Neighbours Spoilers – Clive and Jane start dating in secret

In next week’s Neighbours in Australia, after unexpectedly ending up in bed together last week, Clive (Geoff Paine) and Jane (Annie Jones) realise they share a deeper connection. They secretly start dating, but keeping things hidden from Sheila proves harder than expected.

These episodes air in Australia from Monday 14th December, and in the UK in early 2021. The UK will be taking a break from late December, putting it 4 1/2 weeks behind Australia when it returns.

The age old friends were stunned to find themselves in bed after too much punch

Aussie viewers will this week see the awkward fallout from Jane and Clive’s drunken night together, as they’re both as shocked as each other to wake up in Jane’s bed at Number 32.

They initially write it off as a drunken mistake, and plan to keep it to themselves. Yet their connection begins to grow over the next couple of weeks, as they realise their years of friendship has left them with quite a lot in common, and more of a spark than they realised.

“It’s sparked a real connection they had never felt before,” says Geoff, talking to TV Week about their budding new romance.

“They have each been unlucky in relationships, and it seems serendipity stepped in and offered something much stronger than a fling.”

Clive and Jane’s relationship has been teased in Neighbours’ summer promo, and we’ll soon see it on screen

In next week’s episodes, the pair strike up a secret relationship. They know Clive’s past with Sheila risks making things awkward, and, with Sheila still having strong feelings for Clive, they don’t want to hurt her before they know they’re onto something serious.

“Sheila, as we all know, is not someone you want to make an enemy,” says Clive, “so it’s going to be interesting to see how all three cope with the truth when it comes out.”

The pair begin to realise they share a deep connection, and strike up a secret relationship

Sheila, meanwhile, is feeling good about things with Clive. The pair have a dinner lined up, and Sheila interprets it as an opportunity for them to rekindle their romance, rather than the platonic evening Clive has in mind.

Sadly for Ramsay Street’s newest couple, it won’t be long until their secret comes out. As Clive and Jane share a romantic moment on a deckchair in the garden, they get interrupted. Is Sheila about to discover the truth?

All the drama is happening at Number 32 next week. AsJane and Clive navigate their new relationship, David and Aaron continue to reel from the shock news that Nicolette and Audrey stole a dying man’s lottery ticket, and pocketed the winnings.

David and Aaron struggled with Nicolette’s surrogacy idea when she first suggested it, but soon agreed. Now the lottery ticket truth is out, they feel differently!

Things go from bad to worse when Nicolette announces she’s pregnant – the turkey baster has worked, she’s having David and Aaron’s baby! For Aaron, the baby news is the most important thing, and he’s over the moon. Yet David isn’t so easily won over.

Nicolette feels terrible. As far as she was concerned, the lottery ticket fiasco was in the past, and she wanted to move forward with her life in Erinsborough.

She tries to show the boys that she’s changed by throwing herself into volunteering and by getting a job at Harold’s. She wants to convince them that overall she’s still a good person.

Nicolette’s past mistakes keep coming back to haunt her, affecting almost every relationship she has in Erinsborough

When Ricardo, the son of the lottery winner and rightful heir to the winnings, calls Nicolette, she even agrees to meet him to talk things through. Yet as they try to find a way for her to repay the debt, he comes up with a shocking proposal! One which leaves Nicolette lost for words.

Whatever it is, it’s something she decides to keep a secret from David and Aaron. What does Ricardo want, and will it affect their co-parenting plans?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 14th December (Episode 8515)

Aaron is upset that David hasn’t moved on from his disappointment with Nicolette and is now avoiding spending time at home.

Unable to deny their chemistry, Jane and Clive decide to give their relationship a go in secret so they don’t hurt Sheila.

The rightful owner of the lottery ticket calls Nicolette wanting to meet.

Tuesday 15th December (Episode 8516)

Roxy hasn’t heard anything from Kyle after her latest sexy video and begins to fear that he’s reconnecting with Georgia.

Jane questions whether exploring things with Clive is the right thing to do, but a discussion with Roxy reminds her not to sabotage something good out of paranoia.

Chloe guilts Dipi into hiring Nicolette after initially refusing to.

Wednesday 16th December (Episode 8517)

Ricardo makes Nicolette a shocking proposal, which she chooses to hide from Chloe and Aaron.

Amy is awarded the contract for designing Lassiter’s new uniforms, but after receiving a mysterious message, she confesses to Shane that she’s in trouble.

Thursday 17th December (Episode 8518)

Hendrix is enjoying his blackjack winning streak, but when another game is called and Jay is late, he is lost without his wingman.

Shane dishes Amy a dose of tough love when she considers fleeing to escape the truth.

Friday 18th December (Episode 8519)

Shane gets to work helping Amy out with new ideas, and the unlikely duo begin to bring out the best in each other.

With the blackjack games cancelled, it prompts an interesting idea for Hendrix.

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