Home and Away Spoilers – Ryder’s dad drops a bombshell, as Jasmine considers leaving the bay

Summer Bay teen Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) was stunned when a stranger turned up on his doorstep in last week’s episodes claiming to be his long-lost father, but the question he’s now left with is “Why now?”

Arriving home to find Evan Slater (Cameron Daddo) playing a tune on his guitar—a song that Ryder recognised as one that mother Quinn (Lara Cox) played to him as a child—Ryder was puzzled when Evan replied that he used to play it with her.

Realising there was no easy way to reveal his news, Evan then came straight out and said “I’m your dad!”

As we’ve previously reported, there’s been very little heard about Ryder’s father up until this point. Quinn explained back in 2017 that she had met Ryder’s father whilst she was working as a singer on a cruise ship. Although he had plans to settle down on the Gold Coast, he ultimately left Quinn who brought up his child on her own.

Evan had never met Ryder,” Cameron explained to New Idea magazine. “He only found out he had a son after Ryder was born, as Evan was out of Ryder’s mother’s life well before the birth, and never even knew that she was pregnant.

We last saw Ryder’s mother, Quinn Jackson (Lara Cox), in 2017

Viewers will know that Quinn had been trying to get hold of Ryder during last week’s episodes, but they kept missing each others calls. Unable to comprehend what Evan is telling him, Ryder finally gets hold of his mother, who confirms that Evan is telling the truth!

Ryder is incredibly doubtful about him,” Cameron told TV Week magazine. “He wonders why Evan is there and wants him gone. But when his mother validates it, Ryder becomes angry that his father has abandoned him for so many years.

Ryder orders Evan to leave him alone, and although Roo (Georgie Parker) feels he’s wasting a huge opportunity, she feels she has no choice but to support her nephew in his decision.

I think its more shock than anger that Ryder is feeling at this point,” Lukas explained to New Idea. “There’s also disbelief. He doesn’t even accept at first that this man could be his father. To Ryder, his life has become so self-sufficient that he doesn’t want someone coming into it in a fatherly role. He feels he doesn’t need that now.

After continued attempts, Evan is resigned to the fact that his son wants nothing to do with him and decides to leave Summer Bay. Before he does so, he gives Roo his contact details and asks her to talk to Ryder—he wants to put across his side of the story.

Evan tries to convince Ryder he just wants to get to know him” Cameron continued. “But there’s a reason for it and why he’s there now. He apologises but it may not be enough. He also has something to tell him.

When Ryder finds Evan boarding the bus out of town, he reluctantly agrees to share a coffee with him at the diner. An awkward meeting ensues, but Ryder finds he cannot ask the question he’s dying to know the answer to – why now?

Although Ryder later tells Roo that he has no intention of starting up a relationship with Evan, or forgiving him for abandoning them, Evan decides to hang around for a while and books himself into a caravan.

As Evan tries to become as involved with Ryder as possible, Ryder becomes more and more frustrated with his presence.

Eventually, at the end of his tether, Ryder finally demands to know the reason Evan has suddenly decided he wants a relationship with his son—why now?

But is Ryder prepared for the shocking bombshell that Evan is about to drop on him?

Is Jasmine leaving?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, as the life of recently widowed Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) continues to snowball into complete chaos, she wonders whether it’s time for her to move on from Summer Bay.

After believing she was pregnant with her late husband Robbo’s child, Jasmine was devastated to learnt that she was experiencing a phantom pregnancy.

Over the past week, Jasmine has instead turned her attention to baby Grace, Robbo’s child with Tori Morgan, as a coping mechanism.

Jasmine feels she’s lost Robbo completely – she has no connection left to him after the pregnancy,” Sam told TV Week. “That’s why moving forward she becomes so obsessed with Grace.

But there’s been concern over Jasmine’s behaviour as she became more and more obsessive over Grace. After barely giving Tori any time to spend with her own daughter, Jasmine then went one step further by removing Grace from babysitter Marilyn, telling her it was on Tori’s orders.

As the truth came out and Jasmine was told to keep her distance by Grace’s uncle Justin (James Stewart), Jasmine spiralled deeper and ended up getting drunk with an equally low Colby (Tim Franklin) at his divorce party. As the two ex-lovers had a drunken kiss, Jasmine was mortified.

This week, things continue to be awkward between the pair, and when Colby tells Jasmine that he’s not good for her at the moment—being in a bad place himself—Jasmine sees it as another friend turning their back on her.

As a result, Jasmine makes a huge decision, it’s time for her to leave Summer Bay for good, much to the concern of her friends.

Colby definitely doesn’t want Jasmine to leave,” Tim told New Idea. “He feels a responsibility to look after Jasmine, who is his friend, at the worst time in her life. But he can’t seem to help her.

Will Jasmine’s friends be able to talk her around?

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Here’s the full spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 18th May (Episode 7331)
Ryder refuses to let the past in. Jasmine finds it hard to face Colby. Roo tries to convince Ryder he may regret his decisions.

Tuesday 19th May (Episode 7332)
Is the emotional cost too much for Jasmine to stay in Summer Bay? Ryder’s wall drops, but is it enough? Tori turns on Justin to protect her friend.

Wednesday 20th May (Episode 7333)
Tori does her best to convince Jasmine that she’s there for her. Ziggy finishes her final mechanic exam. Ben tells Ziggy the truth about his marriage.

Thursday 21st May (Episodes 7334-7336)
Ziggy doesn’t cope with the news of her parents. Ari’s conflicted about his past. Tane surprises Gemma with a new opportunity.

A new opportunity for the Parata family becomes a divide. Is Summer Bay too small for the Astonis? John and Marilyn try to reconcile.

Ari and Tane’s clash reaches boiling point. Roo is blindsided when Evan’s shocking secret is revealed. Marilyn struggles with being on her own. An old face shows back up in the bay.

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