Home and Away Spoilers — Amber wants Dean back, as Colby kisses Taylor!

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This week on Home and Away in Australia, Colby jumps at the chance to get even closer to Taylor, while Amber makes a proposition that could tear Dean and Ziggy apart.

Colby has been playing a dangerous game over the last three weeks, as he’s forged a friendship with Angelo’s wife, Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson), in an attempt to get closer to the investigation into Ross’s death.

He started off by offering her a drink at Salt, but now the pair are chatting more and more regularly, and it seems that whenever Taylor is on her own, Colby is always right around the corner.

With Angelo having locked Colby out of the police database, he has no way of knowing how the police are getting on with their investigation, and whether they’re any closer to finding the truth.

By befriending Taylor, he hopes he can get an insight into how Detective Rosetta is getting on. And if not, at least he can drive a wedge between the detective and his wife, which may distract him from the investigation.

This week he’s set to take things up a gear, with a move that’s sure to backfire.

Angelo has been directing all of his attention to the case since he arrived in Summer Bay. His wife has moved to the town to be with him, but he’s barely giving her any time or attention. He turned down attending house viewings with her, telling her that he’s happy to leave the decision up to her, and it seems he wants nothing more than to be left alone in the office.

This week, Taylor arrives at the police station in an eye-catching black dress… but Angelo is the only one whose eye she doesn’t catch. She wants to take him out for dinner, but once again he hasn’t got time, and leaves her feeling rejected and alone.

Angelo is very dedicated to his job and Taylor is trying hard to keep the work / life / love balance between them,” Annabelle told TV Week.

Yet determined to get to the truth, Angelo can’t even spare a few hours, and Taylor is growing tired of spending so much time alone.

Her mind elsewhere, she doesn’t suspect a thing when Colby begins appearing every time she’s left on her own.

“Taylor has no idea what’s happening or why Colby is getting so close to her,” Annabelle Stephenson told TV Week.

“She sees a kind man lending an ear and they enjoy spending time together. Little does she know.”

Colby also manages to help Taylor out on the job front. He introduces her to Willow, whose connection with the gym gives her the opportunity to grow her massage therapy business – work could be a welcome distraction when her love and social life are so non-existent.

As a thank you, she offers Colby a free massage at his apartment, which is a disaster waiting to happen. Colby uses their time alone as an excuse to really turn on the charm, and Taylor begins to warm to him even more.

After the massage, they carry on talking, and Taylor begins to open up about her issues with Angelo. With Colby topless, the pair alone and things heating up, the two give into temptation and share a kiss.

How does this fit into Colby’s plan? Has he taken a step too far?

Also this week, Dean continues to grow closer to Jai, and a new development means the new father has a big choice to make.

Dean is still coming to terms with the news that he’s a dad. Just a couple of weeks have passed since Amber (Maddy Jevic) blurted out the news that the two of them have a child, a secret she’s kept from him for the past five years.

Surprisingly, Dean has been over the moon about the development, and is loving getting to know his son. It helps that the two of them get on so well, and now Dean can’t imagine his life without him.

For Ziggy, the news has been particularly hard to handle. She knows that Dean is loyal enough that he’d never turn his back on his newfound son, but she has no idea what part she’ll play in this major new aspect of his life.

Amber has done nothing to put her mind at rest. Just last week, she told Ziggy that she was worried about how her presence would affect Dean and Jai’s relationship.

Then, when the four of them shared a dinner – which was meant to ease Ziggy’s worried and allow her to form a connection with Jai – Amber brought up a number of intimate memories from her and Dean’s past to make Ziggy feel as awkward as possible.

This week, the real reason behind Amber’s frostiness towards Ziggy is revealed.

As she, Dean and Jai share another family bonding session on the beach, she tells him that she still loves him. Not only that, she asks him to give their relationship another go, and for them to raise Jai as a family!

Dean is taken aback. He’s in love with Ziggy and the two of them are in a very happy relationship. A relationship with Amber is the last thing on his mind!

For Amber, coming back to Summer Bay and reconnecting with Dean has been much harder.

They share a child together and that’s a bond like no other,” Maddy told TV Week. “Dean was her childhood love and she would love to rekindle a connection between them.

Dean instantly rejects Amber’s proposal. He’s keen for the pair to co-parent, but that’s it!

However, Amber may have already successfully driven a wedge between Dean and Ziggy. She’s watching on from a distance, and sees what looks like another happy family scene on the beach.

On the verge of tears, she starts to think that she’s losing Dean forever, and that maybe he’s better off with his newfound family.

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

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