Home and Away Spoilers — Ben & Gemma’s relationship heats up!

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Tane refuses to give up on Mackenzie, whilst Ben & Gemma’s friendship continues to grow, much to Nikau’s chagrin…

After his continued attempts to chat up Mackenzie (Emily Weir) at the housewarming party were rejected, Tane (Ethan Browne) got a stern warning from big brother Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) about going after his girl.

Squaring up to Tane, Ari made it pretty clear that he was not to lay one finger on her, otherwise he’d have him to deal with.

Ari’s threats are like water off a duck’s back to Tane though, and only a few hours after the party breaks up, Tane heads to Salt to see Mackenzie.

After getting nowhere with his questions at the party, Tane asks Mackenzie again to tell him what the actual situation is between her and Ari.

Mackenzie is forced to admit that even she doesn’t know where she stands with Ari, or whether they’re serious about each other or not. She tells Tane that Ari is difficult to read.

Tane then opens up to Mackenzie about his relationship with his brother, telling her that she’s not alone. He always looked up to Ari and eldest brother Mikaere as a kid, they were his heroes.

But all that eventually changed and it’s clear that Tane regrets that.

As Mackenzie begins to warm to Tane, Ari then arrives at Salt and sees the two of them together.

Mackenzie goes after Ari as he walks out in a huff, as she tries to explain that they were just talking.

Ari tells her that Tane is playing games with her, and as Tane joins them he reminds him of his warning. Mackenzie can’t believe what she’s hearing, she’s no-ones property to fight over, but both brothers storm off home.

The next morning Ari explains to Mackenzie that Tane is only cracking on to her in order to get back at him.

Although she dismisses Ari’s claims, she later confronts Tane and is surprised when he admits that was his plan originally.

But now he’s got to know her, his feelings have changed and he genuinely thinks they could be good together.

Is Mackenzie about to find herself torn between two brothers….?

Meanwhile, after connecting at the housewarming party, Gemma (Bree Peters) and Ben’s (Rohan Nichol) friendship also continues to blossom this week.

Immediately following the party, an unimpressed Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) watches as Ben helps Gemma clean up and tries to reassure her that John will be OK following his shock collapse.

When Ben leaves, Gemma sends him off with a load of leftover food, sympathising with knowing what it’s like to live in a motel room.

After Ben’s gone, Nik asks his mother what she thinks she’s doing with Ben. Gemma disregards his insinuation as ridiculous, but when he’s still in a mood later on, Gemma asks him what his problem is.

Gemma tells him that she doesn’t need his permission to invite a male friend to a party, and Nik becomes emotional as he points out that it’s like his father has been forgotten. He laments the fact that Mikaere will never be taking part in the family parties like he used to.

Gemma reassures Nik that no-one has forgotten Mikaere, but appreciates his honesty as Nik begins to cool down and puts his trust in Gemma.

Later in the week, Gemma bumps into Ben on the way into work and invites him to come up for a drink later that afternoon, which he takes her up on.

As she shouts him a beer to thank him for his help at the party, the two get chatting just as Ben’s estranged wife Maggie (Kestie Morassi) walks in, having returned from visiting daughter Coco in Queensland the previous day.

As Maggie watches Ben and Gemma laughing with each other, she begins seething with jealously and decides to leave before she’s seen.

When Nik later comes in, he’s equally unimpressed to see Ben and Gemma hanging out again.

When Ben joins in their conversation, Nik tells him to butt out and Gemma reprimands him, reminding him of what they’d talked about.

Any further awkwardness between Ben and Nik is interrupted though when Maggie returns, having had a talk with Roo (Georgie Parker) about what she’d seen and deciding she couldn’t let it eat away at her.

Maggie asks Ben for a word on the balcony, and asks him outright if there’s anything going on between him and Gemma.

Ben replies that it’s not actually any of her business any more, they’re not together and she shouldn’t be asking him that question, before he walks back inside.

Later that evening, a rather tipsy Ben is still there as Gemma finishes her shift. He suggests that they could hang out and they head downstairs to play pool together.

The sparks begin to fly as their hands touch, and Ben asks if Gemma would like to come back to his motel room….

Once there, Ben and Gemma are awkward around each other. It’s been a long time since either of them have done anything like this with being in their respective marriages for so long.

Eventually they tentatively approach each other and embrace, before they kiss.

Meanwhile Nik sits at home with an increasing amount of dread, wondering why his mother hasn’t come home…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 6th July (Episode 7341)

Marilyn blames herself for John’s condition.

Mac is torn between Ari and Tane.

Jasmine develops an obsession.

Tuesday 7th July (Episode 7342)

John doesn’t want Marilyn to be stressed.

Tane promises Mac he’ll back off.

Jasmine makes a rash decision with Willow.

Wednesday 8th July (Episode 7343)

Marilyn’s heart breaks for John.

Colby refuses to let Jasmine push him away too.

Are Dean and Ziggy heading into the friend-zone?

Thursday 9th July (Episode 7344)

Dean wants to take Ziggy away.

Can Roo tell Ryder the truth about Evan?

Maggie doesn’t know how to move forward.

Friday 10th July (Episode 7345)

Ryder deals with the news of his father.

Maggie’s heart is crushed.

Nikau worries when his mum doesn’t come home.

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