Neighbours Spoilers – Kyle’s forced to close The 82, as Amy sabotages Shane and Dipi

On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Kyle Canning is forced to shut the tram, amid an investigation that could see the permanent closure of his restaurant. Meanwhile, Amy Greenwood takes drastic action to keep Shane Rebecchi’s attention.

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 1st March.

The past year hasn’t been smooth sailing for the loveable larrikin that occupies 26 Ramsay Street with his gran and cousin.

Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) has been bereft of happiness ever since he said goodbye to his girlfriend Amy Williams (Zoe Crammond), who left Erinsborough for a fresh start in New York at the start of 2020.

Since then, his father was murdered by a psychopathic neighbour, he’s been run down by Bea’s (Bonnie Anderson) van, said goodbye to his dog Bossy as was put down, and he learnt that his childhood antics was the reason his cousin had epilepsy.

In recent weeks, a batch of toxic pies, tainted with the wild mushrooms that Roxy picked from outside the tram, has sent his cousin’s girlfriend into kidney failure. Without rapid intervention, Bea could have died. Naturally, all involved are distraught, but none more so than cop cousin Levi, who has just pieced together that Bea’s sickness was down to Kyle’s use of death cap mushrooms in his recipe.

Bea consumes the poisoned roo pie.

After Levi uncovers the truth, Kyle decides to be proactive and closes the tram. He dodges Sheila’s (Colette Mann) inquisition as to why its closed – she’s very confused as to why he would voluntarily shut down his baby. On the surface, he claims to be worried about Bea, but deep down he’s worried that if news got out, both The 82 and Gary’s legacy will be tarnished forever.

Then, as if it were a sign from the heavens, a pigeon lands on Sheila’s arm. To her, it means that Bea will be alright. For Kyle, he can now breathe a sigh of relief.

As Bea struggles, Levi is on the lookout for information.

That is, of course, until Bea reveals she knows what really happened to her!

Levi (Richie Morris) is livid that he was kept out of the loop and forces Bea to tell Karl and Susan the truth about her illness. Unimpressed with Levi’s behaviour, but backed into a corner, Bea opens up.

As he learns of the deadly dilemma, Karl contemplates lodging a complaint – he is the landlord of the tram after all.

However, it seems someone has beaten him to it.

Kyle is stunned to find himself face to face with a council health inspector, who orders the tram to immediately cease trading until a full investigation can be carried out!

Sheila is shocked that Karl would lodge a complaint with the council so quickly, and obviously wants to give him a piece of his mind. However, it’s not long until Levi arrives and reveals he’s the one that called the council. On his own cousin!

Kyle’s heart sinks – his livelihood and Gary’s legacy, both now forced to close, and all down to the actions of a family member. Sheila is forced to come between her two grandsons to stop them laying into each other.

With his gran’s help, Kyle cleans out the tram. As he has one final glance inside, Kyle apologises to his father. Leaving The 82 for the final time, he’s heartbroken to know he’s let Gary down.

Kyle isn’t the only one struggling in the wake of the poisoned pie disaster. The incident has left poor Roxy worried about her relationship with Kyle.

The blonde bombshell is finally realising that all the bad things that happen to Kyle seem to be a direct result of her involvement.

At the Waterhole after the tram’s closure, Roxy bemoans her issues to Terese. She’s worried Kyle that will never trust her again… and she completely understands why he wouldn’t.

If Kyle was here, he’d give you the biggest hug and tell you not to worry about a thing,” Terese says to try to comfort her niece.

Unfortunately, it seems Kyle’s loyalty isn’t as strong as Terese thinks. He’s standing nearby and overhears Terese’s kind words… but with a moment of hesitation, he turns around and walks out. Is this the end of Kyle and Roxy?

Meanwhile, there’s no end in sight for the Rebecchi family drama.

Despite trying her hardest to hate her, Yashvi is finding herself growing quite fond of Amy. The pair share quite a bit in common, including their love of the women’s AFL league and their respect for Shane.

Yashvi doesn’t feel comfortable telling Dipi about her newfound friendship, worried how it might affect her.

But there’s about to be trouble in paradise, as Amy begs Shane to write her a bush ballad.

Confiding in Toadie, Shane is worried when nothing is coming to mind. He’s adamant that bush ballads are a talent and can’t be created at the drop of a hat.

So, to keep Amy happy, he uses one that he wrote for Dipi. He almost gets away with it too… until a phone call from Dipi sees him cancel plans to take Amy to the bedroom.

Slowly Amy begins to piece everything together and is disheartened to learn the truth. While Dipi is around, Shane will never be able to give her his full attention.

As she walks into Harold’s, she comes up with a plan to take matters into her own hands, and to keep Shane’s attention solely on her. She asks Hendrix for Pierce’s phone number, under the pretence of apologising for what she said about him at the lip-sync event.

However, once she’s on the phone to him, it’s a different story.

She’s calling to let him know that Dipi is in Sydney, suggesting that they talk over what happened with Jay and Hendrix in Erinsborough. Of course, in reality she’s hoping to cause a reunion between the ex lovers.

And maybe don’t mention that I called. She might be a little embarrassed,” Amy says, as a look of unease now crossing her face. The second thoughts begin to kick in.

Has she made a dire mistake?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 1st March (8548)

Toadie reveals that he doesn’t support Amy and Shane as a couple.

Yashvi and Ned have dinner with Amy and Shane, deciding to keep it a secret from Dipi.

Levi is furious with Kyle, Roxy and Bea for keeping the secret about Bea’s poisoning from him.

Tuesday 2nd March (8549)

Sheila ends up in the middle of an argument between Kyle and Levi.

Shane agrees to write Amy a bush ballad, but it doesn’t go down as well as either of them had planned.

Kyle is hurt that Levi has reported him to the council.

Wednesday 3rd March (8550)

Nicolette take Jane’s advice and decides to be more sympathetic to the trauma that Brent has gone through.

Paul observes what looks like a shady exchange between Nicolette and Brent, believing he has the ammunition he needs to take Nicolette down.

Amy plants the idea that Dipi could be rekindling things with Pierce in Sydney.

Thursday 4th March (8551)

Paul is confident that’s finally exposed Nicolette’s true colours, but Brent reveals the truth.

Hendrix calls out Harlow’s hypocrisy for forgiving Brent but not him.

Nicolette and Brent vow to stick together, united by their shared dislike of Paul.

Friday 5th March (8552)

Harlow gives Brent the final supportive nudge to return to school.

Hendrix confronts Harlow and demands she stay away from Brent.

Roxy gives the Health Officer the wrong impression when trying to resolve things at The Tram.

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