UK Neighbours Spoilers – Did Nicolette cause Mrs Mangle’s death?

In next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Dipi and Pierce grow more distant from their families as their attachment to each other grows. Meanwhile, Jane is stunned to find out that Nicolette may have caused Mrs Mangle’s death!

Dipi and Pierce are waking up after spending another night together at the hotel, but this time there don’t seem to be any regrets. They’re both blissfully relaxed and very comfortable in each other’s company.

Pierce encourages Dipi to stay a little longer, and gets no complaints, as Dipi disrobes once again. It seems their shenanigans are no longer restricted to night time fumbles after too many glasses of wine.

We’ve started something, haven’t we?” asks Dipi after their second ‘encounter’ of the day. Pierce nods, and the two are on the same page – this actually means something to both of them!

Yet back at Number 30, Shane is patiently waiting for his wife to get home, planning a romantic getaway for the two of them. He tries to get some advice from Toadie over what he should opt for – beach or mountains – but Toadie tells him he should know what his wife would like best.

Toadie’s own choice would be mountains, after his last outing to the beach left his nether regions a little scorched! 😳 But he leaves the final decision up to Shane.

So when Shane surprises her at Harold’s, wearing his cowboy hat, he excitedly tells her he’s planned a perfect camping trip to the mountains for the two of them. Sadly, her mind elsewhere, Dipi is less than impressed.

He’s chosen camping as they’re trying to be careful with money. The campsite he’s found may only have a long-drop toilet, but the views are gorgeous.

Unfortunately for him, she’s getting used to life’s little luxuries that come so easily to Pierce, for whom money is no object. Long-drop toilets and 4-wheel drives no longer appeal to her, and she doesn’t try very hard to hide her disappointment at Shane’s plans.

Later, once Shane is out of the way, Pierce presents her with his own version of the perfect getaway. He tells Dipi he doesn’t like the thought of her camping, and that a private flight to the Maldives with their own personal chef would be more to her liking. It’s the life she wants to live, but she knows Greyson and his entrepreneurial spirit is the only way she’d get it.

Hendrix, meanwhile, gives Chloe some sound advice. He’s seen her growing closer to Nic again, and warns her she needs to decide which is more important: her friendship with Nicolette or her marriage.

Yet it’s becoming harder for the pair to stay away from each other, both needing more and more emotional support.

For Nicolette, her relationship with Jane has been a sore point over the last few years. They’ve finally patched things up and getting on really well, with Jane even keen to move in with her daughter.

Yet it’s all about to come crashing down, as Karl makes a shock discovery about Nicolette. Despite claiming to have never worked overseas, and making excuses when Audrey let slip that she spent last summer in London, Karl finds out that Nicolette did indeed have a hospital placement in London last year.

Jane asks Karl when it was, and he tells her it was April 2018. The exact same time that Jane made her first return visit to Erinsborough, searching for stamps. It was the same time that Mrs Mangle died! Could the two be connected?!

When mother and daughter are next united, the truth comes to light. It transpires that while Nicolette was in London on her placement, she paid her grandma, Mrs Mangle a visit. A visit that potentially led to the death of the legendary Erinsborough ex-resident!

Nicolette, having found out from Jane that her nan was sick, decided to go visit her at her nursing home. She wanted her nan to know who she really was, while she still had a chance. She admitted to her nan that she was a lesbian, fed up with having to hide the truth due to her nan’s outdated beliefs.

Sadly, “Nan Mangle” didn’t take the news well. Things got heated in the aftermath, and her condition rapidly deteriorated. Nicolette left her in the hands of her nurse, but she died later that morning.

Jane is devastated, her only concern seeming to be that Nicolette caused Mrs Mangle’s death – giving no thought to Nicolette’s own feelings. How will this latest setback affect the mother and daughter’s newly repaired relationship?

Of course, the only person Nicolette has to turn to is Chloe. Nic doesn’t think her mum will ever forgive her, but Chloe tells her that she has her back. She’s proud of her for telling her nan who she really is, despite knowing her old fashioned views would make the news hard to hear.

It’s getting harder and harder for Chloe to give up her friendship with Nicolette. With Pierce getting closer to Dipi by the day, is there any way back for these two troubled couples?

There’s big news for new look Pierce as well. His ex-wife Lisa has just had a baby girl, and as much as he tries to pretend, he’s clearly not okay with it – the memory of Chloe’s abortion still on his mind.

Rather than confide in Chloe, he turns straight to Dipi. The thought that the news was hard on Chloe doesn’t even seem to have crossed his mind – he just thinks they would have argued, and knows that with Dipi he can talk about anything.

Although he was there to talk, it’s a matter of minutes before Dipi is undressing again. Shane who?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 9th November (8475)

Dipi is less than thrilled with a trip away that Shane has planned, especially when Pierce outlines a much more romantic version of what a trip away with him would look like.

Hendrix’s concerns about Chloe & Pierce’s marriage grows, especially when he sees Nicolette taking advantage of the tensions.

Jane realises that Nicolette’s time in London coincided with Mrs Mangel’s death, confronting her daughter about whether the two events are connected.

Tuesday 10th November (8476)

Terese borrows Bea’s van while her car in being service, losing control of the vehicle and driving straight into Kyle.

Jane learns that the stress of Nicolette’s confrontation with Mrs Mangel may have led to her death, derailing everything they’ve worked to resolve.

Wednesday 11th November (8477)

Bea inspects the van and finds a puncture in the steering wheel fluid line.

Ned thinks he catches a glimpse of Scarlett.

Terese’s claims remind Levi of the accident that killed Scarlett’s parents.

Thursday 12th November (8478)

Kyle, now on crutches to accompany his burnt arm, is paranoid that a third injury is right around the corner and so accident-proofs the house.

Ned moves into The Hive to protect his family, unaware he’s wandered right into Scarlett’s hiding place.

Bea, Yashvi, Ned and Levi are all convinced that Scarlett is alive, but Detective Graves isn’t convinced.

Friday 13th November (8479)

Ned worries about the emotional repercussions of Yashvi’s plan to stage a fake wedding to draw Scarlett out of hiding.

Pierce hears that Lisa has had her baby, withdrawing from Chloe and seeking comfort from Dipi.

Exchanging their fake vows, Ned and Yashvi are moved by their words to one another.

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