Neighbours Spoilers – Ned hands himself into the police

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Next week on Neighbours in Australia, Ned convinces himself that he might be to blame for Scarlett’s disappearance after all, and hands himself into the police.

These scenes air in Australia between Monday 12th and Friday 16th October, and 3 weeks later in the UK.

In scenes which have just aired in Australia, Ned (Ben Hall) pursued Scarlett (Christie Whelan Browne) back to the maze, hunting her down after her shock move at Ned’s art exhibition.

The maze was where that Scarlett stabbed him whilst wearing a wedding dress and left him for dead last year, and being back there with her brings up the horrific memories. He’s been suffering from PTSD after their bloody encounter a year ago, and now he’s right back where it happened.

Unfortunately for Ned, he doesn’t remember anything of what happened after his latest return to the maze. Yashvi finds him asleep in his car with a gash on his forehead, and it’s not long before the police discover blood in the back of his car and a bloody pallet knife near the maze.

To add to this, there’s no sign of Scarlett.

So, there’s no body, but some pretty damning evidence that something went down, yet Ned has no memory of events.

This week, Ned is distraught when Yashvi confesses she can’t say with certainty that Ned wouldn’t have done anything to hurt Scarlett. She knows how badly he was suffering from PTSD, and worries that he might have snapped in the heat of the moment. And how else do you explain the pallet knife and blood?

Next week, things go from bad to worse for Ned. He begins to experience daytime hallucinations, taking him back to the scene and convincing him further that he hurt Scarlett.

He wonders if he’s just dreaming, or if these are memories coming back to him, and confides in Paul that if they are indeed memories then he definitely hurt her.

Paul, an unlikely ally, organises him a memory recall session with Beverly Robinson (Shaunna O’Grady). Paul’s step mum has made a number of appearances in Erinsborough in recent years, first to assess Finn Kelly’s amnesia then later to practice hypnosis on Andrea Somers and Heather Schilling.

The session helps him recall things that he definitely doesn’t remember doing, leaving him even more confused than before.

Deep down, he’s convinced he didn’t do anything, and believes Scarlett was setting him up. He’s already seen what she’s capable of, and knows he wants revenge. He thinks she knocked him out, leaving him with the head wound, and that he drove home while concussed… and that’s the end of it.

Speaking to TV Week, Ben Hall says “Ned feels that the most plausible cause is that Scarlett has set him up. But a small part of him wonders that if his PTSD was triggered that night, could he have lashed out and hurt her?”

Finally, he decides he must do the right thing and turn himself in. If his memories are real, it’s his only choice.

Yet as he’s being handcuffed, he’s watched on by Scarlett! She’s hiding in the shadows, and is thrilled to see her plan working.

Scarlett is satisfied that her plans are coming together,” Christie tells TV Week.

Yet things aren’t perfect for Scarlett. She wants to be seen as the winner, and for Ned to be humiliated, so when she over hears Bea ridiculing her, she’s filled with anger.

It looks like Bea is set to be her next target!

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 12th October (Episode 8470)

As Kyle gets treatment for his burns, Clive tries to get to the bottom of why Sheila acted the way she did.

Ned starts to withdraw from everyone as he experiences horrifying daytime hallucinations.

Levi thinks Ned is lying, but Bea is adamant that the evidence doesn’t add up, which Yashvi agrees with.

Tuesday 13th October (Episode 8471)

Confiding in Paul, Ned feels his dreams are more like memories, scared that might mean he really did hurt Scarlett.

Yashvi’s unwavering loyalty starts to wear Ned down, causing him to reveal something shocking to Paul and Terese.

Due to her close connection to Ned, Yashvi is removed from the case.

Wednesday 14th October (Episode 8472)

Dipi tries to focus on the marriage she has, rather than the fantasy of what could be.

Ned is determined to tell the police what he remembered during Beverley’s session, no matter the consequences.

Pierce reveals he’s planning to name a wine after Chloe.

Thursday 15th October (Episode 8463)

Scarlett watches as Ned gets hauled off in handcuffs, but her anger and irritation soon shifts to Bea after hearing herself being ridiculed.

Trying to help Yashvi with the case, Shane’s snooping soon brings more stress to the family.

As Ned’s exhibition paintings are moved in storage, Ned is determined to dispose of his portrait but finds it mysteriously gone.

Friday 16th October (Episode 8464)

After observing some tension between Audrey and Nicolette, he becomes suspicious that Nicolette is bullying Audrey.

Dipi and Pierce are tired of fighting for their marriages and crave something easier.

When Karl arrives at the school looking for Jane, it’s the final straw for Susan and she wants Jane out.

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