UK Neighbours Spoilers – Shane is drawn back to the drugs

In next week’s Neighbours in the UK, the fallout from the affair bombshell rocks Erinsborough. The only person on Dipi’s mind is Pierce, causing a dejected Shane to be tempted by drugs. Meanwhile, Chloe and Nicolette grow closer, much to Pierce’s frustration.

Chloe reels after discovering Pierce and Dipi

Thinking Pierce was prepping for a business meeting, Chloe didn’t expect to walk in on him with another woman

Chloe makes a sharp exit from the Lassiters hotel room, where she’s just walked in on her husband and Dipi in bed together. Pierce and Dipi are left stunned, with Dipi coming to the realisation that she’s now going to have to tell Shane about her infidelity.

Nicolette is waiting for Chloe outside, her plan having worked perfectly. Chloe now knows the truth, and falls straight into Nicolette’s arms.

Pierce doesn’t know what to do, but ends up making things a million times worse. He’d planned to end things with Dipi for good, yet suddenly his secret is out in the open.

He finds Chloe back at the house, and wants them to talk through what happened. Yet without a good explanation for his actions, he ends up blaming Chloe for what went down.

Chloe and Pierce talk, but Pierce’s explanation doesn’t help things

Chloe pushed Pierce away after they lost the baby, he explains. She told him that they didn’t have a future, and Pierce confesses that this made him feel so alone. With the two of them going through so much, and with Nicolette in the background getting between them, Pierce claims that it ended up driving him into Dipi’s arms.

Clearly that’s not the explanation Chloe was looking for, and she tells him where to stick it. 

She moves into Number 32, leaving the Brennan house finally empty of Brennans. With Dipi moving in with Sheila, our two broken Ramsay Street couples are separated and living across four houses. Pierce begs her to stay, but she leaves Number 24. Has she left for good?

Shane has gone to great lengths to win Dipi over, with no idea she was having an affair behind his back

The affair fallout breaks Shane

With the truth out, Dipi has no choice but to confess all to Shane as she heads back to Ramsay Street. As he tries to show off the new sun room, she blurts out her confession. She’s been having an affair with Pierce!

Unsurprisingly, it’s not long before a tense confrontation between Shane and Pierce, as Shane stumbles across Greyson father and son outside The Waterhole. Pierce’s explanation doesn’t satisfy Shane – “Look, Dipi and I had always been friends. Chloe and I were going through a rough patch.

“So your marriage is on the rocks, and you decide to have a crack with my wife?”

Dipi was having a lot of problems, Pierce explains. “She’d been unhappy for a long time, about a lot of things”, but isn’t willing to tell Shane any more details.

“So now you decide to stay in your lane?! You’re a dog.” Managing to control himself, Shane walks away, as Hendrix realises just the kind of man his father really is.

Later, Shane and Dipi finally chat about what went down. Shane just wants to know why she didn’t tell him how she was feeling – why she ran straight to another man rather than come to him.

She tells him that he was having his own problems. It seems neither of the adulterous pair have good explanations for their actions, just looking to blame someone else.

She’s also moving out, heading to Sheila’s house for a little while, a move which takes Shane by surprise. In his opinion, she needs to stay and sort things out between them. As she leaves, he reminds Dipi that she’s the one destroying their family, not him!

Yet Dipi doesn’t exactly seem racked with guilt. She’s more concerned about Pierce and how he’s feeling. Sheila later calls her out on it – Pierce is busy trying to fix his marriage, yet Dipi doesn’t seem remotely concerned about her own.

Sheila tells Dipi that she doesn’t know whether she wants to save her marriage to Shane, but either way she needs to focus on her own family and making things right.

Shane doesn’t have any support from his daughter, either. She blames Shane for Dipi’s wandering eyes, and when Mackenzie tries to remind her that it was Dipi who cheated, Yashvi explodes that none of this would have happened if Shane had just paid Dipi a little more attention!

Shortly after explaining everything to Mackenzie, Shane spots Richie’s sports bag lying in the corner. In it are his ADHD meds, the same ones that got Shane hooked on drugs in the first place.

At his lowest low in months, Shane takes the bottle of meds, knowing they’re an easy escape from the pain he’s feeling.

Is he going to succumb to the drugs once again?

How long will Nicolette keep her part in the discovery a secret?

Meanwhile, Aaron and David are already suss over the way that Chloe found out about the affair.

David is quick to realise that things seemed too easy. Why would Dipi leave an expensive necklace lying around Harold’s? Then, Chloe finds the necklace, and goes to Lassiters at the exact same moment that Dipi and Shane are in bed together?

It seems like it won’t be too long before Nicolette’s scheme is out in the open.

Moreso, when Pierce finds out how his wife discovered the truth, he suspects Nicolette must have been involved. Chloe just so happened to turn up to Harold’s when Nicolette was already there, with the necklace perfectly placed for her to discover it.

Chloe thinks he’s crazy, and is just trying to shift the blame. “You are a lying, cheating sleezebag and that’s the only detail that matters.” Yet once the truth about the necklace comes out, will Chloe begin to feel differently about Nic?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 30th November (8490)

After finding Dipi and Pierce together, Chloe flees straight into Nicolette’s arms.

Shane’s still waiting for Dipi to return home to surprise her with the sunroom, but Dipi has her own surprise for him.

Paul is angry about losing his leverage with Pierce, who drops the bombshell about the blackmail when he comes looking for Hendrix.

Tuesday 1st December (8491)

Confused and angry at Dipi’s withdrawal, Shane is tempted by Richie’s ADHD medication.

Pierce learns that Chloe had the necklace and accuses Nicolette of planting it at Harold’s.

A worried Jane observes Nicolette’s keen investment in Chloe.

Wednesday 2nd December (8492)

After her outburst, Mackenzie finally opens up to Richie about her insecurities.

Bea continues messaging Nathan, unaware of his connection to Levi.

Thursday 3rd December (8493)

Levi decides that he wants to meet with Nathan and put the past behind him, unaware that he’s dating Bea.

Toadie is impressed with Audrey’s efforts with the foundation, inviting her to dinner.

Friday 4th December (8494)

A heated argument between Shane and Dipi is interrupted by an unexpected arrival – Jay.

Chloe gives Pierce the faintest of hopes about a chance for fixing things.

Unable to sleep, Pierce heads off for a workout, but things take a shocking turn.

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