Neighbours Spoilers – Andrea kidnaps Hugo, and a new Canning arrives!

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In the latest Neighbours spoilers, Toadie faces his worst nightmare when Andrea escapes prison and kidnaps their son Hugo, while Levi Canning arrives on Ramsay Street.

The Neighbours storylines below will air in Australia from Monday 15th June, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 6th July.


This week, loveable larrikin lawyer Toadie (Ryan Moloney) faces every parent’s worst nightmare when his youngest child, Hugo goes missing (John Turner).

Following a cleverly coordinated plan to knock her twin sister Dee (Madeleine West) unconscious, dress her in her prison tracksuit and abscond in her place, Andrea (also played by Madeleine West) promptly arrived on Ramsay Street and took the toddler from the safety of his home.

Andrea’s ultimate goal is to build a life with her son. She knows that the odds are against her but her love for Hugo clouds her rationality,” Madeleine told TV Week.

Fearing for her own life, and a future without her son, Andrea flees to a remote location with Hugo and prison officer lover Owen (Johnny Ruffo).

She’s living hour to hour.

Meanwhile, a frantic Toadie is forced to accept help from an unlikely source in order to save his son.

Toadie’s kids are the most important thing in the world to him and he knows that Andrea is capable of anything,” Ryan told TV Week.

When Toadie learns that Dee and Andrea’s mother Heather (Kerry Armstrong) has a burner phone and the ability to contact Andrea, he has to make a decision.

As crazy s Heather is, she does love Hugo and is concerned about his safety, so agrees to help bring in Andrea.

Luckily, Heather is able to be released to help the police trap Andrea. On the phone to her daughter, Heather tries to convince her to return Hugo to Toadie.

Will she be able to make her daughter see sense?

New Kid on the Block

The Cannings are set for a shake up when Sheila’s grandson, Levi (Richie Morris) moves to Erinsborough.

Two weeks ago, he was referenced by his cousin Kyle (Chris Milligan) and this week, the strapping young man makes his arrival onto Ramsay Street.

“Levi is incredibly compassionate, witty and dedicated to his profession,” Richie told TV Week. “His traits really resonate with me.”

This news comes months after executive producer Jason Herbison revealed to Radio Times that the Cannings were set for a new family member to arrive.

The Canning house will be quieter without Gary, but there are plans to populate the place with another member of the family soon.

The newest Canning is a police officer and is set to get embroiled in the action almost immediately as he deals with Hugo’s kidnapping.

Richie relocated from Sydney to begin filming for the show earlier in the year in what is his first regular television role.

The 21 year old actor has been acting for years, and is often in theatre productions. He’s also dabbled in the world of television commercials and short films.

Outside of his day job, Richie loves his martial arts, being trained in judo Jiu-Jitsu. He’s also a keen boxer.

There’s no doubt that Richie will sets hearts aflutter both on- and off-screen.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 15 June (Episode 8385)

Sheila comes up with an idea to help everyone say goodbye to Finn for good.

While test-driving a car, Kyle is pranked by his police officer cousin Levi.

Erinsborough Writers’ Festival has a surprise drop-in – Russell Brand.

Tuesday 16 June (Episode 8386)

Kyle tries to get to the bottom of why Sheila has reservations about Levi moving in.

Heather’s sense of loyalty is tested, leaving her to choose between Andrea or Dee and Toadie.

Toadie fears the worse when Hugo is still missing, with no news overnight as to his whereabouts.

Wednesday 17 June (Episode 8387)

Holed up in an abandoned house with Hugo, Andrea calls Heather.

Emmett’s week on Ramsay Street is nearly up, but a send-off BBQ has him reconsider leaving.

Levi, Dee, Toadie and Heather hatch a plan to get Hugo back.

Thursday 18 June (Episode 8388)

Toadie struggles to forgive Dee for letting Heather and Andrea back into their lives, venting his feelings on everything that’s happened.

It’s a long commute to school for Emmett, and after plans for a driver fall through, Paul steps into help, only to not find Emmett at the school.

Yashvi considers leaving the Academy after the role she played in the Hugo saga.

Friday 19 June (Episode 8389)

Aaron and David are worried about how Paul’s past will impact their future as foster parents.

Mackenzie and Grant are finally in a good place, but Grant has one more thing he needs to come clean about before he leaves.

Pierce and Chloe decide to look into becoming foster carers themselves, but Hendrix is hurt to be left out of such a big decision for the whole family.

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