Home and Away Spoilers – Tane Parata arrives in Summer Bay

There’s an unexpected arrival in Summer Bay next week, as Tane Parata decides it’s time to step up to help his family, whether Ari likes it or not…

Having already faced numerous challenges since their arrival in the Summer Bay, the Paratas are dealt another blow this week when Gemma’s (Bree Peters) shifts are cut down at the diner. With Leah (Ada Nicodemou) now back at work full time, there simply isn’t the capacity to have Gemma on the roster as much.

It’s all the more frustrating for the family as they were close to finally being able to afford a bond to take on a rental property, enabling them to move out of Marilyn’s house.

Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) decides to turn his attention to nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) again, and quizzes him on the job that he has at Alf’s bait shop. With Nik not sure what will be happening when Alf returns from his honeymoon, Ari tells him that he should take some responsibility by looking for a more secure job elsewhere, perhaps on the construction site where he’s working.

Nik’s had just about as much as he can take from Ari, and tells him to butt out, he and Gemma are more than capable of looking out for themselves.

As Gemma chats with Ari later on, she agrees with Nik to some extent—Ari is treating Nik like a child, and whilst she knows that he has his best interests at heart, he is not Nik’s father. Ari responds that all he’s trying to do is keep their family under one roof, but agrees that he needs to lay off Nik.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Nik has already made his mind up, he’s had enough.

He calls his Uncle Tane (Ethan Browne) once again, but is confused when Tane rejects his call. Little does Nik know that Ari visited Tane in the city last week to tell him to cut off all contact with Nik, believing him to be a bad influence. Although angry that Ari was trying to push his weight around, it seems that Tane has reluctantly agreed.

Nik has other ideas however, and knowing that Ryder has just gained his P plates and is excited to start driving, he recruits him to take him on a mystery road trip.

Arriving at Tane’s house in the city, Ryder sits by awkwardly as Nik tells Tane that he wants to come and live with him.

Although Tane sympathises, knowing what Ari is like, and promises Nik that he’ll always have his back—he cannot let him stay. He tells Nik that he needs to fight this battle for himself.

As a dejected Nik storms out, Tane corners Ryder and asks him whether things really are as bad as Nik says.

Ryder confirms that Ari has been coming down really hard in Nik, and reveals that when Ari, Gemma and Nik first arrived in the bay, they were penniless and at one point living in their car until Marilyn took them in.

This is all news to Tane, who is clearly beginning to rethink Nik’s options.

As Tane tells Nik he can stay one night but then needs to return home, that’s enough to placate Nik, who believes he’ll be able to talk Tane around. Nik thanks and bids farewell to Ryder, who is still trying to make sense of everything that’s just happened, and makes him promise to not tell Ari where he is.

Of course the first person who Ryder bumps into when he heads to work that evening is Ari. With Nik ringing Gemma to tell her and he and Ryder were stopping over at a mate’s house, Ari is confused as to where Nik is now. Ryder quickly makes his escape and tells him to try ringing him.

The next day however, with Nik still not home, Ari confronts Ryder when he bumps into him outside the surf club, demanding to know who Nik is with.

As things become rather heated, Ari’s question is soon answered when a car pulls up, and out steps Nik… with Tane.

Ari is fuming as he approaches Tane, reminding him that he ordered him to stay away from the family.

But Tane is unrepentent as he tells Ari that he’s not the one calling the shots anymore.


It’s clear that Tane feels he now has no choice but to step up to help Gemma and Nik, where he feels Ari has failed, and as Ari pushes Tane away the two brothers end up squaring up to each other.

Will there be blood shed before the day is over?

With Tane deciding to stick around in Summer Bay, these episodes mark Tane’s full introduction into the show, after sporadic appearances over the past few months.

Speaking of his character, NIDA graduate Ethan said “Tane is cheeky and loves to have fun. He tends to joke around a bit with his family, particularly his older brother. He’s a free spirit and usually rebels against anyone trying to tell him what to do.

“He may come off as mischievous and at times cocky,” Ethan continued.“But deep down he just wants to take care of his family in his own way

Here’s the full Home and Away spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 8th June (Episode 7321)
Maggie fails to create a dialog with Ben. After an altercation, Leah pleasantly surprises Justin with her progress. Jasmine has a surprise visitor.

Tuesday 9th June (Episode 7322)
Jasmine struggles. Mackenzie counsels Colby about his growing anxiety over Bella. Leah’s reconciliation with Justin leads her to a happy realisation.

Wednesday 10th June (Episode 7323)
Jasmine focuses on Grace. After receiving bad news, Gemma refuses to accept more charity. Ziggy shuts Maggie out. Colby does a payback prank.

Thursday 11th June (Episode 7324)
Has Ari pushed Nikau too far? The icy Astoni dynamic thaws a little. John’s best intentions are misinterpreted.

Friday 12th June (Episode 7325)
The Parata family’s unity looks to be cracking. Marilyn and John try to be there for each other. Ben’s troubles have become a lot worse.

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