UK Neighbours Spoilers – Dipi gets the cold shoulder from Shane

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On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Dipi realises how much her actions have hurt Shane, as Sheila begins to forgive herself for Levi’s childhood injuries.

There are only 3 episodes of Neighbours in the UK next week, airing Monday to Wednesday. The show is taking a break over the Christmas period, and will be off air until Monday 4th January 2021.

Next week, Dipi bumps into Shane in Lassiters – a common occurrence when the whole family live so close, and up until now there haven’t been any major issues. They may have separated, but Shane had decided to step back and focus on himself for a while, and they’ve managed to be in the same room as each other without any major dramas.

Yet next week, when a friendly Dipi asks Shane if he has heard anything from Jay, she gets the cold shoulder. She’s left her phone at home so can’t get in touch with him, so just want to check where he is, but gets a very frosty response when she tries taking to her husband.

Despite everything that’s happened, it’s clear that his cold attitude takes her by surprise.

They’ve been getting along recently, putting their differences aside for the sake of the kids. Yet things changed when Shane witnessed her and Pierce’s final moments together last week, seeing how emotional his departure made her. It’s knocked him back. He’s hurting and can no longer bear to be civil with her.

“Can you imagine seeing your wife be so upset over another man?” Toadie asks her, when she questions if he knows what’s behind Shane’s change in attitude.

For the first time, Dipi starts to realise how much her actions have hurt Shane. She had an affair after 20 years of marriage, and Shane was forced to see the two of them sharing an emotional moment together just days after it all came to light.

Finally starting to feel bad for what she put him through, Dipi later comes over to apologise. She’s sorry for making him feel bad, and appreciates it must have been tough for him to watch her and Pierce’s tearful goodbye.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t really know what else we can do other than keep being there for the kids as we sort ourselves out.”

They’re quickly interrupted by said kids, and continue playing happy families. Has her apology been enough to convince Shane that she feels some remorse?

Up until now, Yashvi has been firmly on the side of her mum, with Shane not getting any of her sympathy. Yet after she and Ned chat, Ned expresses that he sees similarities between her parents’ relationship and their own.

“Shane is this perpetual screwup,” he tells her. “Dipi is always picking up the pieces and holding it together. And she resents him for it.” He sees himself the same way – he’s made almost constant mistakes in the years they’ve been together, with the Scarlett fiasco almost costing them their relationship just a matter of weeks ago.

Yashvi managed to forgive Ned for all of his screw ups. Will the comparison make her start to see her dad in a softer light?

What lies in store for Shane and Dipi’s relationship when the show returns in 2021?

Does a remorseful Dipi actually want to get back together now that Pierce is gone for good? And will Shane be able to forgive his wife’s infidelity, or will he always see her and think of Pierce? 

Elsewhere, Sheila continues to be wracked with guilt as she sees Nathan struggling in his wheelchair. While he seems to be recovering fine and is in good spirits, Sheila only sees a man in pain and can’t believe she’s managed to mess things up once again.

She and Clive were meant to share a coffee date, having managed to get over some of their recent awkwardness. To Clive it was just meant to be a friendly coffee, but Sheila had interpreted it as something more.

However, she cancels on Clive after seeing Nathan’s struggles, thinking she doesn’t deserve a second chance. She continues to leave a wake of destruction wherever she goes, and believes Clive deserves better than that.

In an effort to make amends, she pays Nathan a visit in his hospital room, telling him she hates what she did to him.

“I never used to think I was a bad person,” she tells him, “but I just keep doing really bad things.”

Nathan really does seem to be a changed man, and has no hard feelings towards her at all. Instead, he asks her if she felt guilty for not reporting him and his mates to the cops after what they did to Levi.

Before she can answer, he tells her that she did the right thing – reporting them to the police wouldn’t have taken back the damage they did to Levi, but could have ended up with them in prison.

Nathan assures her he would be a completely different man if she’d reported him. What she did was for the best, and it’s the reason he’s a changed man today.

It seems her chat with Nathan has taken away some of her guilt. With that behind her, she’s more willing to aim for a reconciliation with Clive.

When they bump into each other in the hospital, Clive offers to take her out to dinner at The Waterhole. Obviously, she interprets this as a date, and is excited at a chance to rekindle their spark. So when she turns up that evening and finds she’s sharing her man with Jane, she’s bitterly disappointed!

Yet when Neighbours returns to UK screens in 2021, she’s in for an even bigger shock, as Clive ends up in bed with another woman…

Neighbours returns to UK screens on Monday 4th January 2021.

Here’s the full spoilers for the final week of Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 21st November (8505)

Nicolette sees that Audrey is becoming very involved in the community and fears this will lead to their secret being exposed.

Chloe doesn’t know what to make of Pierce’s warning. Aaron doesn’t believe a word for it, but David fears it may be true and Paul believes it wholeheartedly.

Tuesday 22nd November (8506)

Kyle learns that Bossy’s brain tumour has returned so decided to fly back to Germany for one last cuddle.

Nicolette stews over Audrey’s budding romance with Toadie, planting a seed of doubt with Karl that Audrey is obsessive and Toadie should be cautious.

Sheila mistakes Clive’s kindness for romantic interest.

Wednesday 23rd November (8507)

Sheila is determined to rekindle her relationship with Clive.

Hendrix is furious to learn that Ollie was the one who reported him for driving unlicensed.

Bea learns from Roxy that Levi still has feelings for her.

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