Neighbours Spoilers – Goodbye Shane and Dipi… and Yashvi?

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Shane and Dipi say a final goodbye to Erinsborough… but not wanting to be left behind, will Yashvi decide to go with them?

L-R: Shane, Yashvi, Kirsha, Dipi and Mishti first arrived in Erinsborough in 2017

The Rebecchi clan first arrived in Ramsay Street in 2017, when Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) arrived in town to check on Toadie (Ryan Moloney), whose marriage to Sonya (Eve Morey) was firmly on the rocks.

Wife Dipi (Sharon Johal), daughters Yashvi (Olivia Junkee) and Kirsha (Vani Dhir), and sister-in-law Mishti (Scarlet Vas) followed shortly after, and Toadie’s estranged family soon made themselves at home on Ramsay Street.

Just shy of four years later, it’s time for Shane and Dipi to leave Erinsborough. They’ve endured one of the most stressful years of their marital life, after Shane’s drug addiction started the ball rolling for the end of his marriage.

Dipi found solace in billionaire Pierce Grayson (Tim Robards / Don Hany), who was going through his own marital problems with Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) and even once Pierce left for a fresh start in Sydney, she decided that her marriage to Shane was well and truly over.

Shane almost found happiness with Amy, but has realised that he’s not ready to give up on his and Dipi’s 20 years of marriage

Fast forward a few months, and the sight of Shane with his new girlfriend Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) was the wake-up call Dipi needed, and she realised that she’s not ready to throw away 20 years of marriage just yet. She and Shane have finally managed to patch things up and are giving their relationship another chance.

With so many bad memories on Ramsay Street, they’ve decided to make a fresh start in Sydney, where they can be close to their younger children Jay and Kirsha at their boarding schools. After Dipi managed to convince niece Nell that she’ll always be a big part of her life, the newly reunited couple are packed up and ready to go.

There are a few final surprises in store before they go. Roxy and Sheila come up with one last prank to see Shane’s last day at The Waterhole off in style, plus there’s a hilarious wrestling match as Toadie “The Lawman” Rebecchi battles Shane in a final showdown. Sheila is also in for a shock as Dipi organises an entertainer to cheer her up, but doesn’t realise just what kind of “male entertainer” she’s booked… 👀

But as the pair make their final preparations to depart, it seems there’s one person who’s keeping her feelings to herself – Yashvi.

She’s loved having Jay and Kersha back in town in recent months, and they finally felt like a proper family for the first time in ages. Now that both of her parents are heading off to Sydney as well, she realises that she doesn’t have many reasons to stick around in Erinsborough.

She’s got her job, and she’s got Ned, and the two are probably the strongest they’ve ever been… but is that enough?

Next week, a smitten Ned suggests that they take the next step in their relationship, and move in together! In his eyes, it’s the perfect time – with her parents gone, Yashvi needs somewhere to live, so why not find a place of their own?

“Yashvi has always had the security and support of her family,” Olivia Junkeer told TV Week when discussing this new development in the life of the Rebecchis.

“She’s grown a lot… but the connection she’s had with her parents has remained. Their moving is a shock and has left her feeling vulnerable.”

So when Ned suggests they move in together, she’s taken aback. Too many things have been changing in her life recently, and Ned’s desire to move at a million miles an hour overwhelms her. She just needs stability, and wants to cling on to the family connections that have got her though the past few years.

Ned is crushed when Yashvi rejects his offer of shacking up, but he understands. As long as they’re together, he doesn’t care if they’re living under the same roof. Yet the biggest shock is yet to come.

Yashvi has helped Ned through countless bad times in recent years. Does he face a future without her?

He happens to chats to Mishti, who has been working as a police officer in Sydney since she departed Melbourne back in October 2018. As the two catch up, Mishti drops the revelation that Yashvi has been applying for jobs on the police force in Sydney. What’s more, she’s been accepted!

“Mishti lets him know that Yashvi has been accepted in a position to work alongside her,” Olivia recently revealed to TV Week. “Oops!”

Yashvi has been accepted for a job in Sydney

Ned had no idea that Yashvi was even thinking of following her parents to Sydney, let alone that she’d been applying for jobs there without telling him.

Is Yashvi set to leave Ned alone in Erinsborough, and follow the rest of her family for a new life Sydneyside?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 29th March (Episode 8588)

Roxy and Sheila come up with one last prank to send Shane off on his last day at The Waterhole.

Jane returns from Brisbane to discover Chloe and Nicolette’s new relationship in the most awkward way possible.

With the help of Sheila’s creative idea, Dipi finds a way to stay connected to Nell while preparing for their move.

Tuesday 30th March (Episode 8589)

Dipi organises a girls’ afternoon for herself, Sheila, Yashvi and Mackenzie, but accidentally books the wrong kind of male entertainer.

Nicolette convinces Clive to ask Jane to stay with him for a few weeks.

Ned gets that idea that he and Yashvi should also take the next step in their relationship, but she is less than enthused.

Wednesday 31st March (Episode 8590)

Ned finds out by accident that Yashvi looked into a work transfer to Sydney.

Susan and Bea succeed in getting Olivia to change her statement, but Karl may be about to undo everything.

Dipi and Shane hit the road, looking forward to their new adventure together.

Thursday 1st April (Episode 8591)

Terese becomes concerned and suspicious by Paul’s increasing fixation on checking the financials of all his businesses.

Olivia finally retracts her statement, leaving Karl and Susan to decide if they will follow through with their promise to collaborate on the book.

Friday 2nd April (Episode 8592)

Karl and Susan are shocked when Bea reveals she’s still looking in a book deal, adamant to tell her side of the story.

While preparing for her London trip, Harlow can’t help getting lost in the pages of Prue’s diary, noticing the similarities between her and her mother’s romantic history.

Aaron is still concerned about Chloe and Nicolette’s relationship, but is placated after seeing how good they are together at the baby’s gender reveal party.

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