Neighbours Spoilers – Ned’s salacious portrait of Scarlett is revealed to the world!

In the latest Neighbours spoilers for Australia, Toadie and Rose’s date ends in disaster while Ned’s art exhibition opening leaves little to the imagination.

The Neighbours storylines below will air in Australia from Monday 28th September, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 19th October.

Rose with a Thorn

Toadie and Rose’s dinner is interrupted by her estranged ex-husband.

When Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) hired Rose Walker (Lucy Durack), she was hiding a secret from him. Her husband James (Bert LaBonté) had hired Toadie to represent him during their divorce proceedings.

Rose accepted Toadie’s job offer in order to find out what her husband was hiding from her and she stumbled upon the fact that he had been putting money away so she wouldn’t get it in the divorce.

Feeling bad, Toadie agreed to breach client confidentiality in order to help his new assistant.

She’s so grateful for Toadie’s help and kindness, and is relieved to have such a good friend,” Lucy told TV Week.

As a present for his support, Rose takes Toadie to the Waterhole for dinner and the pair hit it off.

They’ve been working very closely for the past few weeks and after his very unlucky attempts to move on from Sonya (Eve Morey), it’s the first time that Toadie’s really been happy.

He’s hoping this could lead to something more serious,” Ryan told TV Week.

However, the night soon takes a turn when Rose’s estranged husband James enters the pub and finds his soon-to-be ex-wife dining his divorce lawyer.

Shaken, Rose finds herself questioning whether she did the right thing by agreeing to go on what she thought could have been a date.

Toadie has been nothing but honourable and good to Rose and she really did think it was over been her and James,” Lucy lamented.

But they have such a long history and, underneath it all, a lot of love and their beloved children.

Unfortunately for Toadie, it may not be as easy as saying sorry, when James threatens to sue him for breach of confidentiality.

Poor Rose is caught in the middle – who will she choose to support?

Art Attack

The opening of Ned’s art exhibit is marred by Scarlett…

After weeks of torment, Ned Willis (Ben Hall) is finally preparing for some praise as he counts down the days to open his art exhibit.

Showing some of his work, the young Ramsay Street resident is excited about what the future holds.

Unfortunately, he has been through some ups and downs in the last few months – namely being blackmailed by his psychopathic ex-girlfriend Scarlett (Christie Whelan Browne).

After she threatened to release his naked photos, she forced him to paint a naked portrait of her for her new fiancé.

Now the truth is out, and Ned believes he’s free of her, but little does he know she’s waiting in the corner, ready with her next move.

As Ned reveals his artwork, he finds his portrait has been replaced by the one that he painted of Scarlett, and all hell breaks loose.

What does Scarlett have in store next for he ex?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 28 September (Episode 8460)

Nicolette finds out that she was accepted for the room in the share house.

Toadie points Rose in the direction of James’ hidden assets, suggesting she cook him dinner to thank him.

Tuesday 29 September (Episode 8461)

Nicolette uses her charm to get Aaron and David to agree on letting her stay.

James confronts Toadie and Rose, threatening to sue Toadie for his role in alerting Rose to his business assets.

Jane and Karl come up with a mysterious and cost-effective plan to protect their hoard.

Wednesday 30 September (Episode 8462)

Worried that he’s the cause of the tension between Dipi and Pierce, Shane organises a double date to help fix things for both couples.

Reaching maximum capacity under the house at in the Doug Out, Karl and Jane take extreme measures to protect their goods.

Mackenzie and Toadie learn that James and Rose still love one another.

Thursday 1 October (Episode 8463)

Shane’s dinner party is certainly interesting, but the tension is broken between Dipi and Pierce.

Ned and Yashvi aren’t talking, leading Ned to suggest he cancel his exhibition to spend time fixing things with Yashvi.

Friday 2 October (Episode 8464)

An important art critic is in attendance at Ned’s exhibition, but no one expects what happens when he unveils his portrait of Yashvi.

Shane and Chloe bail on their partners, leaving Dipi and Pierce on a date, sharing wine and their deepest thoughts & feelings.

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