Neighbours Spoilers – Dipi tells Shane she still loves him

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On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Paul Robinson’s attempts to steer clear of his former PA Melanie Pearson seem quashed when Toadie Rebecchi makes a shock appointment. Meanwhile, Shane Rebecchi has a big decision to make when his estranged wife makes an admission.

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 8th March.

It’s the seal laugh heard all around Erinsborough that Paul Robinson has been avoiding like the plague. Melanie Pearson’s been back but a few short weeks, and still hasn’t run into her former boss.

Terese realises Paul has deleted his social media.

In fact, Paul’s gone as far as deleting his social media to stop her from messaging him and sending him friend requests. It’s obvious to Terese that he doesn’t want to go on any double dates soon, but the question truly remains – why is he so against seeing her?

Paul and Terese spy Melanie and Toadie in the complex.

As Paul and Terese walk through the complex, he’s forced to steer them in another direction. He suggests the terrace, as he spies Melanie talking quite emphatically to Toadie.

Toadie and Melanie look pretty cosy.

He knows that they went on a date. In fact, he taunted Toadie with the knowledge of it. Why they are still seeing each other is anyone’s guess…

Madame Zolga put a spell on him,” Paul quips. It’s said in jest, but secretly, in his mind, it’s got to be the only reason.

Later on, Paul goes to visit Toadie in his office. While Toadie is quite laid back about the whole situation, Paul can’t believe that his neighbour would contemplate seeing Melanie again, and assures him that if he’s only doing it to make him uncomfortable, he doesn’t have to.

Toadie makes Paul a promise.

Toadie is somewhat perplexed, letting Paul know that that isn’t something he would do.

Then, Paul delivers the clanger – even if he is seeing Melanie, he asks him to not go on a date in the complex with her again. Toadie agrees, leaving Paul beside himself! He can’t believe that Toadie would give in so easily to his demands. Paul is content, and feels there is no reason to push the matter any further.

Paul sees Melanie and Toadie in Lassiters together.

Unfortunately for Paul, Toadie keeps his promise, but takes things a step further – he takes Melanie into the hotel! Paul’s furious, and barges back into his office not long after to take out his anger.

No sooner does Paul question Toadie’s motive, than the moment he has dreaded arrives.

Paul Stewart Robinson.

Paul’s heart sinks. The pair are finally face to face after weeks of one-sided avoidance, and it is exactly what he didn’t want.

It becomes very clear to Paul that Melanie is still the same zany character she was some thirty years ago when she initially left Erinsborough. She grabs his face and begins to do a ‘reading’.

There’s mention of the number 6, the many, many women that he has been with over the years, lots of children and 2 grandchildren.

The pair share a short, but sweet, trip down memory lane as Melanie asks what happened to his marriage to Chrissie, before reminding him of how she inadvertently ended up accompanying them on their honeymoon.

But Paul doesn’t want to exchange pleasantries. All he’s after is a reason – why is she in Erinsborough, and more importantly, in his hotel?

It’s then that Toadie delivers the news. Melanie is his new PA.

Paul will be seeing Melanie around quite a lot – perhaps, every day!

Just like old times,” Melanie reminds him.

In that moment, he blanches, and the look on Paul Robinson’s face is one of pure dread.

Paul glares Toadie down upon hearing the news about Melanie’s appointment.

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Shane is forced to make a tough decision when Dipi’s true feelings come to the forefront.

For the last few weeks, Shane has been dating Amy Greenwood, who initially came to Erinsborough to create the new Lassiters uniform. However, now she has new plans. She wants to open a boutique in the complex… which would mean she’d be sticking around.

Dipi knows exactly what this means. If Amy stays around, it will be the end to her marriage, and she’s not ready to give Shane up.

As it is, the pair are exchanging barbs every time they are around one another, and it isn’t healthy in the slightest for anyone involved.

Dipi asks Terese an unprofessional favour.

Fearful Amy’s plans for the boutique could throw her chances of reconciliation off kilter, Dipi visits Terese to beg her to turn Amy’s proposal down. Terese understands where she’s coming from, but assures Dipi it’s completely unethical and something she cannot entertain.

As if the universe was sending Dipi a sign, she returns to Terese’s office not long later to retrieve her phone which she left, only to find Amy leaving her lease application on the desk.

Dipi takes Amy’s lease application.

In a heated moment, Dipi takes the application and scurries off. However, realising the error of her ways, she brings this up to Terese. But there’s bad news – new tenants have already signed the documentation to take over the lease. Amy’s missed out.

Unfortunately, it’s not long before Amy and Shane find out exactly what Dipi’s done and it’s clear that her jealousy is bringing out the worst in her.

With the moment presenting itself, Dipi makes her feelings known – she lied when she told Shane she was happy for him to move on.

She is still in love with him.

Shane’s thrown – this confession is out of left field and something he wasn’t expecting. Does he feel the same way?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 8th March (8553)

Karl encourages Bea to let Levi back in.

Paul’s still trying to avoid Melanie, instructing an amused Toadie to not go on any more dates at Lassiters.

Horrified about the misunderstanding with the Health Officer, Roxy’s self-esteem plummets and she decides to run away.

Tuesday 9th March (8554)

Amy announces she’s planning to open a boutique in the Lassiters complex, leading Dipi to make an impulsive and disastrous decision.

Sheila goes to the airport to talk Roxy into coming back to Erinsborough.

Wednesday 10th March (8555)

Hendrix stages a grand romantic gesture to try and win Harlow back.

Shane is disappointed with Dipi’s pettiness after she steals Amy’s proposal from Terese’s desk.

Mackenzie feels caught in the middle of two friends, who unfairly turn on her for her part in Hendrix’s scheme.

Thursday 11th March (8556)

Jane, David and Aaron are thrilled that Brent is heading back to high school, but trouble is brewing on the horizon.

Shane is confused when Dipi declares that she is in love with him and wants him back.

Hearing about the tension between Hendrix and Brent, Harlow gives Hendrix an insight into the tough life Brent has had in the hopes he’ll show some compassion.

Friday 12th March (8557)

Grateful for Melanie’s work as his PA, Toadie invited her to dinner, unaware that it’s Valentine’s Day.

Brent shuts down as his confidential records spread through the school, leading Hendrix to come clean about the situation.

Aaron is shocked to learn that Chloe has refused to help with Fay’s bucket list.

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