Neighbours Spoilers – Will Naomi join Chloe and Pierce in the bedroom?

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In the latest Neighbours spoilers, Pierce and Chloe end up in an awkward situation after Naomi’s shock proposition, while the Ramsay Street residents gear up for Erinsborough Pride.

The Neighbours storylines below will air in Australia from Monday 1st June, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 22nd June.

Three’s a Crowd

Ever since Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) learnt about her husband Pierce’s (Tim Robards) connection to Naomi (Morgana O’Reilly), there’s been an air of awkwardness not addressed by any of them. However last week, a proposition from has taken things to a whole new level.

What started out as an innocent, yet flirtatious, friendship between the two fiery women resulted in an ambitious proposal being put forward by Naomi – what if she joined Pierce and Chloe in the bedroom? When the idea was put forward, both Pierce and Chloe seemed to be in agreement.

When it becomes obvious that both Pierce and Chloe only agreed because they thought it was what the other wanted, they are forced to scramble to get out of the situation.

Chloe is hesitant, because although she’s very adventuous and has a colour past, this isn’t something she wants as part of her marriage to Pierce,” April Rose told TV Week. “She fears her marriage could be over, because it’s shaping up to be yet another thing in her life that she’s leapt into at high speed without much giving much thought to the consequences.

However, Pierce is questioning whether he is the type of person Chloe is truly after, or whether she regrets not pursuing a relationship with a woman instead. As the worry takes over, he begins to wonder whether their marriage was doomed from the start due to their fast-tracking of the wedding.

Although the couple continue to suffer from communication issues, a very special someone forces them to put everything on the table, marriage troubles and all.

Meanwhile, Naomi is left upset when the pair back out of their arrangement.

This is a low point for Naomi,” Morgana explained. “After trying to behave herself and play by the rules, when it came to this, she was rejected and made to feel stupid.

For fear that she has truly blown any chance of friendship, and has cursed her future with Pierce and Chloe with nothing but discomfiture, Naomi starts to question her future in Erinsborough.

Will the Ramsay Street favourite leave town so soon after her return? And is Pierce and Chloe’s marriage doomed?

Courtney Act with Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) on Oxford Street, Sydney.

Erinsborough Pride Kicks Off!

The residents of Ramsay Street are also gearing up this week for Erinsborough Pride.

The event, which has been organised by Lassiters off the back of their successful 2020 Mardi Gras float, is a way of continuing to show support for those who identify as LGBTQI in the Erinsborough community.

And it looks like they’re set for a surprise with Courtney Act (played by herself) named as the special guest. Courtney, one of Australia’s famous drag queens, did appear in the special Mardi Gras episode, where it emerged that Aaron (Matt Wilson) once auditioned to be her backup dancer.

Courtney, who is also known as Shane Jenek when not in drag, announced her return to the soap in March.

I’m filming a multi-episodic arc,” she told TV Tonight at the time.

“Courtney Act is coming to Lassiters Pride, which is very exciting, but while I’m in town I’ll be tending to some other business.”

I’m in as Shane and Courtney. They’ve had cameos from real people before but I believe anyone’s actually played themselves in a story arc.”

With a comedy routine and drag makeover planned, there is sure to be hilarious shenanigans ensue.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 1 June (Episode 8375)

Mackenzie is hopeful about the prospect of strengthening her relationship with her father.

Dee is left emotional after visiting Heather.

Naomi’s proposition leaves thing awkward between her, Pierce and Chloe, leading Naomi to doubt her future in Erinsborough.

Tuesday 2 June (Episode 8376)

Dee decides she wants to track down her biological father.

Pierce and Chloe decide to work through their awkwardness, securing a huge name for Erinsborough Pride.

Toadie and Dee reach an impasse in their relationship.

Wednesday 3 June (Episode 8377)

Shane and Dipi discover more about what Grant is hiding.

Dee contemplates an illegal search of medical records to track down her father.

Elly and Bea worry that Karl is getting too involved with with Heather and Dee as a way to avoid his marriage problems.

Thursday 4 June (Episode 8378)

A cheeky comedy routine by Courtney Act has Pierce and Chloe finally putting everything on the table.

Mackenzie is shocked to see her father at Erinsborough Pride.

Courtney Act has some fun with Paul during Drag Bingo.

Friday 5 June (Episode 8379)

Ned and Sheila get a Drag makeover by Courtney Act.

With their marriage in a crisis, Chloe and Pierce receive a much-needed reminder from an unlikely source.

During their foster care assessment, Aaron snaps and fears he’s ruined their chances at becoming foster carers.

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