge. He’ll stop at nothing to punish Christian.

When Lewis pushed forward with reporting Christian for the punching incident, she was initially reluctant, but eventually threw her support behind her boyfriend. After all, Tori had given him her blessing to report the incident, knowing that Christian was out of line.

However, when the complaint was thrown out, and Lewis told her that he was looking for his next path to revenge – “I’m trying to understand what else I have to do to make Christian pay” – she realised that things had gone too far.

In next week’s episodes, she downloads to Tori, expressing her concerns. She’s worried about Lewis’s mental state, and thinks he may need help. Meanwhile, she’s unable to get hold of him, and Tori realises it’s been a little while since she’s heard from her fiancé.

While they obviously have no idea what’s going down at the hospital, they have a feeling that something isn’t right.

Back at the hospital, and Christian has woken up to find himself strapped to a bed and surrounded by medical equipment. He calls out for help, and as he sees Lewis emerge from the shadows, he soon realises the trouble he’s in.

“Is this a joke? Can you untie me?”

“Your life’s in my hands now,” he tells him, menacingly. “How does that make you feel?”

When he asks Lewis why he’s strapped up to the heart monitor, he calmly explains that he want to see the exact moment that his heart stops!

Tori and Jasmine spend half the day searching for their respective partners. Neither of them are at home or in their usual haunts, and neither are answering their phones.

They eventually discover that both cars are in the hospital car park, but none of their colleagues have seen them. When they discover that only Lewis’s swipe card was used to get into the hospital that morning, something seems off. Even worse, Lewis’s card was used to open the starewell – he didn’t go in through the front door!

Something’s seriously wrong.

As the panicked pair catch up at a nurses’ station, Tori suddenly has a brainwave. What if they’re not in one of the normal parts of the hospital? There are a few disused wards that have been all but forgotten about… what if they’re there?!

Minutes later, Tori and Jasmine run into the room to a devastating scene – Lewis watching on as Christian lies motionless on the bed, his heart monitor flatlining; his heart has stopped!

“How long has he been down for?” Tori cries out.

“Too long,” says Lewis, emotionless.

Tori immediately jumps on her fiancé and sets about resuscitating him, as Lewis calmly walks away, satisfied.

When Jasmine offers to help, it’s clear who Tori blames for what’s going on. “Stay the hell away from him,” she shouts, and Jasmine can only watch on helplessly as Tori and the other nurses battle to save Christian. 

Later, when Jasmine returns home, she finds Lewis calmly waiting for her. He’s completely remorseless, explaining that he did everything he could to get Christian to see his mistakes. If Lewis hadn’t put a stop to things, “he would’ve kept hurting people, destroying lives, and no-one was going to stop him.”

He defends himself, entirely convinced that it had to end. When Jasmine tells him that his actions aren’t those of the man Anna loved, he counters that he did it for her!

It takes the news that Christian is still alive for him to finally come to terms with what he’s done. Despite all he did, the man he hates is still alive. He breaks down in tears, and Jasmine sees the extent of his trauma – his grief over Anna’s death has broken him more than anybody could have realised.

When the police arrive to take him away, he’s calm. There’s a look of sadness on Jasmine’s face; she knows he did what he did because of grief. Despite everything, does she still feel sorry for him?

Elsewhere next week, Bella is elated when she discovers one of her photographs has won a top prize! She entered the coveted 2021 Portrait of the Year competition, and has won Most Outstanding Portrait!

However, Nikau’s excitement for his girlfriend’s big win quickly fades when he discovers the subject matter… She submitted a candid photo of him in bed, and he had no idea.

He hates the idea of some strangers gawping at a photo of him, especially a topless one of him asleep. He can’t believe she didn’t ask his permission first. Will his feelings change when the winning photo gives him the chance of a brand new career as a model?

There’s a lot of drama in store over the next few months, as Bella’s big win pushes her and Nikau’s relationship to the brink.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 17th May 2021 (Episode 7535)

Can Mac keep her secret from Ari any longer? Lewis and Christian come to a head again.

Tuesday 18th May 2021 (Episode 7536)

Jasmine has a bad feeling about Lewis. Bella receives huge news. Leah’s obsession grows.

Wednesday 19th May 2021 (Episode 7537)

Ari’s boredom is getting too much for everyone. Christian faces his final judgement. Jasmine sees the depths to Lewis’ trauma.

Thursday 20th May 2021 (Episode 7538)

Mia has a job interview. Nikau turns down a great opportunity. John begins to resemble his old self.

Friday 21st May 2021 (Episode 7539)

Mac becomes a challenge. Ryder and Chloe’s love bubble sickens everyone. Amber says something she regrets.

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