UK Home and Away Spoilers – Ben reunites with his brother Marco, but a shock secret could ruin everything

As family and friends come together to celebrate Ben’s (Rohan Nichol) birthday, it seems that Ben is finally going to renew his relationship with his brother Marco (Tim Walter). But is Marco all that he seems…?

The surprise arrival of Marco on the farmhouse doorstep didn’t go down too well with Ben and Maggie (Kestie Morassi) last week, with Ben ordering Marco to sling his hook.

Having fallen out when they were teenagers, after Marco had Ben charged with assault when he beat up Marco for cracking onto Maggie, the pair have barely spoken over the past two decades.

When Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) bump into Marco at Salt later that evening, Marco convinces Ziggy to hear him out.

He explains that pride got in the way of apologising to Ben all those years ago, and after focusing on work for so many years he’s finally come to realise that family is what counts, and he’s desperate to heal this twenty year rift with Ben. He’s staying in Yabbie Creek, and gives Ziggy his phone number to pass on to Ben, in the hope that he might agree to meet up.

Ziggy reports back to Ben and Maggie, who aren’t keen. After sleeping on it however, Ben decides the next morning that he might get in touch after all. His recent counselling has made him realise it’s not healthy to hang on to such negative emotions. Maggie is clearly hesitant.

Inviting Marco to the birthday party that afternoon, the brothers shake hands and finally put their past to rest as they join the festivities.

Ziggy looks on proudly at her dad and Marco knowing that she helped bring them back together, as she talks with Dean about the importance of family.

Marco comments that Ben and Maggie have really landed on their feet with moving to such a beautiful place and having such good friends, and Ben credits it all to Maggie—he’d be nothing without her.

A flustered Maggie makes an excuse to go inside where she takes a breather in her bedroom. When Marco follows her, she makes her position quite clear—once the party is over, he needs to leave and not return. He’s not welcome.

Marco explains to Maggie that he only wants to get to know his brother, and that Maggie should support him in that.

When she asks why she should help him, Marco replies that he wouldn’t want to have to tell Ben and he and Maggie had once slept together!

We find out they had one night together when Ben and Maggie had temporarily broken up,” Kestie told New Idea magazine. “Maggie instantly regretted it. It was a moment of weakness for her, and now there is this history between them. Maggie made the mistake at the time of not telling Ben when they got back together soon afterwards.

Maggie is on tenterhooks as they both return to the party. She watches Marco like a hawk, worried about what he might say to Ben or Ziggy.

Later that evening as the party kicks off in full and Ben blows out his candles, Marco puts himself forward to make a speech. Maggie tries to dissuade him but he insists, and her heart skips a beat as Marco tells Ben that there’s something he’s been wanting to tell him for twenty years…. he’s proud of him. 

Maggie breathes again, but it’s clear that Marco is going to enjoy holding this secret over her.

Later in the week, Marco returns to the bay and his intentions become very clear as he puts forward a proposition. He wants Ben to invest in the family business, that he took over from his father three years ago. He explains that he feels guilty that Ben has missed out on being part of the business for all these years, and he knows their parents would be thrilled to have him on board.

Maggie smells a rat however, and makes it clear that it’s not a risk they can take after their troubles over the past year.

She confronts Marco alone that evening and he reponds with an outright threat…

Either Maggie and Ben invest in the business, or he tells Ben the truth about what happened between them two decades ago!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK.

Monday 11th May (Episode 7301)
Ben’s brother threatens to destroy the Astoni family celebration. Leah struggles to move forward. John begins to lose hope for his marriage.

Tuesday 12th May (Episode 7302)
John and Marilyn’s marriage is at breaking point. Marco’s intentions are still unclear. Bella and Nikau go on a joyride to his uncle Tane’s.

Wednesday 13th May (Episode 7303)
Dean explodes when he learns Bella and Nikau stole his car. Colby returns from hospital to find a troubling letter in the mail. Roo believes Marilyn is thinking irrationally.

Thursday 14th May (Episode 7304)
Colby’s divorce papers put a halt to a future with Mackenzie. Jasmine’s guilt prevents her from moving forward. Justin’s smothering pushes Leah to breaking point.

Friday 15th May (Episode 7305)
Maggie fears for her marriage when Marco blackmails her. Leah and Justin struggle to reconcile after her outburst. Jasmine is rocked by huge news.

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