Neighbours Spoilers – Chloe keeps her miscarriage a secret

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This week on Neighbours in the UK, Chloe struggles to come to terms with her miscarriage, as Pierce discovers Nicolette has feelings for his wife.

Chloe hides her miscarriage to protects Faye

Last week, Chloe got freaked out when Pierce mentioned the possibility of them having additional kids in the future. Although they’ve recently discovered that their unborn baby has low markers for Huntington’s Disease, the stress of knowing he could have inherited the disease really took its toll on Chloe. Additional children in the future just isn’t on her radar.

Pierce reassured her it was a slip of the tongue and he doesn’t mind at all if they only have one child. However, it made her think for the first time about whether she even wants a baby with him at all.

She confessed this to Nicolette as the two took a walk together. Yet things took a dramatic turn after Nicolette headed back to work – as Chloe was left alone, she started suffering severe pains and had to be rushed to hospital.

In Friday’s episode, Chloe and Pierce were forced to come to terms with the devastating news that Chloe had suffered a miscarriage. Their baby dreams are over.

Next week, Chloe struggles to accept the news. It’s made all the worse when Faye suddenly arrives home with David and Aaron. She’s so happy to be back and wants nothing more than to celebrate with Chloe at the baby shower.

With no time to process things, Chloe decides not to tell her the truth. She opts to carry on as normal, hiding the news that there’s no longer anything to celebrate.

Chloe, Nicolette and Faye head to the baby shower, with Faye oblivious to the news that Chloe has lost the baby

The preparations for the baby shower are already in full swing. With Chloe in denial and refusing to tell Faye the truth, neither Pierce nor Nicolette can’t bring themselves to cancel it, and it going ahead.

Attending the shower at The Waterhole, Chloe manages to keep a straight face for a while. However, playing a game of guess who with Ramsay Street residents’ baby pictures, opening presents of tiny baby clothes from Hendrix and Faye, and a video message from David and Aaron (who are stuck in traffic while picking up a giant cuddly bear) all starts to overwhelm her.

Just as Nicolette and Pierce decide it’s time to put an end to the proceedings, Dipi gets up makes a mini speech.

She tells Chloe how daunting it can be knowing you’re about to have a baby, and how many nay-sayers will warn her that she’ll never sleep properly again, but that in reality it’s beautiful chaos. She invites the other mommas in the room to talk about the exciting journey she’s got ahead of her.

As Jayne, Dipi and Faye recount stories of their kids’ childhood, it all gets too much for Chloe and she breaks down in tears.

She reveals the truth – “Mum, I lost the baby. I didn’t know how to tell you, I’m so sorry.”

Everyone rallies around to support her, with Faye shocked that her daughter would put herself through such a horrible ordeal just to spare her feelings. The truth finally being out seems to be for the best, with Chloe finally able to get the support she needs.

Chloe finally reveals the truth about her miscarriage, but Pierce is stunned when he finds out where she was when it happened

Yet the drama isn’t yet over, as there’s one last revelation. When Hendrix asks Chloe how the miscarriage happened, she starts recounting how she and Nicolette went for a walk so she could clear her head.

You said you were by yourself?” questions Pierce.

I was when it happened. Nic had to leave and start her shift,” Chloe answers. Nicolette looks down, feeling guilty at leaving her friend, but it’s nothing compares to the response the news gets from Pierce.

He explodes, unable to believe that Nicolette knew Chloe wasn’t feeling well, but left her alone. As she tries to explain that it wasn’t like that, he snaps, directing all his anger her way.

“You don’t get to tell me how I should be feeling. We’ve just lost our baby, and that’s on you!”

Chloe does all she can to convince Pierce that Nicolette isn’t to blame, but it seems the damage has been done.

As if that wasn’t enough, Hendrix stirs the pot even further when he tells his father the truth about Nicolette’s feelings for Chloe. When Nicolette confirms it, he orders her out. He wants her gone with immediate effect!

With Nicolette having supported Chloe through a lot over the last few months, will Chloe be able to put their friendship aside for the sake of her marriage?

Shame for Shane

Elsewhere, Shane is struggling with life back in Erinsborough after his early return from rehab.

Dipi isn’t giving him an easy ride. She wishes he was still back in rehab, and next week she discourages him from coming to Chloe’s baby shower for fear he’ll cause a scene.

He’s left alone, hurting, and needs to find something to distract him from his dark thoughts.

Susan ducks out of the shower and pops to Number 30 to spend some time with him. She’s been through similar rejection herself, reminding him that she was the last outcast of Ramsay Street, and advising that he needs to ensure he doesn’t pile on more and more negative thoughts about himself. He needs to find a more positive way to keep himself occupied.

Shane surprises her when he tells her he’s doing exactly that. He shows her a sketch he’s drawn of a jewellery box he’s planning on making for Dipi. It’s modelled on her grandma’s jewellery box, and Susan thinks it’s a lovely gesture.

Will the move be enough to get him back into his wife’s good books?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 5th October (8450)

Shane decides to stay home from the baby shower, with Susan dropping by to check up on him to check in on him.

David and Aaron discuss their options of the possibility of going down to surrogacy route.

Chloe insists on going ahead with the baby shower, despite Pierce and Nicolette trying to talk her out of it.

Tuesday 6th October (8451)

Pierce discovers Nicolette’s feelings for Chloe, demanding she move out immediately.

Shane puts aside his own struggles to reach out to Dipi.

Ned’s biggest Fandangle fan seems to know exactly where Ned is, even while on a mini-break with Yasvhi.

Wednesday 7th October (8452)

Ned’s mystery fan attempts to blackmail him with the video footage, wanting Ned to paint a portrait of her as a wedding gift for her new fiancé.

After an action-packed Krav Maga workout with Bea to take his mind off the future of his career, Levi begins to see her in a whole new light.

Thursday 8th October (8453)

Sheila tampers with Levi’s test results.

When Rose’s accounts freeze, she melts down and Toadie softens to her betrayal.

Tormented by his crazy fan, Ned outlines his strict conditions and agrees to the deal.

Friday 9th October (8454)

Susan is appalled to learn that Karl and Jane have been bulk buying and hoarding grocery items, demanding they donate them to charity.

Rose convinces Toadie and Mackenzie to help her by offering their time to test her beauty treatment skills.

Sheila comes clean to Levi about tampering with his medical review.

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