UK Neighbours Spoilers – Yashvi switches sides, giving Shane her support

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Neighbours returns to UK screens on Monday 4th January, but in Erinsborough it’s the run up to Christmas. The Kennedys hold a Christmas party which leads to a very unexpected pairing, as Yashvi finally realises how badly she’s been treating Shane.

It’s just a week or so until Christmas, and Yashvi is annoyed at Shane for not being enthusiastic about spending the festive period together as a family. When she asks him what they’re planning on doing to celebrate, he simply points her in Dipi’s direction.

Yashvi feels like her dad is moving backwards, and is acting like he doesn’t even want to try. When Ned calls her out and asks her if she isn’t being too hard on him, she doesn’t feel any remorse at all.

Yet Ned still feels bad for Shane, seeing similarities between their troubled marriage and his own relationship with Yashvi. If Yashvi can forgive Ned for all the times he’s messed up in the past, why can’t she forgive her dad?

Ned wants to know why she’s giving Shane such a hard time, whilst her mum is completely off the hook. In his eyes, it’s almost like she thinks Shane deserved to be cheated on because of what he did to their family with his drug habit.

Yashvi denies it, but it worries Ned that she’s taken Dipi’s side so completely. “What if my mistakes push me to the point where you resent me, and you end up doing what your mum did?”

Meanwhile, Jay is freaking out at having to deal with a trashed Harold’s. Oli and his friends trashed the place just before the UK Christmas break, and Jay has no idea how he’ll explain it to his parents.

He summons Hendrix to the coffee shop to help out, but Hendrix knows the place is too far gone – with broken chairs and the place ransacked, there’s no way they can get it looking like nothing happened.

The only option is to stage a break in, and delete any CCTV footage showing Jay letting Oli and his friends into the café.

Dipi is stunned when she walks into Harold’s to find the place trashed, but is confused that they don’t seem to have taken anything. Why would someone break in just to trash the place? “It’s karma. After everything I’ve done to this family, it’s karma,” she tells her son, believing she’s to blame, and that she deserves everything she gets.

Eventually, the whole Rebecchi family come together to clean the place up, as Shane and Yashvi come to lend a hand.

Shane heads to talk to Dipi in the back room, and tells her the kids have been asking him about Christmas. Dipi simply thinks they’ll do the same thing they’ve done every year, but Shane tells her he doesn’t think he’ll be able to – “not with the way things are.”

Dipi is surprised as she thought they were making progress. Yet it’s still playing on Shane’s mind that Dipi was so upset when Pierce left, and he demands to know whether Dipi wanted more. “Was it only a fling, or did you actually want to be with him? I want the truth Dip, so just tell me.”

Put on the spot, and not wanting to lie to Shane any further, she tells him the truth. “When I found out Chloe and Pierce were separating, I went to him because yeah, I wanted to see if we could work.”

He’s stunned, but thinks it’s in some way a relief. He wants to know everything, and wants to know how Pierce reacted. She tells him that he turned her down… but it leaves Shane pretty sure that if Pierce had agreed, the two of them would have ridden off into the sunset together.

Dipi assures him it was never going to happen, that it was a fantasy. “And what about now?” asks Shane. “If Pierce rocked up here and told you that he wanted to give it a shot, what would you do? Would you go off with him?”

“I might consider it,” Dipi tells him. She knows it sounds crazy, but she wanted it.

Knowing that, Shane doesn’t have a clue how they can come back from it. It would have been understandable if Dipi simply needed an escape from the pressure of his addiction – but knowing now that she actually loved Pierce and wanted a relationship, that’s a lot harder to deal with.

When Dipi later confesses to Yashvi what she told Shane about Pierce, Yashvi snaps. She finally sees that she’s been wrong to be siding with her mum. All this time, she thought it was her dad’s fault, that Shane drove her away. She thought Dipi went to Pierce for support, and that one thing simply led to another.

Now she finally realises that her mum wanted a full blown relationship, and that it was only Pierce’s departure which put a stop to things. Yashvi is furious, and can’t believe she felt sorry for her mum. “I had you completely wrong! You didn’t just cheat on dad, you cheated on the whole family.”

It’s going to be a difficult Christmas at the Rebecchi house. But maybe a returnee could change all that…? More on that next week.

Elsewhere on Ramsay Street, it’s the day of the Kennedy Christmas party.

Karl and Susan are excitedly putting the finishing touches to the food, as Bea hangs mistletoe off the greenhouse outside.

Across the street, everyone else is getting ready, with Sheila dressing as Mrs Claus. She plans to make a grand entrance, corner Clive, and shimmy him under the mistletoe before planting one on him.

Levi has no plans to go, wanting to avoid seeing Bea. “You know, you’re gonna have to see her at some point,” Roxy reminds him, and convinces him that he needs to get past the awkwardness so they can at least hang out as friends.

Yet it seems Roxy isn’t content with the two of them just being mates, and when the party is in full swing, she spikes the punch.

Her plan is to just loosen the pair up a bit, hoping some extra alcohol would get them chatting. Yet theirs isn’t the only relationship that ends up getting helped along by the booze, as a surprise new relationship seems set to begin.

Sheila makes her big entrance, hoping to woo Clive, but she keeps missing her opportunity. He’s too busy chatting to Karl and Jane, and drinking copious amounts of the spiked punch, to pay Sheila any attention.

Eventually, she manages to pin him down in the garden, hoping to beckon to him towards the mistletoe.

Yet as she does so, she’s interrupted by Levi and Bea, who are looking to head under the mistletoe themselves.

The two finally confess their feelings for each other, as Bea tells him she and Nathan aren’t a couple. She admits that she was only interested in Nathan because she thought Levi wasn’t interested in her.

Now that she knows Levi is into her, Nathan doesn’t matter at all. Under the mistletoe, the pair finally share a kiss.

The next morning, Jane wakes to a massive shock, as she looks over and sees Clive lying next to her!

With Chloe, Nicolette, Aaron and David nursing their hangovers in the next room, and Sheila just across the street, they’re going to have a hard time keeping this one under wraps.

Here’s the full spoilers for the final week of Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 4th January (8508)

The Rebecchi family come together to clean up Harold’s after it’s trashed, leading Shane to ask about Dipi’s true feelings for Pierce.

Finally listening to Ned’s parallels between their relationship and her parents, Yashvi realises she was too hard on her father.

Hendrix manages to delete the CCTV footage of the complex for Jay, making him late for his first day of work.

Tuesday 5th January (8509)

Roxy spikes the punch at the Kennedy’s Christmas party to loosen Bea and Levi up.

Yashvi apologies to Shane over her treatment of him.

Sheila is determined to win Clive back at the Christmas party, but is unintentionally blocked by Jane.

Wednesday 6th January (8510)

Mortified by what they’ve done, Jane panics and hurries Clive out of the house, both agreeing that their night together was just a drunken mistake.

Nicolette comes clean with Audrey about her plans to undermine her.

Clive learns that Sheila is desperate to win him back.

Thursday 7th January (8511)

David is utterly appalled when Nicolette comes clean to everyone, leaving him to doubt their co-parenting plans.

Nicolette and Audrey are fired from the hospital.

A returning face is keen to land the job of designing Lassiter’s new uniform.

Friday 8th January (8512)

Toadie mentions to Amy that Paul has a soft spot for ambitious and beautiful women, giving her another idea to land the deal.

Paul thinks Hendrix is slacking off in his new role, piling more work on him.

Aaron and David are at odds about Nicolette’s surprise pregnancy announcement, ending in David blaming Aaron for getting them into this mess.

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