UK Neighbours Spoilers – Pierce and Dipi sleep together, as Chloe is drawn back to Nicolette

On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Pierce struggles to cope with Nicolette living on Ramsay Street, but it goes from bad to worse when Chloe admits she misses her friend. He turns to the one person he can connect with – will he and Dipi give into passion once again?

Pierce loses it over Nicolette, again…

With Nicolette growing closer to David and Aaron now that she’s permanently moved into Number 32, she’s ready for a heart to heart.

She ends up admitting to Aaron that she still misses Chloe, and is struggling without the one real friend she had in Erinsborough. She assures him that she no longer has feelings for Chloe, but that she really misses her friendship.

Later, Aaron discusses the matter with Chloe at The Waterhole, as Pierce is off taking a call. Chloe confesses that the feeling is mutual, she misses Nicolette, and seems jealous of the newfound attention she’s getting from Audrey (more on her later).

Unfortunately, the confession is timed just as Pierce is walking back in, and he overhears.

He’s fuming. The audacity that Chloe would actually want a friend after all she’s been through the last few years! 🙄

“She caused huge problems for us. How could you even think about having her in our orbit again?”

Chloe points out that Nicolette lives with her brother, on the same street, it’s pretty hard to avoid her. Pierce flips out – they’re meant to be spending the day together having one-on-one time, yet her mind is on Nicolette.

“Why am I surprised? I should be used to you giving her more attention than our marriage”, he spits, before storming out.

Nicolette, meanwhile, has another issue to deal with, in the form of a blast from her past. She gets a mysterious text from an unknown number, and when she texts back and asks who it is, she’s beyond shocked at the reply.

“It’s Audrey. I know where you are. You can’t hide from me anymore.”

Shortly after, we see her on the phone to the mysterious Audrey, demanding she not come find her, and stating that they agreed to never talk again “to be safe“. What is Nicolette hiding, and what does Audrey want?

We don’t have long to find out. As Nicolette is in the middle of penning a text suggesting they meet at Harold’s, she turns up at the door of Number 32!

It transpires that the former colleagues came across some money back in Canberra. As nurses, they looked after an elderly man called Marco for a long time, and when he died, they claimed his lottery winnings to the tune of $100,000 Aussie dollars.

Audrey is wracked with guilt and wants to give the money to their family, but Nicolette is adamant that they were his real family, that his real family never even gave him the time of day. Plus, Nicolette’s share of the money is long gone.

As they chat it over, in walks Pierce, and sees Nicolette passionately trying to convince Audrey not to give the money back. He misinterprets the situation as usual, and assumes that Nicolette is bullying this new woman he’s never seen before.

He later confronts Audrey in Harold’s, making sure she’s okay. He tells her that she looked scared when talking to Nic – friends chatting don’t normally look like that – so he just wanted to help her if she needed someone to talk to.

When Nicolette finds out, she can’t believe it. She storms around to Number 32 and confronts Pierce, leaving Chloe stunned at her husband’s meddling. If he cares so little about Nicolette and wants her out of their lives, why is he so obsessed with her?

They argue once again, with Chloe finally fed up of Pierce telling her who she can and can’t be friends with. Is she starting to get fed up with how controlling he’s being?

He tries to make it up to her in the most Pierce-like way possible, buying her a fancy diamond necklace. Yet she realises he’s just trying to buy his way back into her good books, and she shoots him down – she wanted to talk things through, not gloss things over with a fancy gift!

Dipi, meanwhile, thinks the necklace it’s gorgeous and is unable to believe that Chloe isn’t interested.

He refuses to apologise for telling Chloe who she can and can’t be friends with, leaving some pretty big cracks in their relationship. 

Dipi and Shane have issues. Again…

Dipi is taken aback when Shane announces he’s going back to Uni. He’s officially re-enrolling, and sees it as one more step on the way back to recovery. Yet in Dipi’s eyes his Uni work was what drove him to his addiction in the first place. Is he ready to go back?

Shane is annoyed that she doesn’t have faith in him. He chats to Karl and Toadie, explaining to them that he knows he’s ready this time, that he learnt coping techniques in rehab. “For the short amount of time that you were there!” argues Toadie sarcastically. He knows what a toll it took on his brother before, and has the past experience of Sonya’s rehab difficulties.

Finally, they make Shane see it from Dipi’s perspective.

He later apologises to her; he shouldn’t have made plans without talking it through with her first, so he’s going to drop out!

Yet this isn’t the right answer either, and Dipi snaps at him that she wanted them to discuss it together, and that him dropping out without consulting her is yet another wrong move.

“I just can’t do anything right, can I?” he complains, before she tells him there’s no need to get defensive. “I’ve got no idea, have I? No idea how to make you happy!”

“You know what, you are 100% right.”, she snaps. “You really don’t!”


And into each others’ arms fall Pierce and Dipi. Again…

As Pierce spots Dipi and Shane argue outside Lassiters, he comes over. But when he asks Dipi what’s wrong, she tells him she doesn’t think they should be talking about their relationship together any more.

Yet later, she fantasises about him, thinking back to their stolen kiss in that Lassiters hotel room.

After his argument with Chloe over Nicolette, Pierce once again decides to spend a few nights at the hotel to get some space. Obviously this only means one thing, and no sooner has he unpacked his bags than he gives Dipi a text.

Shane is back working in The Waterhole, and he’s working till close, leaving Dipi alone for the evening. When she gets his text, she’s straight over!

A couple of glasses of wine and some fancy food later, is the inevitable about to happen?

Meanwhile, Chloe drinks alone at The Waterhole, and turns to Shane for company. The two lonely Ramsay Street residents discuss their broken marriages, and how much they love their respective partners, as, unbeknownst to them, said partners are making their own fun just a few floors above them.

As Dipi takes off her clothes, it seems a full on affair is about to begin!

This storyline is set to run on over the next few months, and a recent trailer airing on Ten in Australia showed some of the awkwardness and drama that’s yet to come. You can view the trailer in full below.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 26th October (8465)

Pursuing Scarlett leads Ned back to the maze, bringing up the traumatic memories of last year.

Yashvi finds Ned asleep in his car with a big gash on his forehead, a foggy memory, and some damning evidence against him.

Tuesday 27th October (8466)

The police question Ned about the bloody palette knife in the maze and blood in the boot of his car.

Nicolette ignores the Facebook message from someone desperate to get in contact with her, resulting in a text from a stranger claiming to know where she is.

Ned is distraught to hear that Yashvi can no longer say with certainty that he wouldn’t hurt Scarlett.

Wednesday 28th October (8467)

Try as she might, Nicolette is unable to prevent her mystery message sender from coming, and her friend Audrey arrives from Canberra,

Chloe and Pierce try to reconnect, but when she turns to thinking about her lost friendship with Nicolette, Pierce accuses her of having her mind on Nicolette instead of their marriage.

Nicolette and Audrey discuss their big secret, and Audrey reveals she can no longer live with her guilt.

Thursday 29th October (8468)

Pierce seeks out Audrey to get some inside information about Nicolette, leaving Nicolette and Chloe furious and hurt.

Dipi feels resentful after another fight with Shane, thinking her feelings come second to his.

A wine-fuelled evening turns steamy for Dipi and Pierce when they turn to each other for emotional support.

Friday 30th October (8469)

Susan delivers an ultimatum – Karl and Jane must leave their hoarding in the past or Jane will have to move out.

Clive tries to stop Sheila from running, resulting in the BBQ toppling and crashing on top of Kyle.

Pierce and Dipi acknowledge that their indiscretion has helped reinvigorate them to work on their marriages.

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