Neighbours Spoilers – Harlow catches Hendrix and Mackenzie kissing!

On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, as a heartbroken Harlow tries to deal with Brent’s departure, she comes face to face with her ex and her best friend kissing!

The last couple of months have seen Hendrix (Benny Turland) and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) grow close. They’ve bonded over their recent breakups, their fear of spiders, and a shared love of killing zombies. But the more time they’ve spent together, the more their relationship has straddled the line between friendship and something more.

Oli introduced Richie to The Ladder, but Hendrix was not impressed

Mackenzie broke up with long term boyfriend Richie (Lachie Millar) at the end of last year after it was revealed he had rated her on The Ladder, a new social media platform which let the students of Erinsborough High rate their classmates on how good they were in bed.

Richie’s attempt to silence Mackenzie’s bullies backfired and led to their breakup

Despite going about things the wrong way, Richie had nothing but good intentions. He wanted to silence the students who were making fun of Mackenzie, and who thought her trans status was the reason they hadn’t slept together, but Mac was left devastated when she found out what he’d done.

She couldn’t be with someone who would write things about their sex life online. She soon ended things with Richie, and all but forced her friends to ostracise him from their lives.

Hendrix and Harlow (Jemma Donovan), meanwhile, broke up after Henrix’s gambling addiction left Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) with a gunshot wound to the leg.

Hendrix kept his gambling a secret from Harlow, destroying any trust between them

He’d kept his gambling from her as he got himself further and further indebted to Kane Jones (Barry Conrad), and his plight only came to light after his plan to steal a gun for protection backfired, quite literally, with the gun exploding in the Kennedys’ pizza oven.

Mackenzie and Hendrix have become unlikely confidents as they’ve coached each other through their respective breakups. Hendrix has even made Mackenzie discover her love for killing zombies as the two bonded over video games in the Kennedys’ living room.

Hendrix was clearly trying to show off in front of Mackenzie

In recent weeks, they’ve have had an increasing number of “moments”. Stolen glances, lingering hugs, and an almost kiss have made them realise that perhaps there’s more than friendship between them. Both initially dismissed the idea outright, but when Hendrix helped Mackenzie shift boxes from Toadie’s office in just a singlet, it seemed like he might have been trying to show off in front of his friend / potential love interest.

Eventually, when Mac confronted Hendrix over whether he still had feelings for Harlow, he confessed – the only person he had eyes for was her!

Next week, the two finally give in for their feelings for one another.

They’ve admitted they like each other, but don’t want to do anything for fear of hurting Harlow. After all, Mackenzie didn’t even want her friends to stay in contact with Richie after their breakup, so it would be pretty hypocritical of her to end up getting with her best friend’s ex just a few months after their breakup, no?

Yet before she has a chance to speak to Harlow about her growing feelings, she finds herself locked in an unexpected embrace with Hendrix. But the timing couldn’t be worse.

Harlow and Hendrix have managed to repair their friendship in recent weeks, with Hendrix even helping his ex girlfriend escape to see Brent in secret, as he hid away in the aftermath of the attempted robbery at the Hive. They’re in the best place they’ve been in months, and it looks like a real friendship is definitely a possibility.

Harlow and Brent were in a good place, making their goodbye even more heartbreaking

This week, Harlow is forced to say goodbye to Brent. He leaves for a new career in the army, a chance for a fresh start after his recent criminal activity almost left him behind bars. Next week, his swift departure leaves Harlow heartbroken, as she’s forced to deal with her second big breakup in a matter of months.

Mackenzie does her best to support Harlow through it, acting as her shoulder to cry on. Seeing how upset her friend is, she knows the time isn’t right to reveal that she’s developing feelings for Hendrix, so keeps quiet.

Unfortunately, the two young lovers eventually give into temptation and share their first proper kiss… just as Harlow walks into the room!

Harlow can’t believe what she’s seeing. She obviously has no idea that this is their first kiss, and can only assume her best friend and her ex have been seeing each other behind her back for weeks!

It’s on Mackenzie to try to convince her that this is all brand new, and they’d actually been holding back to protect her.

But will Harlow believe them?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 17th May (Episode 8622)

Roxy attempts to sabotage Amy’s trial as the Flamingo Bar Manager by digging into past.

Mackenzie and Hendrix share an intimate moment before they’ve had the chance to come clean with Harlow about their relationship.

After an altercation with Vera Punt, Karl discovers a mound of manure dumped on his doorstep.

Tuesday 18th May (Episode 8623)

Melanie is thrown when she realises Toadie is uncomfortable telling his kids about their relationship.

Mackenzie fears she’s ruined her friendship with Harlow.

Noticing that Hendrix is struggling with personal issues, Jane calls Chloe in to have heart-to-heart chat with him.

Wednesday 19th May (Episode 8624)

Toadie is annoyed that Melanie revealed their relationship to Hugo and Nell.

Roxy finally discovers Amy’s secret about her time in Cairns and takes the damning information to Terese.

A slightly tipsy Jane and Clive partake in some evening skinny dipping and a mortified Nicolette catches them in the act.

Thursday 20th May (Episode 8625)

With Bea and Levi’s road trip departure imminent, Sheila #2 encourages Bea to be honest with herself about whether she should really be going away with Levi at all.

Sheila #2 realises she has been using work to fill the void for her grief following the death of her nan.

Roxy waits for the news of Amy’s firing, but is thrown when Amy turns up to work.

Friday 21st May (Episode 8626)

Despite breaking up with Levi, Bea still decides to go on the road trip.

Sheila #2 urges Ned to tell Yashvi that they’ve crossed a line.

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