Neighbours Spoilers – Nell Rebecchi goes missing

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, fearful about never seeing her aunt or uncle again, Nell goes missing. Meanwhile, Mackenzie makes a decision about her future with her ex-boyfriend.

These episodes will air from Monday 22nd April.

Times have certainly been rough for the Sharma-Rebecchis this past year, but there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel. Shane and Dipi Rebecchi have made it through the lowest point of their marriage, battling Shane’s drug addiction, her affair and their subsequent separation.

Dipi and Shane discuss renting in West Ryde.

Now, things couldn’t be better. However, living in No. 30 is stopping them from being able to fully move on. While it’s their home, it’s also home to so many bad memories. As such, the pair have decided to move to Sydney to be closer to their youngest two children, Jay and Kirsha, and to make a fresh start.

As their pair begin their search for homes, it becomes obvious that not everyone in their family is accepting of it.

Toadie is taken aback when they announce the move but his happiness that they’ve been reunited outweighs any sadness at them leaving. However, it seems the news hits Nell the hardest. When they hunt for houses from the living room of Number 30 and invite Nell to take a look at one of their finds, she coldly announces that she’s too busy colouring in with Hugo to come and take a look.

Nell snubs her aunty.

Thrown, Dipi lets it go, but when she suggests to Nell that they spend some quality time together, either heading to the park or painting each other’s nails, the youngster makes an excuse to leave the room. Dipi is taken aback, not sure how to react to Nell’s snubbing. In her mind, they only have a few months left together, so they should be making the most of it.

However, as the Sharma-Rebecchis’ plans look to be cemented, Shane throws a curveball that changes the game entirely.

After a phone call with the university, he reveals that they will not let him transfer mid-semester, so he either has to transfer before the start of the year, or at the end of it. It’s a blow for the pair, who were aiming for a June move, but secretly Toadie is overjoyed that he may get longer with his extended family.

However, it doesn’t take long for Shane and Dipi to mull things over and come to a decision. They are going to move before the start of the new university year, which is in two weeks.

Toadie struggles to reconcile Shane and Dipi’s hasty plans.

Toadie can’t believe what he is hearing. He thought he had months left with his family, but now it’s weeks. After storming off, Toadie returns to talk things over. He explains that when Sonya died, and they moved in, it was a nice change. He had gotten used to having them around, but now they’re going it’ll take some getting used to.

After talking it over, the loveable lawyer realises how important this move is for the couple and welcomes the idea. Though when they go to tell Nell, she is nowhere to be found.

Shane is terrified when Toadie reveals he can’t find Nell.

Horrified, Shane, Toadie and Dipi go into panic mode and split up to find her.

Before long, Dipi sighs a breath of relief and makes a phone call to Toadie.

Outside the community centre, sitting in front of Sonya’s wall memorial is Nellyfish. She’s found her niece, safe.

It does not take long for Toadie to arrive on the scene. Standing back, he listens as Dipi talks to her about what is on her mind.

Solemn, Nell tells her aunt she wanted to come down to talk to her mum about Shane and Dipi leaving. She knows she will probably never see them again, but Dipi assures her that they will always talk and video chat. There’s no reason to believe they will not see each other again.

As if she’s going straight for the heartstrings, eight year old Nell looks her aunt straight in the eyes, and tells her what her biggest issue is with Shane and Dipi leaving.

“I don’t want you to leave me like mummy did,” she says to a teary Dipi.

Will Nell’s admission change Shane and Dipi’s plans?

Meanwhile, Mackenzie is struggling with her feelings for Richie as the pair undertake their joint assignment.

It’s only been a week since they started, but poor Mackenzie doesn’t know what she is feelings. Every time she is around Richie, she gets butterflies and doesn’t know how to control them.

As the pair discuss Mackenzie and where she feels she fits in, there’s a charged moment between the two of them. Brief though it may be, it is felt by both parties and when they meet up again, Richie has to know if it meant something.

Questioning whether they had had a moment, Richie is elated when Mackenzie states they did.

“Does this mean that…?” Richie alludes to them getting back together, but Mackenzie is quick to shut the idea down. They can be friends, but she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to move on from what he did.

Later, Mackenzie meets with Hendrix, who had given her advice earlier on in the day. Together, the pair share a laugh. However, as Mackenzie’s smile lingers, it becomes clear there may be something developing between the pair.

Is a spark about to ignite ‘Mackendrix’?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 12th April (8578)

Returning from Fay’s funeral, David proposes a new weekly tradition for the Brennans in her honour.

Believing that Karl caused her fall, Olivia tells police that he pushed her down the stairs.

Chloe and Nicolette have a much-needed conversation, making amends and resolving to move forward as friends.

Tuesday 13th April (8579)

After learning that his aunt wants him to move to New Zealand, Emmett rushes straight to David and Aaron asking is he can move in.

As Chloe and Nicolette spend more time together, Chloe realises she still has feelings for Nicolette.

Harlow proposes a family lunch so everyone can spend more time with Brent.

Wednesday 14th April (8580)

When Chloe tells Aaron about her feelings for Nicolette, he worries it could lead to a potentially messy situation.

Brent realises he dropped the ring at No. 22 and starts to panic.

Aaron and David try to persuade Linda to let Emmett live with them, but she is intent on taking him to New Zealand.

Thursday 15th April (8581)

Nell is upset when she hears that Dipi and Shane are leaving as she doesn’t want to lose another mother figure.

Brent takes off before Leila’s home assessment, but returns home and impresses everyone, especially Leila.

Mackenzie questions her feelings for Richie and wonders if they are more than friends.

Friday 16th April (8582)

Karl remains racked with guilt over the part he played in Olivia’s accident, and although he talks things over with Olivia, the situation is far from over.

Seeing how upset Nell is, Dipi cancels their move to Sydney.

When Sheila crashes a romantic date Kyle had planned for Roxy, it becomes a tipping point and his temper boils over.

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