Home and Away Spoilers — Ryder struggles with his grief, as Marilyn moves on

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK,  Ryder struggles with his father’s death as he refuses to attend the funeral, whilst a heartbroken Marilyn tries to hide her pain after moving out…

It’s been two days since Roo (Georgie Parker) returned to Summer Bay with the sad news that Evan (Cameron Daddo) had passed away following his cancer battle, but Evan’s son Ryder (Lukas Radovich) is feeling conflicted as he comes to terms with the news.

There’s a surprise when Alf (Ray Meagher) returns from his trip to Merimbula a week early, wanting to check in on Ryder and planning to join them at Evan’s funeral.

But both Alf and Roo are baffled when Ryder comes home and suddenly announces that he’s not going to attend Evan’s funeral after all.

Ryder avoids entering into a conversation about his decision by making the excuse that he’s late for work. Roo feels she should go talk to him, but Alf offers to go instead — Roo’s already taken on enough with looking out for both Evan and Ryder, now it’s his turn.

Alf heads to Salt with the intention of having a chat with Ryder, but Ryder explains he’s too busy at the moment.

Alf offers to wait until Ryder has his break and grabs a menu, but ends up sitting patiently for the entirety of Ryder’s shift as Ryder continues to avoid him.

When Justin (James Stewart) offers his sympathies to Ryder, explaining that he knows what he’s going through, Ryder snaps and tells him he has no idea.

Taking a breather out on the balcony, Alf is finally able to talk with Ryder and finds out that he’s worried about what Evan’s friends would think if he went to the funeral.

With Ryder only knowing his father for a matter of weeks, he has no idea whether anyone would actually know of his existence, and feels that he can’t just drop a revelation like that at a funeral.

Later that evening, as he sits with Evan’s guitar, Ryder is looking through some photos and asks Alf if he thinks he and Evan look alike. Alf has no doubt about it, but Ryder is worried about whether others would think the same.

Given that he would be a stranger to everyone at the funeral, Ryder doesn’t feel like he has any place there.

Alf reassures him that no-one would doubt that he is Evan’s son, and Roo insists that all those who cared for Evan would want to meet him.

They both tell Ryder that this is a huge opportunity to get to know his father further, and that it might never come along again.

The next morning, Roo is getting ready to depart for the funeral as Alf agrees to stay with Ryder. She tells Alf that she will organise a flight for Ryder if he changes his mind.

But Ryder suddenly comes downstairs with his bag in hand, announcing that he’s coming after all. He realised that both Alf and Roo were right, and that he’d regret it if he didn’t go.

As he thanks Roo, Alf heads upstairs to pack before the three of them head off to Queensland for the funeral.

Earlier in the week, Marilyn (Emily Symons) is reeling after husband John (Shane Withington) suggested it was time for her to move out.

The couple have already come to the sad realisation that their marriage is over, with Marilyn admitting that she didn’t love him anymore, but Marilyn has felt it her duty to help care for John following his stroke.

Although new carer Amber Simmons (Madeleine Jevic) has taken on a lot of the day to day duties, Marilyn still worries that it’s too soon for her to leave him alone, particularly after John had a fall.

Marilyn confides in Roo about the latest development and admits that she doesn’t know where to start with separating her life from John’s. Roo suggests staying at Summer Bay House with them for a while, but Marilyn politely refuses—it doesn’t feel right, particular after Ryder just lost his dad.

Marilyn tries to busy herself at work but she is too distracted, and after telling Irene (Lynne McGranger) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) the latest, they both tell her to take the day off and start organising things.

Marilyn ends up back at Roo’s and they have a quick browse through the letting listings, but there’s nothing suitable in Summer Bay. Marilyn hadn’t considered the fact that she may end up having to move out of town.

When John asks Marilyn if she’s thought any more about moving out, she tells him that they have to be realistic given that John still has a long way to go with his recovery.

But when John later talks things over with Amber, she tells him that he doesn’t actually need to be reliant on Marilyn being in the house, he’s fully capable of looking after himself!

When Marilyn returns home, John shows her a new smart watch that Amber has organised, which doubles up as an alert system. If he has a fall, it can send a message to five emergency contacts.

Marilyn is saddened as the realisation hits that she really isn’t needed anymore, and John tells her that now he can be independent, there’s nothing holding her back. She’s free to go.

Marilyn packs some bags, and the couple bid an emotional farewell to each other.

When Alf returns from Evan’s funeral later in the week, he and Justin go round to visit John, where they are surprised to learn that Marilyn is no longer living there. She’s been living in a motel for the past few days and not told any of her friends.

Alf heads straight to the diner and fills in Irene and Leah, who are equally shocked. Alf sits Marilyn down and asks her to be straight with him. Marilyn breaks down as she admits that she’s feeling so lonely—she didn’t want to be a burden on anyone.

Marilyn feels lost and doesn’t know what to do next, but Alf tells her exactly what she’s going to do, and before we know it, Alf has brought Marilyn and her luggage back to Summer Bay House.

Marilyn tries to protest, feeling that Roo, Ryder and Martha probably wouldn’t want another houseguest, but Alf insists that this is her home and she belongs there.

She’s opened up her own house to others in the past, it’s time for the favour to be returned to her.

Marilyn is touched by Alf’s kind words, but will the move back into Summer Bay House after so many years be as easy as she hopes?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 31st August (Episode 7381)

Jasmine feels betrayed.

Marilyn works through her new normal.

Tori hits a roadblock.

Tuesday 1st September (Episode 7382)

Willow forces Jasmine to open up.

Roo worries about Ryder’s decision.

Marilyn struggles to let go.

Wednesday 2nd September (Episode 7383)

Ryder can’t face his reality.

Amber takes Willow for a night out clubbing.

Mac’s secret gets exposed.

Thursday 3rd September (Episode 7384)

Bella organises time alone with Nikau.

Ziggy puts her foot in it.

Ari discovers Mac is hiding something.

Friday 4th September (Episode 7385)

Mac confesses her feelings.

Colby and Nikau make amends.

Marilyn reluctantly accepts Alf’s offer.

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