Home and Away Spoilers — Who is Amber? Colby & Dean face a blast from the past

This week on Home and Away in Australia, new character Amber Simmons shows up in Summer Bay, and it’s clear that she has a chequered past with Colby—and isn’t willing to forgive and forget!

It’s been a challenging few weeks for John Palmer (Shane Withington) and Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons). The couple had already been estranged from each other for some time, with John having moved out the marital home, when he then suffered a stroke at the Paratas housewarming gathering.

Feeling an enormous sense of guilt when Dr Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) told her that stress could well have been a factor, Marilyn saw it as her duty to help John in his rehabilitation, despite John’s protests.

Moving him back home, the couple struggled to come to terms with a new normal, as Marilyn’s constant fussing over John caused him more stress.

Things finally came to a head last week, when Marilyn chose to leave John at home rather than help him attend Ben & Maggie Astoni’s (Rohan Nichol & Kestie Morassi) farewell party.

Seeing through Marilyn’s claims that John was too tired, Ben and Justin (James Stewart) came to the rescue and Marilyn’s face dropped as she saw John’s arrival.

Back at home, John finally got Marilyn to admit the truth, that she didn’t love him anymore and was only caring for him out of a sense of duty.

As a result, John decided to take matters into his own hands and make his own arrangements for help around the home.

Unfortunately John’s current demeanour is not helping when it comes to finding a suitable candidate for the job this week, with him driving away several possible carers.

Finally, as Marilyn begins to worry they’ll never find someone, Amber Simmons (Maddy Jevic) turns up.

Her no-nonsense attitude appears to be more than a match for John, and Marilyn happy offers her the job.

But even a tough Amber has her breaking point, and when John starts being particularly argumentative, she storms out.

Walking around town, she spots a familar face in Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) and quickly heads over to say hello, despite Dean’s best attempts to avoid her.

Dean then tries to find Colby (Tim Franklin) to warn him of Amber’s presence in Summer Bay, but Amber bumps into him first and it’s anything but a happy reunion!

Stemming from their shared roots in Mangrove River, it’s clear that Colby, Dean, Willow and Amber have a long history—and Amber is quick to keep up the town’s rough reputation as she punches Colby in the face!

When Colby later asks Dean if he could have at least given him a heads up, Dean retorts that in all honesty, he had it coming.

Amber’s arrival has been teased for some time, with fans witnessing Maddy’s presence at Palm Beach after she started filming on the show in January.

I love my character, she’s fun to play,” Maddy told if.com.au. “Everyone on the show was so welcoming and warm.

There has been much speculation surrounding Amber, with the suggestion that she could be the sister of Dean and Colby’s friend, Jai, who was killed in a car crash they were all involved in during their River Boy days.

Back in 2012, Dean had stolen a car on Colby’s request so that they could go after Colby’s stepfather Ross, who had skipped town with Colby’s mother and stepsister Bella.

But when the car crashed, Colby left the scene to continue the chase—unbeknowingly leaving Jai dead, and a seriously injured, unconscious Dean to take the rap and go to jail.

Dean and Colby didn’t see each other again until 2018, when Colby turned up as a police officer disbanding the gang of River Boys chasing after Robbo.

It was an unexpected reunion for former best mates Dean & Colby

With a little boy also seen filming alongside Amber and Dean, there has been a strong rumour from fans that he could actually be Dean’s son, with claims that he is named Jai after his deceased uncle.

Further filming has also seen Dean and Amber locking lips on the balcony at Salt, which perhaps doesn’t bode well for Dean’s relationship with Ziggy (Sophie Dillman).

The couple have had something of a rollercoaster ride in recent months, with another argument only last week as Ziggy lamented the departure of her parents by stating that she was now all alone in Summer Bay.

Could Dean find himself finding comfort in the arms of an ex as he and Ziggy drift apart?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 20th July (Episode 7371)

Jasmine’s anguish is undeniable.

Tori protects Grace at all costs.

Bella and Nikau take one step forward and two steps back.

Tuesday 21st July (Episode 7372)

Tori draws a line in the sand.

Ari doesn’t want Mackenzie’s pity.

Jasmine shocks Irene.

Wednesday 22nd July (Episode 7373)

Tane does a good deed.

Ari and Mackenzie overcome challenges.

Irene is deeply troubled.

Leah gives Justin some home truths.

Thursday 23rd July (Episodes 7374-7376)

Amber arrives in the Bay. Tane starts his new job. Dean is shocked to learn Mackenzie’s secret.

Amber and Colby share a dark past. John’s rehab progresses. Ziggy and Amber meet.

Amber still refuses to forgive Colby. Marilyn finds the change a hard adjustment. Willow reflects on all her failing friendships.

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