Home and Away Spoilers – Justin turns to pain meds as Leah searches for Susie

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Leah’s preoccupation with tracking down Susie means she can’t see the dangers closer to home.

This week, while Christian Green (Ditch Davey) does his best to ward off murderous villain Lewis Hayes (Luke Arnold), Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) are still reeling from their experience with Summer Bay’s other villain of the moment – Susie McAllister (Bridie Carter).

Posing as a real estate agent and duping them into placing an offer on their perfect home, Susie recently skipped town, taking with her $90,000 of Leah and Justin’s savings, and the Surf Club’s surf comp fundraising cash.

Leah and Justin only had their doubts when it was already too late

She had everyone completely fooled. She sold Leah and Justin a house that she had no right to sell, using a fake name and a completely fake identity. There is no Susie McAllister.

This week, as Leah hounds the police for updates, there’s still no news. The cops don’t have any leads, and Justin is all too aware that with no paper trail leading to the real Susie, there’s a good chance they’ll never find her. Yet as the days go by, Leah begins to get more and more obsessed with tracking her down, and takes matters into her own hands.

Having probably watched one too many true crime dramas during lockdown, she takes to the internet to do some investigating. Knowing that Willow managed to find some clues of her own – she was the one who found another mysterious identity using the same photo of Susie but with a different name – she gets some tips from the gym manager / internet sleuth on how to do some advanced Googling of her own.

She finds herself on a scam-watching website. It’s filled with other scam victims each detailing their own experiences of being ripped off and sharing advice. She hopes that someone else will have been targeted by “Susie” and duped into a false property sale, and that their combined experiences could uncover the information needed to track her down.

John was smitten with Susie from their very first date… but now can’t believe he fell for her scam

John (Shane Withington), meanwhile, proceeds with selling his house as he tries to pay back those who Susie ripped off. He still feels responsible for his friends and the Surf Club losing money, and can’t believe he couldn’t see her for who he really was – she completely blindsided him, and all she had to do was pay him a little attention.

Talking to Australian magazine TV Week, Shane says, “He puts his last remaining possessions on the market to make some money to assist those also hurt by [Susie’s] actions.” 

Justin has spent too much time in hospital recently, and couldn’t wait to get back in the water

However, while this is going on, Leah and the rest of the bay are completely oblivious to another danger closer to home. Justin’s health issues have been going on for months, and while his spine tumour doesn’t appear to have grown back, the pain isn’t subsiding.

He’s always led an active life, and is struggling with having to remain sedentary while his body recovers.

Last week, he pushed himself too far by getting back into the water, and, going against his doctors’ advice, jumping back on the surf board. While his first surf was a success, his second attempt saw his back give out while he was in the water, and he had to be rescued by Dean as he struggled to keep his head above the waves.

Justin’s tumour may be gone, but the pain certainly hasn’t

He’s been in even more pain since the accident… worse than when he actually had a tumour!

Needing something to stem the pain, he turns to medication, but as the pain carries on, he starts popping too many of the strong pills his doctor prescribed. Will Leah realise what’s going on before he develops a full on addiction, or worse?

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Tori and Jasmine rush to find Lewis and Christian before it’s too late. Will Lewis get the ultimate revenge on the man who he blames for his wife’s death?

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Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 19th April 2021 (Episode 7536)

Jasmine has a bad feeling about Lewis. Bella receives huge news. Leah’s obsession grows.

Tuesday 20th April 2021 (Episode 7537)

Ari’s boredom is getting too much for everyone. Christian faces his final judgement. Jasmine sees the depths to Lewis’ trauma.

Wednesday 21st April 2021 (Episode 7538)

Mia has a job interview. Nikau turns down a great opportunity. John begins to resemble his old self.

Thursday 22nd April 2021 (Episode 7539–7541)

Mac becomes a challenge. Ryder and Chloe’s love bubble sickens everyone. Amber says something she regrets.

Mac becomes an unlikely ear to Amber. Ryder’s faced with his greatest challenge. Leah and Justin’s paths begin to fork.

The fallout from Mac firing Chloe continues. Leah won’t be distracted from chasing Susie. Justin’s pain causes him to make a drastic decision.

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