Neighbours Spoilers – Naomi Canning is back in Erinsborough

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Ramsay Street has been without a vixen… but the residents are about to get a blast from the past that will fulfil the expectations, in these Neighbours spoilers set to air in the UK from Monday 25th May.

As viewers will know, Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) has been dealing with personal issues these last few weeks, including the death of her beloved son Gary (Damian Richardson) and the belief that her dear friend Susan (Jackie Woodburne) is the reason for it.

No one has been able to get through to Sheila and when people learn that she believes a pigeon is the reincarnate of her late son, it becomes apparent to her grandson Kyle (Chris Milligan) that he might need to call for reinforcement

And it’s none other than Sheila’s vivacious daughter Naomi Bernadette Veronica Canning (Morgana O’Reilly).

“She is coming back to see her mum and she does a bit of work and gets into a bit of business there. She’s a bit of a hustler,” she told

Sheila is elated to see her daughter who left Erinsborough in 2015. While the pair had kept in contact, Sheila finds it great to have her daughter back home.

It soon emerges that Naomi has quit her job in Adelaide and has planned to move back to Erinsborough. Sheila’s over the moon to hear this.

However, after hearing that things have been tense between her mother and Susan, Naomi hatches a plan to reconcile the two and ropes Karl in to help her.

In her own unique Naomi way, she locks both Sheila and Susan in No. 22 in the hope that they will sort out their issues.

When she and Karl return, they find both women in tears in the living room, talking out their issues. Naomi’s touched to see Sheila offer Susan a tissue as the two wipe away tears and is thankful her plan worked.

It doesn’t take long for news of Naomi’s return to spread around Erinsborough. When Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) takes on too much and asks for someone to cover her, Paul (Stefan Dennis) suggests Naomi as a suitable replacement. Before long, she is hired at Lassiters as an acting assistant manager.

Meanwhile, it seems there might be a spark or two fly when Naomi reconnects with a former flame. Who, however, remains to be seen… But with her track record, they’re sure to be married…

However, while it does look like she might be settling in permanently, it is still unknown how long Naomi will be sticking around for.

Who is Naomi Canning?

Naomi’s family (l-r): brother Gary, Naomi, mother Sheila & nephew Kyle.

First appearing in 2014, Naomi arrived in a bid to reconcile with Sheila, whom she hadn’t spoken to in five years due to an affair she had with a married man. She began work as Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) assistant, and soon began to develop feelings for him. This culminated in a slanging match between her and his late wife Sonya (Eve Morey) who slapped her in the Lassiters complex.

She soon set her sights on much younger man Josh Willis (Harley Bonner) as the pair embarked on a salacious rendezvous. She pursued relationships with Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) and Paul Robinson, with the later resulting in their engagement.

Career wise, Naomi began working as an events manager and worked closely with the Lassiters team, developing projects such as the Erinsborough Festival. She moved to the United States to continue her career, working with WWE.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 25th May (8355)

Sheila takes drastic measures to keep tabs on Gary the pigeon.

Ned’s theme of body positivity for the rooftop pool launch is welcomed by everyone, except Paul.

Roxy stumbles upon Kyle and Jess on a date, going against the advice given to her by Harlow and Hendrix.

Tuesday 26th May (8356)

Kyle grows more confused about how to help Sheila with her grief, especially after the near-death of Gary the pigeon.

Ned realises his dream and decides to finally pursue it.

Elly convinces Chloe to let Claudia buy the island so they can keep tabs on Aster.

Wednesday 27th May (8357)

Dipi has reservations about Dee and Toadie getting close again.

Elly finds out just how much power Andrea has in prison.

At The Waterhole, Karl happens across former fling Oliva Bell, and fails to return home that night.

Thursday 28th May (8358)

Sheila is surprised when daughter Naomi returns to Erinsborough, but doesn’t appreciate the reason she’s there.

Andrea’s torture of Elly has only just begun.

Dee moving into No. 28 helps Karl and Susan find some common ground, but it’s short-lived.

Friday 29th May (8359)

hloe breaks into the penthouse to snoop on Claudia, finding some incriminating evidence.

Locked in No. 22, Susan and Sheila are forced to finally open up to each other.

Naomi decides to stick around and get a job at the hotel, but is surprised to find a blast from her wild past.

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