Neighbours Spoilers – Ned comes face to face with his stalker!

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In the latest Neighbours spoilers for the UK, Ned freaks out when his Fandangle admirer seems to know exactly where he is, but the worst is yet to come as they come face to face!

Last week, Ned’s Fandangle amirer ‘Scavenger_King35’ asked Ned to do another commission just for them, and offered to pay him double his usual rate. He’s struggling to get rid of them, especially considering it’s hard to turn down the extra cash.

He’s continued hiding the secret from Yashvi for weeks, but this week plans to finally come clean and face the music.

As he and Yashvi are alone on their break to the cottage in the country, they sit in the jacuzzi, as Ned psyches himself up to tell her about his raunchy commissions. Yet as they sit and talk, he gets a text – “Hey, It’s Scavenger_King35. Treating yo’self to a sweet pad? 😉”

It’s the first time his fan has text him directly. Worse still, they seem to know what he’s doing! But how?

He tries to convince himself that it’s still an overly-excited but otherwise innocent fan, who’s managed to get his mobile number with some creative Googling. However, it’s not long before things get serious.

As he’s on the phone to Kyle seeking advice, another text comes through: “Time for a meet and greet with your number one fan. Unless you want me to expose your secrets, meet me here at sunrise.”

While Kyle tries to talk him out of it, it’s to no avail.

The next morning, he heads out to meet his admirer, and is in for the shock of his life when he finds out who it is.

As he rounds the corner, he comes face to face with Scarlet, the woman who stalked him last year.

“Hello stranger, fancy seeing you here!”

He’s instantly taken back to the moment Scarlet stabbed him with a cheese knife, and thinks that she’s back for more. He assures her that whatever she thinks is going to happen between them, it’s not.

Yet she throws a curveball – she’s engaged, and doesn’t want anything to happen between them. Her fiancé’s name is Basil, he’s really rich from his work in the mining industry, and he’s finally giving her the life she deserves.

According to Scarlet, she stumbled across Ned’s Fandangle profile coincidentally. She saw his initials on his sketchbook and recognised his tattoos, so knew it was him.

Yet even though she’s not here to win him back, or leave him for dead again, she does have one demand. She loves his art, and wants to give Basil the ultimate wedding present: a portrait of her, painted by Ned.

When he flat out refuses, she puts her blackmail plan in action. She tells him that she knew he’d say that, and that’s why she got him to send him the video. Although his face isn’t on show, his tattoos are, and she knows he’d hate it to come out! His family and friends, and certainly Yashvi, would all know it was him if the video were to land in their inboxes!

She doesn’t like the way things ended between her and Ned, and considers this demand to be closure.

He’s got 24 hours to make up his mind, or else the secret is out!

When Roxy and Kyle arrive at the cottage, Ned lies to Kyle and tells him he managed to cool his admirer off by giving him a quick phonecall, and that everything’s in hand.

Meanwhile, Roxy and Yashvi are wandering back from a little retail therapy in the local town, when Roxy spots someone who looks like Scarlett out of the corner of her eye.

She doesn’t say anything to Yashvi, but when she’s alone with Ned later, she laughs as she tells him what she thought she saw… Yet she doesn’t expect what comes next. Ned tells her that Scarlett is indeed there, and that he’s freaking out.

She tells him he needs to get the cops involved, but Ned shoots her down – “Imagine how bad that would be for Yashvi!”

When she asks him if he’s going to go ahead and paint the portrait, he doesn’t say no.

Will he go ahead with Scarlett’s demands?

Roxy can’t help but get more involved. She secretly texts Scarlett from Ned’s phone and, pretending to be him, organises to meet.

She asks her what her game is – Scarlett’s gone to all this trouble jut to get to Ned, and Roxy doesn’t believe for a second that she’s over him. Yet Scarlett shows her proof, a photo of her and her fiancé at her engagement party, both looking blissfully happy.

Assuring her that she wants nothing more than a simple portrait as an engagement present, she has Roxy starting to believe her.

Ned ruined my life. I want to look at his portrait of me as a reminder that in the end, I won.”

Roxy passes this all onto Ned. She knows that Scarlett is doing all this as revenge, but thinks the best option is for Ned to go ahead with it. He should paint the portrait, keep it a secret from Yashvi and avoid any further trouble. If he just does this one thing, he’ll be free of her forever.

But are things really that simple?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 5th October (8450)

Shane decides to stay home from the baby shower, with Susan dropping by to check up on him to check in on him.

David and Aaron discuss their options of the possibility of going down to surrogacy route.

Chloe insists on going ahead with the baby shower, despite Pierce and Nicolette trying to talk her out of it.

Tuesday 6th October (8451)

Pierce discovers Nicolette’s feelings for Chloe, demanding she move out immediately.

Shane puts aside his own struggles to reach out to Dipi.

Ned’s biggest Fandangle fan seems to know exactly where Ned is, even while on a mini-break with Yasvhi.

Wednesday 7th October (8452)

Ned’s mystery fan attempts to blackmail him with the video footage, wanting Ned to paint a portrait of her as a wedding gift for her new fiancé.

After an action-packed Krav Maga workout with Bea to take his mind off the future of his career, Levi begins to see her in a whole new light.

Thursday 8th October (8453)

Sheila tampers with Levi’s test results.

When Rose’s accounts freeze, she melts down and Toadie softens to her betrayal.

Tormented by his crazy fan, Ned outlines his strict conditions and agrees to the deal.

Friday 9th October (8454)

Susan is appalled to learn that Karl and Jane have been bulk buying and hoarding grocery items, demanding they donate them to charity.

Rose convinces Toadie and Mackenzie to help her by offering their time to test her beauty treatment skills.

Sheila comes clean to Levi about tampering with his medical review.

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