Home and Away Spoilers – Will Colby & Jasmine make a mistake they’ll live to regret?

As both Colby and Jasmine try to put their troubles behind them, could they be about to make a mistake they’ll both live to regret?

Local copper Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin) hasn’t had the easiest of times of late. The past few months have seen little sister Bella (Courtney Miller) on a path of self-destruction, as she struggled to come to terms with both her father’s death, as well as the attempted sexual assault on her by Tommy O’Reilly.

Her fear of losing brother Colby as he began to strike up a relationship with Mackenzie (Emily Weir) saw Bella take an overdose of medication that she’d stolen from the hospital, which nearly cost the seventeen-year-old her life.

Colby was forced to try and seek counselling for Bella. However Bella refused to open up about the root of her troubles, in the fear that she may inadvertently reveal the huge secret she’s been keeping—that Colby killed her father, Ross.

As Bella continued to skip the sessions with counsellor Patricia, Colby gave up trying to help her and told he she could do whatever she wanted.

This backfired a couple of weeks ago however, when Bella reached crisis point. Believing she was ready to take the next step in her new relationship with Nikau Parata, Bella invited him into her room—only to scream at him to get out as he lay on top of her.

With all the traumatic memories of Tommy’s attack overwhelming her, Colby broke down Bella’s door to find she had been self-harming by cutting her arm with a pair of scissors.

Tori explained to Colby that there was no choice but to have Bella admitted for full-time psychiatric care. Colby and Willow took Bella to a equine therapy centre, and Colby felt a huge amount of guilt as he forced himself to drive away and leave Bella behind.

On top of all this Colby has recently received the divorce papers from his ex, Chelsea Campbell, who left him early last year only days after their marriage after learning what he had done to Ross.

As Colby receives the final paperwork confirming his divorce this week, he decides to throw an impromptu party to celebrate.

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On the guest list is Jasmine (Sam Frost), who has had her own tragedies to deal with. After losing husband Robbo at the beginning of the year, Jasmine was overcome with joy when she realised she was pregnant with his child.

However when she went to her first ultrasound scan last week, she was devastated to discover that she had never been pregnant, and had in fact suffered a phantom pregnancy.

Jasmine’s world has now crumbled,” Sam told New Idea magazine. “She hadn’t been able to contain herself at the thought of being pregnant. She was so excited, and it brought her so much joy. She absolutely saw it as a blessing and wanted to have the baby so, so much.

The ‘pregnancy’ was the last glimmer of hope she had of keeping Robbo alive. Jasmine has been through so much in the last few months and now she finds herself on another huge roller-coaster of emotions.

As fellow party guests Willow (Sarah Roberts) and Dean (Patrick Thompson) look on, they realise that both Colby and Jasmine are heading down a dangerous path as they drown their sorrows to numb their respective pains.

Finding comfort in each other’s company, will the evening end up with the duo doing something they’ll both live to regret?

Colby and Jasmine shared a drunken kiss last year

Although Jasmine and Colby had a short-lived relationship back in 2018, it wouldn’t be the first time that they’ve turned to each other in the time since.

The friends shared a drunken kiss last year when Jasmine and Robbo had briefly split, after he skipped town for several weeks.

They both realised afterwards that it was a mistake and tried to pretend it never happened

Jasmine’s been behaving very erratically lately,” Tim added. “She’s definitely not in a good place. She’s feeling nostalgic and sad. She needs some affection and company, which she misses so much. And Colby, who is also feeling lonely, just happens to be there.

On his deathbed earlier this year, Robbo had asked Colby to promise that he’d look out for Jasmine and protect her, so how did Tim feel when he saw the latest development in the storyline?

I felt awful,” Tim explained to New Idea. “I thought ‘No, Colby!’ You promised that you would look after the wife of your best friend, but you can’t even look after yourself. I felt conflicted. But that’s where the drama lies.

Colby promised Robbo that he’d take care of Jasmine

Here’s the full spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 11th May (Episode 7325)
The Parata family’s unity looks to be cracking. Marilyn and John try to be there for each other. Ben’s troubles have become a lot worse.

Tuesday 12th May (Episode 7326)
A new arrival into town divides the Parata family. Ben’s life hangs in the balance. John’s worried about Marilyn’s safety.

Wednesday 13th May (Episode 7327)
Jasmine begins to develop unusual behaviour. Justin has a burning question for Leah. Will Ari and Tane resolve their issues?

Thursday 14th May (Episodes 7328-7330)
Jasmine stands behind her decision about Grace. Marilyn worries she’s done the wrong thing by Tori. Justin has a proposal for Leah.

Maggie gives her husband an ultimatum. Colby throws a divorce party which ends in disaster. Irene is beside herself with worry about Jasmine.

Colby hears some hard home truths from his friends. Maggie fears she’s made things worse for her marriage. An unexpected visitor has Ryder’s life in a spin.

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