Home and Away Spoilers – Bella heartbroken as Nik leaves for NZ amid blackmail plot!

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Bella’s world continues to crumble as boyfriend Nikau is forced to leave for New Zealand without her…

The Parata brothers had hoped that their dealings with local criminal overlord Paul (Jack Finsterer) had come to an end in recent weeks, but it turns out Paul has a nasty card hidden up his sleeve.

When Tane (Ethan Browne) decided to get involved in Paul’s dodgy dealings, he hadn’t banked on getting stuck with a van full of stolen goods when a planned pickup went wrong. After initially trying to stash the van at Summer Bay Auto before a furious Ziggy found out, he left the van on her farm whilst he went to the city to try and find a way to offload it.

Returning to find that Ziggy and Willow (Sarah Roberts) had already disposed of the van, it was then that he told Ziggy he’d since learned of the van’s true value – it had drugs hidden in the panelling. With the van long gone, having been handed over to the River Boys, Tane was faced with trying to raise $25,000 in a matter of days to pay Paul back.

With threats being made towards the family, Tane and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) suggested that nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) move back to New Zealand to be with his mum Gemma. Nik had already been debating what to do when Gemma made him the offer to come and live with her, and the current situation only hastened the decision. 

He was then thrilled when girlfriend Bella (Courtney Miller) agreed to go with him. She’d realised that she couldn’t be around brother Colby (Tim Franklin) anymore as he spiralled into self-destruction during the investigation into Ross’s murder, so a move to New Zealand was the perfect escape.

Their farewell gathering ended up being gatecrashed however, when Tane failed to get Paul his money. Paul and his thugs showed up at the Parata house with the intention of teaching Tane and Ari a lesson or two. But the brawl ended prematurely when Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) called the police.

With that hurdle overcome, the couple were just setting off for the airport when Angelo (Luke Jacobz) waltzed into the diner and arrested Colby for murder.

Needless to say, New Zealand has been the last thing on their minds over the past couple of weeks. If Colby confessing to the crime and being sentenced to 25 years imprisonment wasn’t enough, Bella also had to deal with the fact that it was Willow (Sarah Roberts) testifying against Colby that forced him to do so.

Having lost two of her family members in one fell swoop – Willow left town that same evening – Bella had only had Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Nik to rely on.

But Dean is in a downward spiral of his own this week, and when Mac (Emily Weir) is forced to cut her brother off from the bar at Salt before he can go on another bender, he skips town to head back to a dive bar at Mangrove River.

Meanwhile, Ari and Tane have since carried out another job for Paul, and with Mac also giving her Porsche to him, they had all considered the matter closed.

When Paul then asks to meet the brothers, they’re incensed when he insists on them doing one last job for him—an armed robbery on Reefton Lakes League Club.

Ari and Tane refuse, but receive a shock that evening when Paul reveals his trump card, pictures of them handing the stolen goods on their last job. The message is clear, they’re being blackmailed into doing the armed robbery, otherwise the pictures end up with the police.

Realising the danger they’re now in, they know that they have to be honest with Nik and tell him he needs to go back to New Zealand immediately for his own safety.

Nik refuses—Bella needs him and he’s not going to abandon them, but Ari tells him that part of being a man is knowing when to walk away.

Nik breaks the news to Bella, who tells him that he needs to do whatever it takes to be safe, she can’t risk losing him too. He again asks Bella to join him, but she can’t until she’s seen Colby in prison.

Ari and Tane organise for Nik to be sent on the first flight out, and, as Nik packs his bag, Ari asks Bella if she wants to come to the airport with them. But Bella explains she’d find it too difficult.

Nik promises he’ll be back with her as soon as he can be, hopefully in only a few short weeks.

After saying her final goodbye, Bella returns home to an empty apartment. Realising Dean still hasn’t returned and she’s truly on her own now, she curls up on the sofa and cries.

How much more heartache will Bella be able to cope with?

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 8th February 2021 – Episode 7466

Dean puts his heart on the line.

Martha is harbouring a secret.

Tane comes to Ziggy’s aid.

Tuesday 9th February 2021 – Episode 7467

Ziggy won’t back down.

John prepares for a date.

Ari receives a troubling text.

Wednesday 10th February – Episode 7468

Tori and Christian clash over Jasmine.

John’s date is a disappointment.

Ari and Tane consider their options.

Thursday 11th February – Episode 7469

Tori refuses to accept fault.

Jasmine is the friend Taylor needs.

Roo’s frustrated with Irene’s impenetrable vault of secrecy.

Friday 12th February – Episode 7470

Bella can’t find Dean.

Martha returns home to tell Alf the truth.

Taylor visits Colby.

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