Neighbours Spoilers – A hostage situation erupts at Erinsborough High

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In the latest Neighbours spoilers for Australia, the lives of Mackenzie and Chloe’s unborn child hang in the balance.

The Neighbours storylines below will air in Australia from Monday 7th September, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 28th September.

In Harm’s Way

The investigation into the drug ring puts multiple Ramsay Street residents in harm’s way.

Since drugs began circulating the streets of Erinsborough, local police officers Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) and Levi Canning (Richie Morris) have been trying to get to the source.

After weeks of sifting through clues, it seems they have found the culprit – none other than their boss Dax (Dean Kirkright)… but the drama is only beginning.

In an attempt to keep his job and ensure his secret is kept under wraps, the corrupt police sergeant takes matters into his own hands. He heads to Erinsborough High with a taser and takes multiple staff and students hostage.

Although she’s trained for tough situations, Yashvi is well out of her depth for this one.

Yashvi has only been on the job for a couple of months and has been thrown in the deep end,” Olivia told TV Week.

The situation requires tact and smart thinking, both of which Dax has years more experience of than the young constable, but that doesn’t stop her attempting to outsmart him to bring him down.

Yashvi isn’t used to being the responsible one,” Olivia continued.

She knows she’s out of her league with Dax.

He’s been in the force much longer, and essentially taught her everything she knows.

Regardless, if she doesn’t think on her feet, it is more than likely a death will occur.

The situation is horrific for all involved, especially when principal Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) has the taser held to her at point blank range.

In the commotion of everything, Dax fires his weapon, which hits an unlikely target.

Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone) takes the full brunt of the shock and collapses to the group. Only weeks post-op, Mackenzie’s body is already under huge strain and the current from the taser results in her heart stopping.

Now, with Mackenzie’s life on the line, and Dax without a loaded weapon, Yashvi must make a choice – help her friend or bring down the leader of the syndicate…

Gut Feeling

Chloe Brennan’s (April Rose Pengilly) rough time of late catches up with her.

No one could accuse Chloe Brennan of having it easy in the weeks gone by. As if learning her mother Fay’s (Zoe Bertram) Huntington’s had progressed and bringing her to Ramsay Street wasn’t bad enough, she’s received unwanted attention from Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) and found out she was pregnant.

To top the cake off with a cherry, husband Pierce (Tim Robards) offers Chloe something he believes will help alleviate their troubles. He thinks they should leave Ramsay Street.

Thrown, Chloe can’t believe he’s bringing this up with everything going on right now.

Needing to take a breather, Chloe heads off for a walk with nurse and the woman who has a romantic interest in her, Nicolette, to debrief. However, on the walk, Chloe is struck by a pang through her stomach that leaves her crippled and unable to move.

She calls for help, wanting Pierce, quietly fearful that the life of her unborn child is in jeopardy.

Will Chloe lose the baby?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 7 September (Episode 8445)

Shane discharges himself from rehab early, leaving Toadie and Dipi disappointed.

A hostage situation at the school leaves several lives in danger.

Levi finally comes clean to his family about his epilepsy.

Tuesday 8 September (Episode 8446)

Levi realises Dax will tell all his colleagues about his epilepsy so decides to come clean with them too.

Dipi agrees to let Shane stay in Erinsborough but warns he better not let the family down.

Ned receives another enticing Fandangle request that could solve all his financial issues.

Wednesday 9 September (Episode 8447)

Chloe is blindsided when Pierce suggest moving away from Ramsay Street to a bigger place for their growing family.

Kyle worries about Shane’s reliance on Roxy, asking her to pull back from being his main support.

Thursday 10 September (Episode 8448)

Hendrix comes clean to Toadie about Rose.

After clearing her head with a long walk, Chloe experiences a shooting pain in her stomach.

Mackenzie is elected to the youth advisor role and decides to give her relationship with Richie another shot.

Friday 11 September (Episode 8449)

Shane offers to help Dipi at Harold’s but ends up fumbling around, resulting in Dipi pleading for him to go back to rehab.

Toadie confronts Rose about Hendrix’s accusations.

Things at the hospital aren’t looking good.

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