Neighbours Spoilers – Karl Kennedy’s anger lands Olivia Bell in a coma

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Olivia Bell and Karl Kennedy’s feud reaches boiling point, with one life hanging in the balance. Meanwhile Kyle Canning is made aware of some scary similarities and Mackenzie Hargreaves finds herself in a difficult situation.

These episodes will air from Monday 5th April.

Boiling point is fast approaching in the feud between Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) and Olivia Bell (Alyce Platt).

Olivia’s presence in the last few weeks hasn’t been welcome.

The pair, who went on a few dates back in 2012, are divided over Susan’s potential involvement in Olivia’s new book.

In Karl’s eyes, it would be detrimental to dredge up the past for the sake of the money. However, Olivia believes Susan deserves to have a platform to tell her truth.

The constant pulling in opposite directions has left Susan in an uncomfortable position. Firstly, she wasn’t going to be involved. Then she changed her mind and was. But now, after finding herself haunted by terrifyingly realistic visions of Finn Kelly, she’s back on Team Karl, and seems to be firmly planted there…

…but Olivia won’t take no for an answer.

Susan has been inundated with phone calls since telling Olivia where she could stick her book.

Olivia attempts to convince Susan once again to be involved in her book.

Calling and calling, Olivia urges Susan to reconsider as they did have a verbal agreement, and her advance for the book was on the guarantee of Susan’s involvement.

Running into Susan’s family later in the Waterhole, Olivia wonders whether they might be able to help her change Susan’s mind. But when Karl arrives, he isn’t having a bar of it. Instead, he verbally abuses Olivia, labelling her a monster.

Reminding her of the harassment and the torment she’s caused, Karl makes her a promise.

I’m not going to let you get away with that.

When it becomes too intense, Yashvi is forced to step in and breaks it up. Karl can’t believe how he acted, but he is seething. He can’t understand why Olivia won’t back off after being told no so many times.

Despite Karl’s abuse and everyone’s attempts to warn her off, Olivia heads to the school. After all, Susan may be able to ignore her phone calls and her emails, but she can’t ignore a face to face conversation.

However, as timing would have it, Karl runs into Olivia at the school.

He can’t believe she’s resorted to harassing his wife in her workplace.

The pair have an argument at the top of the staircase, in which Karl unleashes all of his pent up fury in a trade of abuse.

You’re a vulture – you are praying on my family,” Karl exclaims furiously.

As the pair teeter closer to the edge of the top stair, their argument reaches a dangerous climax. With Karl urging Olivia to back off her family and walking away, she takes a step backward.

Losing her footing, Olivia tumbles backwards down the stairs.

Horrified, Karl looks on as Olivia lays unconscious at the foot of the staircase!

Will she survive?

Meanwhile, Roxy and Sheila hit the town together, aiming to get their minds off of the break-in and Roxy’s attack.

Yet minutes before leaving, Roxy gets text from a man who’s seen her posters asking for any information on the identity of her attacker.

Thinking she’s got a strong lead, they swiftly re-arrange their plans and organise to meet him at the Flamingo Bar. Unfortunately for them, it’s a dead end – he’s only interested in hitting on Roxy, and the pair organise some revenge.

As he propositions Roxy, she calls her beloved Mama Jugs over and they let him know that they are a package deal.

If he wants one of them, he’ll get the other.

Roxy and Sheila bat their eyes in revenge.

Some say three’s a crowd, we say it’s a party!

However, as the two ladies get their revenge on the local casanova, Kyle makes some horrifying realisations about his girlfriend’s bond with his grandmother.

An innocent comment about their friendship leads to Bea, Dipi and Terese pointing out how similar they really are.

They’re both extroverts, opinionated and loud. They bounce off each other.

It’s so cute that you’re dating a little version of your grandmother,” Bea exclaims.

Kyle doesn’t believe this is true as Amy and Georgia were nothing like Sheila. However, Bea thinks there is probably a reason those relationships didn’t last.

Kyle is horrified and he refuses to believe the truth in it. Is he really dating a mini Sheila?

Elsewhere on Ramsay Street, Mackenzie is forced into an uncomfortable situation with her ex-boyfriend Richie.

It’s been months since the pair ended their relationship, when Mackenzie was horrified to learn that Richie and his mates were rating their girlfriends over how good they thought they would be in bed.

It hit Mackenzie for six, but with Richie now in her orbit, she is unsure of her feelings towards him.

He’s open about the fact he is doing a class to be back in her circle. But when the pair are forced back together for the sake of a corporate sexual harassment assignment, it cuts a little too close to the bone and the quickly animosity returns.

Will Mackenzie be able to move on from Richie’s misogynistic behaviour?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 5th March (8573)

Checking in on Fay, David immediately realises how sick she is.

With the reminder of how short life can be, Shane asks Dipi to move back in.

A distraught Chloe finds comfort in Nicolette, making a completely unexpected proposition.

Tuesday 6th March (8574)

Paul is unimpressed by Brent’s lack of sensitivity when he’s unaware that Harlow is hit with grief over the loss of her own mother.

The morning after, Chloe is embarrassed to face Nicolette and must sort through her feelings.

David worries about how Aaron is acting towards his friends, concerned his grief is causing him to alienate those he loves.

Wednesday 7th March (8575)

Hendrix is left feeling heartbroken when Harlow confirms she’s officially dating Brent.

Roxy posts flyers of the mysterious ring in a determined effort to find her attacker.

The recent intruder is a major cause of concern for Brent.

Thursday 8th March (8576)

Olivia’s unrelenting pressure on Susan to reconsider pushes Karl to boiling point, leading to a confrontation with disastrous consequences.

Roxy thinks she’s received a lead from a man about the ring, but he’s only interested in dating her.

Yashvi is relieved to find Dipi and Shane acting love loved-up teenagers when she returns from a little holiday with Ned.

Friday 9th March (8577)

Olivia’s fall leaves her unconscious in hospital, with Karl looking guilty.

Dipi asks Shane to move to Sydney to be closer to Kirsha and Jay, unbeknownst to Yashvi.

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