Neighbours Spoilers – Fay moves back to Erinsborough, as Shane reaches breaking point

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In the latest Neighbours spoilers for Australia, Shane reaches breaking point as he experiences withdrawals, while Chloe asks Fay to move back to Erinsborough.

The Neighbours storylines below will air in Australia from Monday 3rd August, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 24th August.

At Breaking Point

Roxy (Zima Anderson) is at her wit’s end this week as Shane’s (Nicholas Coughlan) temper reaches new levels whilst going cold turkey.

It has been a week since Roxy found out about her close friend’s drug addiction and vowed to keep it a secret from his wife, Dipi (Sharon Johal).

Unfortunately, as the withdrawal symptoms become overwhelming, and Shane begins lashing out, Roxy begins to question the decision she has made.

Roxy is incredibly torn and sad that this is what it has come to,” Zima lamented to TV Week.

She realises that this is a big problem and that he definitely can’t fix it himself, which makes the whole situation, and her secret keeping, even more difficult.

However, after Shane lashes out at Roxy, leaving her shaken and hurt, he begins to push her away, leaving him feeling as if he has to tackle this issue on his own.

Fearful of what his wife will think, Shane makes the bold decision to continue his journey off drugs by himself, which will inevitably lead him to rock bottom.

He doesn’t want to burden Dipi with his problems, and his warped sense of pride won’t allow him to own up to his failures.

What does the future hold for Shane?

Bubbling Beneath the Surface

As Fay (Zoe Bertram) moves back to Erinsborough, there’s tension building between her daughter and her nurse.

After learning of that her mother’s illness is progressing rapidly, Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) welcomes her mother Fay into her home this week, in a bid from Fay to be closer to her daughter and son Aaron (Matt Wilson) as her demise nears.

However, what Fay doesn’t realise is that she’s walking into a cesspool of sexual tension…

Chloe, secretly pregnant with her husband Pierce’s (Tim Robards) child, has invited new girl Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) to move in as a live-in carer for her mother.

Nicolette, however, is hiding the fact that she has a strong sexual attraction to Chloe – and it would seem that Fay would approve of her if Chloe was a single woman.

Fay takes a liking to Nicolette and trusts her,” Zoe told TV Week.

But she’s oblivious to any tension that might be brewing in the household.

As tensions run high, there’s bound to be frivolity ensue.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in the UK:

Monday 3rd August (Episode 8405)

Paul has no intention of making things easy for new employee Jenna.

To help relieve Chloe’s stress, Pierce is eager to make her live-in nurse plan a reality.

Aaron and David worry that although Jenna is determined to turn things around, one slip up could seriously upset Emmett.

Tuesday 4th August (Episode 8406)

Ned has a bold and risque business idea which will see make a good profit from his photography.

Nicolette moves into No. 24 and finds out that Chloe is pregnant, accepting now that’s she unattainable.

Seeing Roxy and Shane together, Dipi’s insecurity starts to bubble up.

Wednesday 5th August (Episode 8407)

Dipi is hurt when Shane goes to Roxy for meditation advice, still oblivious about his addiction.

Ned receives a strange request for his photography.

Yashvi scopes out if Levi is interested in Bea, and the answer isn’t one Bea wants to hear.

Thursday 6th August (Episode 8408)

Mortified that Levi isn’t into her, Bea is embarrassed by all her flirting.

Roxy points out to Mackenzie that there isn’t anything stopping her from speaking up about Lassiter’s refusal to be eco-friendly.

Shane’s back to taking drugs and avoiding Roxy.

Friday 7th August (Episode 8409)

Emmett is excited that his mum is holding down her job but soon finds out she’s back to her old ways.

Fay arrives from Adelaide and everyone is confronted by the deterioration of her health.

After snapping at Roxy, Shane worries that he’s lost his only support.

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