Neighbours Spoilers – Courtney Act Helps Erinsborough Celebrate Pride

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As the last full week of Pride Month approaches, a special guest brings fun and frivolity to the lives of Ramsay Street residents, in these Neighbours spoilers set to air in the UK from Monday 22nd June.

For the last few weeks, the residents of Erinsborough have been gearing up for Lassiters Pride – a big colourful event to show support to the LGBTI community. Now, the event is finally here and so is the special headline performer!

After Aaron (Matt Wilson) is lucky enough to secure Courtney Act as the MC for the event, there’s elation all around, especially from Paul (Stefan Dennis) who is excited about the prospect of an international celebrity hosting the event at his hotel. However, unaware that Courtney is a drag queen, Paul dismisses Shane Jenek (Courtney’s out-of-drag persona) as a wannabe.

As the day begins, the residents are amazed to see how brightly the Lassiters plaza has been decorated. Once the guests start to roll in, it is all systems go with Courtney jumping straight into her first order of business: drag bingo! As an apology from Paul, Courtney is delighted to introduced him as her ball boy for the event.

It’s a day of joy for some, but for Grant Hargreaves (Paul Mercurio), who still hasn’t fully accepted his daughter Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), it’s daunting. He does genuinely love his daughter, however his uneasiness is brought about more so the fact that he doesn’t understand his daughter, who came out as transgender years prior.

Whilst it is only a small step, Mackenzie is thrilled when Grant wins bingo and agrees to take a photo with Courtney, despite the fact he’s out of his comfort zone.

Will this be the push that Grant needs to accept Mackenzie for who she is?

Meanwhile, during a different event, Courtney is on the search for two people to give drag makeovers too. As a huge fan of both her and drag race, Sheila (Colette Mann) volunteers herself and grandson Kyle (Chris Milligan). However, plans swiftly change and Ned (Ben Hall), who has been doing temporary tattoos for the event, becomes the second recipient of Courtney’s makeover.

Who is Courtney Act?

Courtney Act, the drag persona of Shane Jenek, is a homegrown international celebrity.

First coming to prominence in 2003, Courtney auditioned for Australian Idol and made it through to the finals. Despite coming thirteenth in the series, her career shot off from here. She was offered a record deal with BMG Music (now known as Sony) and began a singing career, parallel to her performance career.

In 2013, Courtney was one of 14 drag queens selected for the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Here, Courtney built an international following and came dual runner-up with Adore Delano, whilst Bianca Del Rio took out the crown.

A few years later, she jetted to the UK and joined the 21st season of Celebrity Big Brother. She ended up winning the series.

In 2019, she returned to Australia and competed in the 16th season of Dancing with the Stars. She was part of the first same-sex pairing on the Australian version of the series, and the first drag performer in the franchise’s history.

Outside of reality television, Courtney has a fruitful career as a pop singer, with multiple singles and albums.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 22 June (Episode 8375)

Mackenzie is hopeful about the prospect of strengthening her relationship with her father.

Dee is left emotional after visiting Heather.

Naomi’s proposition leaves thing awkward between her, Pierce and Chloe, leading Naomi to doubt her future in Erinsborough.

Tuesday 23 June (Episode 8376)

Dee decides she wants to track down her biological father.

Pierce and Chloe decide to work through their awkwardness, securing a huge name for Erinsborough Pride.

Toadie and Dee reach an impasse in their relationship.

Wednesday 24 June (Episode 8377)

Shane and Dipi discover more about what Grant is hiding.

Dee contemplates an illegal search of medical records to track down her father.

Elly and Bea worry that Karl is getting too involved with with Heather and Dee as a way to avoid his marriage problems.

Thursday 25 June (Episode 8378)

A cheeky comedy routine by Courtney Act has Pierce and Chloe finally putting everything on the table.

Mackenzie is shocked to see her father at Erinsborough Pride.

Courtney Act has some fun with Paul during Drag Bingo.

Friday 26 June (Episode 8379)

Ned and Sheila get a Drag makeover by Courtney Act.

With their marriage in a crisis, Chloe and Pierce receive a much-needed reminder from an unlikely source.

During their foster care assessment, Aaron snaps and fears he’s ruined their chances at becoming foster carers.

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