UK Neighbours Spoilers – Terese’s past views cause angst in the community

On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Terese Willis struggles when a letter she wrote in 2016 comes back to haunt her on Australia Day, while Toadie Rebecchi goes on a date with a former Ramsay Street resident. 

These episodes will air in the UK from Monday 22nd February.

Every year on the 26th January, Australians get together to celebrate all things inherently ‘Aussie’. However, as some dig out the inflatables to float down the river, an increasing number are joining the ‘Change the Date’ movement. With numbers on the rise every year, it’s no wonder Terese Willis is joining the push.

Unfortunately for her, Tim Collins has other ideas.

The fierce lawyer was employed by Hawke Airlines to put an end to Lassiters’ uniform launch leading to the reignition of the rivalry between Tim and business powercouple, Paul Robinson and Terese Willis. Thankfully, as the sun rose on 25th January, Tim was forced to confirm that Lassiters could use Amy’s uniform designs.

Tim overhears Paul and Terese discussing Lassiters boycotting Australia Day with Harlow.

Overhearing a conversation about the praise that Lassiters is receiving for choosing not to support Australia Day, Tim puts a plan into action to get his comeuppance. That night, Toadie reveals to Terese that the West Waratah Star has published an article with a letter she wrote in 2016.

Terese learns of the article in the West Waratah Star.

Flat, Terese reads the letter aloud.

Lassiters is not in the business of making political statements. Many members of this community celebrate Australia Day on January 26th as part of their national culture and tradition. Lassiters is proud to celebrate with them.

Unfortunately for Terese, despite her views having now changed, the words she wrote in 2016 have come back to haunt her. No one is more upset than she is, realising just how damaging her ignorance five years ago could be.

Terese’s meeting with Councillor Hay doesn’t go to plan.

The next morning, she meets with Councillor Jacinta Hay. The councilwoman is open and honest about her feelings.

Councillor Hay explains the significance of not celebrating 26th January.

To Aboriginal Australians, the day symbolises mass genocide, invasion and enslavement. To her, and many others, it is a day of mourning.

This hits home with Terese. The severity of the words that she stated back in 2016 weighs heavily on her mind as she realises that she must do something to make it up to Jacinta and all the other people in the community that she hurt with her words. While her views have changed, and she no longer believes what she said, it is important to her that she says sorry.

Terese prepares to say sorry for her ignorant views.

With an iPad set up, and a speech written, Terese steadies herself.

Terese acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which she stands.

She acknowledges the country on which she speaks from – the Wurundjeri people of the Woiwurrung nation.

Terese speaks from the heart.

Then, with a pause, Terese places her prepared speech down, and instead, acknowledges all those that she hurt with her works. With the error of her ways firmly in her sights, she divulges that she fully supports the ‘Change the Date’ movement in every aspect and is looking forward to working towards a shared future, together.

Paul listens to Terese’s apology, proud of what his wife is doing.

As Toadie, Paul and Harlow watch on, it’s evident that Terese is speaking from the heart – something much more authentic than a prepared speech.

Councillor Hay watches Terese’s apology video.

After filming, Terese sits with Jacinta and Mackenzie, who watch the video together. As the video finishes, she waits with baited breath. What will Councillor Hay say?

Meanwhile, Toadie is troubled by a very different sort of date.

While it’s no secret that the widower is holding out to meet the next Mrs Right, there’s a few candidates that haven’t passed the test. He and Dee decided the time wasn’t right, Rose reconciled with her husband and Audrey was a thief.

Terese offers Toadie some advice.

With a bit of an advice session with Terese – and light banter with Paul – Toadie prepares to meet the potential woman of his dreams… well, the next one, anyway!

As he traipses into the Waterhole on the lookout, a familiar face catches glance of him.

Melanie spots Toadie walking into the Waterhole.


Sitting there is none other than former Ramsay Street resident and the ex-stepmother of Toadie’s cousin’s baby mama, Melanie Pearson (not that he would know the connection!)

Taken aback, Toadie doesn’t recognise her at first. That is, until she reveals that her profile photo was taken early last decade and her age may be incorrect by a few years. Despite being thrown, the father-of-two takes a seat and the pair begin their date.

Melanie is smitten with Toadie.

“If you’re in the mood to strip back a bit, feel free to call me Mel,” Melanie tells Toadie with a cheeky smile.

Many topics are covered including the foundation and the lip-sync battle, but one thing Toadie struggles to move past is the fact that the whole date, Melanie has had to hold back her laughter. Melanie assures him that her “unique” laugh is something else, but now intrigued, Toadie wishes to hear it.

All it takes is a daggy dad joke before Melanie lets off the laugh, resembling that of a seal roar, that sends echoes through Erinsborough.

Touche! Toadie gets a zinger in on Paul.

To Melanie, the date is a success. Whether Toadie feels the same was remains to be seen. However with the knowledge he learns afterwards – that Melanie is Paul’s former personal assistant and just knowing she is in town makes him feel uncomfortable – there is every possibility that Toadie might continue to see Melanie, personally or otherwise.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 22nd February (8543)

Toadie is excited about his date with a former Erinsborough local, but Paul finds it hilarious.

Chloe decides she wants no more secrets between her and Nicolette, so Nicolette comes clean about her part in revealing Pierce and Dipi’s affair.

Jane offers to take care of Clive’s beloved Maidenhair Fern while he’s away, but she loses his house key.

Tuesday 23rd February (8544)

Terese is feeling good about Lassiter’s decision to step away from Australia Day celebrations, but Tim Collins soon exposes her previous stance on the day.

Aaron and David are stunned that Brent was hiding in their shed, beginning to search for him when he flees.

Paul’s had a terrible day, so when he finds Brent in the Complex, he sends him on his way.

Wednesday 24th February (8545)

Emmett shows up looking for Brent.

After a long day of back and forth jabs, Nicolette and Paul agree to a ceasefire.

Shane suggests that Amy and Yashvi spend some time together.

Thursday 25th February (8546)

Harlow learns that Hendrix has sold the Christmas present she bought him, the anger and hurt flaring.

Aaron and David reunite Brent and Emmett and offer Brent a room at their place.

Hendrix struggles with his first day of school, and new teacher Mr Perkins attempts to lend a helping hand.

Friday 26th February (8547)

Guilt is eating away at Kyle and Roxy.

Hendrix’s emotional outburst surprising everyone, including himself.

Levi notices inconsistencies in Bea’s memory, and when he learns that Kyle has taken to roo pie off the Tram menu, he begins to suspect who is to blame.

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