Home and Away Spoilers – Kieran kidnaps Martha, telling her “you owe me!”

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Kieran takes Martha hostage as he returns to Summer Bay for real. Will Alf and Martha believe that he’s actually back before it’s too late?

As we wrote last week, Alf is set to bring Martha back to Summer Bay after deciding he doesn’t want her to spend another night in the psych ward of the hospital. With Martha having accepted that her visions of Kieran weren’t real, Alf suggests that she clears out the van she prepared for Kieran, as a small step on her road to recovery.

Yet as she enters the van alone, she comes face to face with Kieran. This time he’s real and has come back after his mum bombarded him with texts and calls. Yet Martha can only presume she’s hallucinating again, and Kieran is left baffled when his mum questions whether he’s real, before making a break for it.

“He’s not really here, he’s not really here, this is not happening” she says to herself, as she runs back to the main house. She confesses to Alf and Martha that she just saw Kieran again… but this time it felt more real than ever – nastier, more like his true self, not the perfect version of him that she saw when she was hallucinating.

With both Alf and Martha assuming her delusions have returned, the trio head back to the van with her to clear things up, and nobody is surprised when it’s empty!

Yet Kieran is very much back, and is hiding in the shadows out of sight. That night, he breaks into vans across the caravan park, in search of any alcohol he can find.

The next morning, Alf and Roo find Martha’s easel and paints strewn everywhere outside Summer Bay House, with Martha nowhere to be found.

While they suspect that something is amiss, they have no idea the danger Martha is really in. They go to the caravan she was keeping Kieran’s belongings in, but it’s locked shut. Hoping she might just have popped to Irene’s, they don’t think to look in the van itself, and carry on their search.

Yet just meters away inside the caravan, a very much real Kieran is holding Martha hostage, his hand over her mouth so she can’t scream. As soon as the coast is clear, he bundles her into his car and drives her away, menacingly telling her that “I’m here because you owe me”.

Thankfully, it’s not long before Roo find outs from the residents that some of the vans have been broken into over night, and she and Alf realise it can’t be a coincidence. 

When they go to check Martha’s van again, they find it full of signs that Kieran has been there – the place is a mess, and the telltale bottles of alcohol are strewn all over the place. Martha was right all along – Kieran is really back!

In the car, Martha does her best to calm Kieran down, but he’s livid. Thanks to Alf, he’s had to spend weeks on the run! He defends himself when Martha tries to pull him up on the outstanding warrant – “No no no, that’s my ex, she’s had it in for me, none of that was my fault.”

“No, it never is, is it?”

Martha demands that Kieran stop the car so they can talk things through properly, and even tries grabbing the steering wheel, but Kieran pushes her to the side and keeps driving. His plan is to take her to the nearest ATM, and demands she withdraws him money, with the promise that he’ll be out of her life once she does so.

However, there’s a withdrawal limit, so she only manages to give him a few hundred dollars. It’s not enough to appease him, so they’re soon back on the road, heading to the nearest bank. Yet this is a newly revived Martha, and she’s clearly had enough of her son always playing the victim – she tells him he needs to own up to his own mistakes and stop blaming everyone else when things go wrong in his life.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, two police cars speed around the corner, sirens and lights blaring. Kieran can’t believe it. “Great, thanks for that, your husband’s called the cops on me again! I’m going away now!”

Except Alf isn’t the cause of Kieran’s arrest, as Martha coolly informs her son. “It wasn’t Alf. I called the police when you were at the ATM.”

Martha has finally realised that Kieran isn’t worth protecting! She’s distraught as he’s dragged away and handcuffed, but knows she’s done the right thing. Will this be the end of her torment?

Elsewhere, Ziggy wants to do her bit to get Willow’s life back to normal.

Willow has successfully reunited with Dean, has settled back into her job as temporary manager of the gym, and next week is set to renew her friendship with Ziggy… the one person she hasn’t been able to reunite with is Bella.

Bella was understandably furious when Willow shopped Colby into Detective Rosetta at the end of 2020, and with her brother now firmly behind bars for the next two decades, it isn’t looking like she’s going to forgive Willow any time soon.

When Willow unloads to Ziggy next week, she tells her just how difficult it was destroying her family to protect them. She had been seriously reconsidering whether she should stay in the bay, and would love more than anything for her, Dean and Bella to go back to the way they were before, just the three of them.

Next week, Ziggy decides to make it her mission to reunite the two women. 

With Bella struggling with a TAFE assignment, Ziggy invites her to the farmhouse so the two of them can work through it together. She has a plan, and calls Willow telling her to come round with pizzas shortly after.

Yet her timing couldn’t be worse, and Willow arrives just after Bella has spent the past 10 minutes pouring over photos of Colby, and downloading to Zig about just how much Willow betrayed her and her brother.

Before Ziggy can warn Willow not to come, she turns up at the door. Bella is furious: “Did you set me up? The entire day you’ve been nice to me, and now I realise it’s all just an act.

“Just like everyone else!”

Is there anything Willow can do to get Bella’s forgiveness?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 19th April 2021 (Episode 7515)

Irene is becoming a thorn in Susie’s side. Alf takes Martha away from the hospital. Willow and Ziggy repair their relationship. Leah and Justin hand over their money to Susie.

Tuesday 20th April 2021 (Episode 7516)

Irene and Susie try to mend their rift. Bella’s trust is tested. Martha’s delusions return.

Wednesday 21st April 2021 (Episode 7517)

Martha faces her reality. Christian questions his judgement. Irene has a hunch about Susie.

Thursday 22nd April 2021 (Episode 7518)

Ari’s family brace for the worst. Justin makes a snap decision. Mac is forced to tell Tane her secret.

Friday 23rd April 2021 (Episode 7519)

Tane tells Mac the truth. Dean and Amber move in the right direction. Ryder avoids Chloe.

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