UK Home and Away Spoilers – Justin reaches breaking point

With the police investigation on Leah’s disappearance not getting anywhere after several weeks, Roo (Georgie Parker) and Maggie (Kestie Morassi) decide it’s time to take action, but what they find brings up even more questions…

When newcomer Gemma (Bree Peters) start work at the diner, Maggie and Roo find it strange to see another face behind the counter, and their thoughts immediately go back to Leah.

Feeling like the police investigation may have missed something, Maggie suggests that they should try and map out a timeline of Leah’s movements themselves.

Maggie and Roo look at each other and suddenly say ‘What are we going to do about Leah going missing?’” Kestie told New Idea. “There’s a moment when something just clicks in their minds and hearts and they go into gear. They decide they have to be proactive about this terrible situation.

The police seem to have exhausted all of their leads and Maggie and Roo feel they know Leah better than the police, so they feel they simply have to do their own detective work” she added.

After running the idea past Colby (Tim Franklin), they set to work, and it doesn’t take long to discover something that the police have evidently overlooked—Leah’s blog has been re-activated, and has been running ever since she went missing!

Showing the site to Irene (Lynne McGranger), she confirms that Leah had shut it down following the Tommy debacle when everything became toxic.

But what confuses them even more are the rambling posts talking about the rise of toxic feminism, which sounds very unlike Leah.

The news is quickly relayed to Colby and they discuss the possibility of the site being hacked, but Maggie points out that it could easily be something more sinister—Leah could have been forced to hand over her password.

When Justin (James Stewart) learns of the development, he and Tori (Penny McNamee) are shocked by the contents of the blog. Tori wonders if it’s a hoax but Justin is adamant that whoever is posting on the site has got Leah.

Justin stays up all night examining the blog for clues, but is frustrated when Colby tells him he needs to relax and let the cops do their job. He also warns Justin against posting a comment on the blog, something which Tori later has to remind him of.

Tori has to stop Justin from doing anything rash” Penny told TV Week. “She’s worried for him and for her friend, but she has to stop her brother from taking the law into his own hands.

At a loose end and needing to take his mind off everything, Justin decides it’s time to go and open up the garage.

Needing to ‘fix’ something, he starts work on Ryder’s car just as Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) arrives to ask if she can have her old job back. When an overtired Justin loses concentration he badly cuts his hand, then suddenly starts punching the engine.

His hand covered in blood, Justin collapses onto the floor as he breaks down, he just wanted to get one thing right.

As Ziggy patches him up, he downloads to her about how he feels everything has fallen apart—Brody and Raffy moved away, Leah’s missing, and Mason has been killed. Justin feels like he’s treading water just to survive.

Talking with Ben (Rohan Nichol) later on, Ziggy relates what happened and they realise that they need to do something to show Justin that he’s not alone. That evening they join forces with Dean (Patrick O’Connor), John (Shane Withington) and Marilyn (Emily Symons) to formulate a plan.

The next morning, Justin arrives to find his friends already working in the garage—John is cleaning up, Ben is doing some handiwork, Marilyn has provided a feed, and Dean & Ziggy are keen to get started on Ryder’s car.

Justin is touched by the gesture, and confirms to Ziggy that he’s more than happy to have her back working in the garage.

With everyone’s help, Ryder’s car is ready that afternoon, and Ziggy comes up with the suggestion that they should surprise Ryder with it, given he also needs a pick-me-up after the Jade trauma.

Talking with Ben, who understands the dark place that Justin has been in lately, Justin is happy that he’s been able to bring joy to someone amongst everything else he’s going through.

And Justin later pays the favour forward again, by offering Ziggy an interesting proposition…

Here’s a full rundown and video slideshow of this week’s episodes:

Episodes 7281-7285

Monday 23rd March
Gemma and Ari panic when they assume that Nikau is in trouble with the law. Alf and Martha enjoy their relaxed staycation. Colby and Bella are given a reality check by a grieving Jasmine.

Tuesday 24th March
Jasmine is haunted by her memories in the apartment. Colby’s best effort to get Bella psychological help is met with resistance. Maggie and Roo begin their own missing persons case for Leah.

Wednesday 25th March
Alex drops a bombshell on Willow that could shape their future forever. A new lead in Leah’s case has deeply disturbed Justin. Aware Colby is struggling, Roo and Maggie step up to help Bella.

Thursday 26th March
Willow makes a shock decision. Ziggy is compelled to support a bereft Justin. Tori begins struggling with single-motherhood. Mackenzie is starting to feel the absence of Colby.

Friday 27th March
Justin finds ways to bring joy to Ziggy and Ryder. Marilyn’s friendship with Ari gets under John’s skin. Mackenzie takes a leap of faith in an attempt to move on.

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