UK Home and Away Spoilers – Is this it for Willow and Alex?

As the day they’ve been dreading finally arrives, will Willow (Sarah Roberts) be able to convince Alex (Zoe Ventoura) to give their relationship one last try…?

It was a whirlwind romance doomed from the start for Willow and Alex (“Willex” to their fans). Alex’s position as a locum doctor to cover Tori’s maternity leave at Northern Districts Hospital meant that the time would eventually come where she’s forced to move to pastures new.

That call came a couple of weeks ago, with Alex offered a new position in Queensland. Although she asked Willow to join her in moving away, Willow was hesitant in settling down so quickly.

Alex ultimately realised everything that she was asking Willow to give up, and thought it best for all if she ended their relationship.

Next week Alex finishes up her last shift at the hospital as Tori prepares to return to work. Packing up her office, she pauses as she picks up a framed photo of her and Willow.

The next morning, Alex texts Willow to ask if she can meet up, but Willow can’t face her. It isn’t until Willow visits Colby at the hospital later on that she learns Alex has finished work, and is due to leave later that day.

Meanwhile, Jasmine has made arrangements with Alex to have a goodbye lunch at Salt, and when she bumps into Willow, she tries to encourage her to join them—it might just give Willow the closure she needs. Willow is determined that there is nothing left to say and it would only cause more heartache.

It’s Colby that eventually tells Willow that she will regret not saying goodbye, and Willow races to the surf club.

Catching Alex just as she’s about to leave in her car, Willow’s emotions get the better of her and she excitedly announces that she wants to go with her—she’ll do anything it takes to keep their relationship going!

Alex is elated and delays her departure, but as they talk on Salt’s balcony, Alex comes to a sad realisation.

Nothing has really changed for Willow, she’s just saying what she thinks Alex wants to hear.

She tells Willow that they’ll only end up hurting each other more if they keep kidding themselves that they can make a relationship work, and Willow concedes defeat.

It was Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Colby (Tim Franklin) who convinced Willow to go and see Alex, and to be truthful with her,” Sarah told New Idea magazine. “But Willow certainly didn’t see this coming.

After a few hours, the time has finally come for Alex to depart, but Willow pleads with her to stay just one more night—it’s already late and there’s no point in setting off now.

Alex is finally convinced and goes home with Willow to the Beach House, they kiss tenderly as they head into Willow’s room for one final night together.

The next morning, Willow wakes up to an empty bed, and is devastated when she finds a goodbye note from Alex, who couldn’t face a heartbreaking goodbye.

It is a really sad ending for both Willow and Alex,” Sarah continued. “They had this one last night together, which was really beautiful, and I think that Willow was holding out hope that maybe Alex would decide to stay on.

It is devastating for Willow. She feels she didn’t get to say everything she wanted to tell Alex – and that she wasn’t given a choice in the matter.

Meanwhile, with Alex now departed, it’s time for Tori (Penny McNamee) to start back at work. It’s been six months since she first took maternity leave, but she spent most of that in witness protection before lapsing into a coma following Grace’s birth. She then had to contend with her brother Mason’s death in a siege at the hospital.

The morning of her first shift, Jasmine (Sam Frost) drops in to see Tori at home to offer some moral support.

Tori is nervous about leaving Grace and wonders if she’s doing the right thing, and Jasmine tells her that the most difficult part will be walking back through that door—once she’s there, she’ll be fine!

But Jasmine, who is still on leave herself following husband Robbo’s death, starts thinking about her own advice.

I think a part of Jasmine feels that if she gets back to work and her normal life, she will somehow be letting go of Robbo” Sam explained to New Idea. “Perhaps it’s for this reason that she is very hesitant to go back to the hospital.

So when Tori arrives at the hospital and starts her shift, she’s very surprised when the lift doors open and Jasmine waltzes in, back in her uniform.

Jasmine explains that she also needed that first push, and if they both take this difficult step together, then at least they’ll be able to support each other.

Tori and Jas have such a beautiful friendship,” Sam told New Idea. “Tori has also been through a massive loss with Mason dying, and she lost Robbo too. They both know they have to take this leap of faith in getting back into it. And what better way to do it than together?

Here’s the full spoilers and a picture slideshow for next week in the UK. Note that there will now be three episodes per week until further notice.

Episodes will air on Channel 5 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:15pm. There is no repeat airing at 6pm.

Monday 27th April – Episode 7295
Alex returns a favour for Ari. Nikau helps Bella find a clear direction after bonding over similar backgrounds. John’s ultimatum backfires.

Wednesday 29th April – Episode 7296
Sparks fly between Marilyn and John. Justin gets a harrowing insight into Leah’s behaviour.

Friday 1st May – Episode 7297
Leah reveals what happened when she was kidnapped. Marilyn’s appalled when John orders Ari to leave. There’s a shock for Tori on her first morning back at work. Has Willow persuaded Alex to stay?

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