Neighbours Spoilers – Susan Kennedy caught up in drugs scandal!

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In the latest Neighbours spoilers, Susan is caught up in a drugs scandal at the high school, while Nicolette and Jane attempt to bury the hatchet.

The Neighbours storylines below will air in Australia from Monday 20th July, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 10th August.

Drugs Scandal

It hasn’t been the quietest few months for Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) and this week is no exception when a bag of drugs is found on school grounds.

After the travesty that was the Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) saga, anyone would think Susan would want to keep her head low and avoid conflict at any cost. However, when drugs are found on the school grounds, it seems destined that this is not possible.

During a sorting of the rubbish bins on the school grounds for a sustainability project headed by one of the students, a bag of drugs is found. News of which spreads like wildfire through the student and parent community alike.

As school principal, Susan is quickly embroiled in the drama, pushing her dangerously close to the edge.

Susan has returned to Erinsborough High with a crisis of confidence,” Jackie explained to TV Week.

She’s just in no state to handle the problem of drugs at the school.

Once a police investigation kicks off, Susan asks her friend, and ex-principal, Jane Harris (Annie Jones) to step in to make the decisions.

Meanwhile, it seems that one of the students may be responsible for the drugs both at the school and at Hendrix’s 18th birthday party three weeks prior.

However, when he makes matter worse by refusing to let the police search his locker, the investigation ramps up.

Susan just wants the whole thing to go away so that her current inadequacy isn’t shown,” Jackie continued.

With Jane now back in Erinsborough permanently, and Susan teetering near the brink, will the long serving principal give into the pressure and resign, making way for her friend to take over the reins?

If so, it will come as a delight to parent Angela Lane (Amanda Harrison), who will soon return to Erinsborough.

Who is Angela Lane?

Angela, a member of the Parent-Teacher Association, began her vendetta against Susan last year when she backed her niece Elly (Jodi Anasta) who gave alcohol to a student in order to hide the secret of her baby’s paternity. When she urged parents to remove their children from the school, her daughter launched a petition, defending Elly.

After revealing her true bigoted self to Elly, she was horrified to learn that her daughter Olivia (Grace O’Sullivan) was not only a lesbian but was also in a relationship with her teacher.

This year, Angela called for the resignation of Susan after Finn’s reign of terror on the residents of Ramsay Street. She was assisted in the campaign by Finn’s mother Claudia Watkins (Kate Raison) and her lawyer Samantha Fitzgerald (Simone Buchanan) in their, albeit unsuccessful, bid to gain custody of Elly’s daughter Aster (Scout Bowman).

Mother v daughter

It seems that when it comes to Jane Harris’ family, mother and daughter may be more alike than they care to admit.

After last week’s revelation that Jane wasn’t supportive of her daughter’s sexuality, it seemed that the blame for the relationship decay lay solely with mother.

However, when Jane arrives in Erinsbrough this week and reveals that Nicolette hadn’t been accepting of her choice of man – namely, her relationship with Des (Paul Keane) – it seems the pair are just as bad as one another.

Unfortunately, as the two seem so happy to continue to butt heads, it seems that nothing will change any time soon, despite Jane’s wishes.

“Jane is apprehensive, as she and Nicolette have a history of clashing, but she’s also secretly thrilled to show her little girl around Erinsborough, but as usual, they end up arguing,” Annie revealed to TV Week.

In Nicolette’s eyes, she can forgive Jane – but only if Jane can realise and apologise for the way she treated her daughter when she came out as a lesbian.

Though, when the pair meet up to bury the hatchet, venom is spat from both parties and reconciliation doesn’t seem to be on the agenda.

With their relationship strained to breaking point, will the pair be able to move on from the past?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 20th July (Episode 8410)

Richie’s sustainability project sees the class sorting through the school garbage bins, leading to the discovering of a bag of drugs.

Roxy convinces Ned to take some saucy photos of her for Kyle, only for Paul to walk in mid-shoot.

It’s clear that Levi won’t be quick to forgive Sheila.

Tuesday 21st July (Episode 8411)

Inspired by the reception of their sustainability presentation, Harlow meets with Paul and Terese to suggest they implement some of the strategies at Lassiters.

Ollie refuses to let Yashvi search his locker when the police arrive at the school.

Nicolette is left mortified when she discovers Chloe is married.

Wednesday 22nd July (Episode 8412)

Jane makes her way to Erinsborough.

Brent suggests that he and Emmett climb onto the roof, resulting in Emmett tumbling off when Aaron catches them.

Nicolette and Jane’s reunion is a disaster, with Nicolette threatening to leave Erinsborough.

Thursday 23rd July (Episode 8413)

Paul sets Pierce off when he mentions he knew about Chloe’s pregnancy before Pierce did.

Chloe and Nicolette rush to help Aaron and Brent after they hear Emmett’s piercing scream.

Jane decides she wants to stay in Erinsborough to do everything she can to fix her relationship with Nicolette.

Friday 24th July (Episode 8414)

Jane asks Clive to offer Nicolette some work at the hospital, but Nicolette is quick to realise her mother is behind the offer.

Bea offers Levi a room at No. 28, but an over-stressed Susan turns him down.

Pierce and Chloe are both frustrated at each other over where they stand in this pregnancy, but a call from Adelaide gives them some perspective.

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