Home and Away Spoilers – Colby’s sent to prison as Willow testifies

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Willow (Sarah Roberts) does the unthinkable and testifies in court, as she’s revealed as the witness set to bring down Colby. As Colby’s sentence is read out, how will Summer Bay recover from this?

Last week’s triple bill of episodes saw the show pull off one of the biggest twists in years. In the final moments of Thursday’s episode, Willow Harris was revealed to be the mysterious Witness X, and Angelo’s key to cracking the Ross Nixon murder case.

She, Colby, Dean and Bella had been spending a final evening together, knowing it could be the last time they all hung out. As Colby headed to the veranda for a few minutes’ fresh air, Willow joined him. It was there that he confessed to her how much he’d messed up, and how he’d signed his own arrest warrant from the moment he killed Ross.

Of course, it’s too late for remorse now, with his growing feelings for Taylor the only thing which has made him realise what an idiot he’s been.

Angelo finally has someone willing to help him… but nobody would have guessed who!

Willow couldn’t hold back the tears after handing over Colby’s confession, knowing she’s just sentenced her former friend to years in prison

Unbeknownst to him, Willow was wearing a recording device around her waist, which she handed over to Detective Rosetta just minutes later. “There’s your stupid confession!” she uttered as she handed over the belt, on the verge of tears as she knew the act would tear her friends’ lives apart.

Speaking to TV Week about what drove Willow to help the detective, Sarah Roberts explained: “It took a while to get my head around, but I could justify it in the way that she will do anything for her family – and I’m the same in my own life”.

We don’t yet know why Willow decided to help Angelo, but the internet has been awash with theories since the episodes aired on Thursday. By family, is she referring to her real life family, or her Summer Bay family?

Dean and Willow dated back in Mangrove River, but have been best friends since she moved to Summer Bay in 2017

The most logical is that she wants to help Dean restore his life – they grew up together, have been best friends again for years, and she’s seen first hand the negative impact Colby has had on his life. The Ross revelation ended his relationship with Ziggy, he’s just lost access to his kid thanks to his association with Colby, and feels like he has nothing left.

However, it would be a very risky move considering Dean was there at the moment of Ross’s death, and has kept the secret ever since. The part he played could land him in jail as well, unless Willow has struck up a deal with Angelo. Has she bought her best friend’s freedom in exchange for a confession?

Monroe Reimers

Willow’s father Russell is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s disease, and was last seen on screen in 2019

Or perhaps it has something to do with her father? Russell has been in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s since before Willow arrived in Summer Bay in 2017, with some fans speculating that assistance with her father’s care could be part of their deal.

Colby’s luck ran out last week when the witness list came back with the name of ‘Witness X’ blacked out. He and Dean were hoping they could get to the witness first and threaten them into silence, but when that plan failed, Colby had to face reality. His only hope was that Angelo was bluffing, that Witness X really doesn’t know a thing – but in truth, he’s begun to accept that he’s facing serious prison time.

This week will see Colby’s trial begin, with Angelo now confident he has enough to put Thorne away for a long time. As you can see in the dramatic new trailer above, Colby, Dean and Bella still have no idea who the mystery witness is, up until the very second that Willow is called up.

In the hours before the trial, she has another battle on her hands, as she has to convince Dean to keep his mouth shut. Knowing his best friend is about to go down, Dean confesses to her that he’s feeling guilty and should face the music for his own part in Ross’s death.

“I should man up. Accept my part in what happened and face this with Colby.”

“Don’t you dare,” she tells him. “We’ve talked about this”.

“He’s my best mate, Will,” pleads Dean.

“And you’re mine! Just promise me you’ll keep your mouth shut and don’t do anything stupid.”

She also has to cope with an unintended guilt trip from Bella, as the teenager rhetorically asks her “does this witness know person even know anything about dad? Do they know they can tear a family apart?”

Willow has to face her friends as she’s called up to testify for the prosecution

It seems she knows all too well the ramifications of what she’s about to do.

As the doors open, the announcement rings out across the court: “The prosecution calls, Willow Harris.”

Colby can’t believe it!

Colby’s heart sinks. Angelo wasn’t bluffing, he really does have a witness, and one who knows every last detail of Ross’s death.

How will Dean react to his best friend and ex girlfriend’s betrayal?

The prosecution play out a recording of Colby confessing to the murder, leaving everyone in the room in shock.

Willow takes to the stand, and gives her version of events of that fateful day. She paints a picture of an innocent Dean and Bella, throwing Colby under the bus while protecting her friends.

For Dean and Bella, this is going to be impossible to come back from. Colby may not have been anybody’s favourite person over the past few months, but it doesn’t mean they want to see him behind bars.

“[Willow] turns Colby in to save them,” Sarah told TV Week. “She knew this would tear the family apart, so she made a sacrifice.”

Even if she did it with the best of intentions, Dean just isn’t the kind of person to cooperate with the cops, so how will he react to his best friend doing just that?

Bella breaks down as her brother is sentenced to 25 years!

As for Bella, who has battled trust issues and mental health problems over the last few years, she’s just about to find out that someone she completely trusted is about to put her brother away for a very long time.

How will the gang come back from this?

The next day, Colby has accepted his fate, and takes to the stand himself. Not giving Dean any opportunity to implicate himself, he confesses all, and claims he did it all himself – wiping Dean’s part from the story completely.

As he’s sentenced to 25 years in prison, Bella breaks down as she watches her brother be led away. It’s over.

Is this really it for Colby’s time in Summer Bay?

Here’s the full Home and Away spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

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