Home and Away Spoiler – Leah’s kidnapper revealed!

It’s been over three months since Australian viewers last saw Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) on-screen, and whilst the Christmas break means the length of time hasn’t been quite as long in Summer Bay, Leah’s loved ones have been frantic in the several weeks since she vanished following a get together at Summer Bay House.

The last we saw Leah was when she received a strange phone call from an unidentified number.

After confirming who she was, Leah looked puzzled as she asked “Who is this?“. We then heard that Leah had left the house in a rush, and neither she or her car have been seen since.


Despite Justin and Irene having reported Leah as missing, the police haven’t so far found anything to assist in the investigation.

It wasn’t until last week that Maggie and Roo realised that Leah’s blog had become active once again, and the rambling anti-feminist posts made it clear that Leah was either being forced to post, or had been forced to give someone her login details.

This week Summer Bay are stunned a photo of Leah is posted on the site, announcing that she is engaged, with a man’s hand visible on her shoulder.


Last week we rounded up some of our own speculation, along with fan theories, as to who could have taken Leah. With guesses as far reaching as Leah’s fiancé from twenty years ago, the obsessive Jamie Sharpe from 2012, or just simply an incensed reader of her blog, the possibilities were endless.

A new trailer which debuted last week gave an idea of what had happened to Leah, but this week we will finally get our definitive answer…

After the ‘engagement’ photo is posted on Leah’s site, Justin is quick to report the photo to the police. But he is shocked when the police get back to him and report that they have spoken to Leah directly who has assured them she is absolutely fine.

As far as they are concerned, Leah is not in any danger and is acting on her own free will, and there’s no need to continue investigations.

©Seven It’s been several weeks since Justin and Irene were forced to file a missing person report

No-one has seen or heard from Leah since she went missing just before Tori woke from her coma,” Ada Nicodemou told New Idea magazine.

Now we finally learn what has happened to her – and it could not be darker or more shocking.

It transpires that Leah is actually being held captive, in a remote cabin in the bush, by an unhinged man named Douglas (Adam Booth) who is forcing her to wait on him hand and foot.


We can see that Leah has physical injuries and Douglas is ‘keeping her in line’ anytime she does something wrong or dares to speak against him. When finished with her, she is locked in a bedroom to await more orders.

When Douglas presents Leah with a wedding dress, he announces that the time has come to make their coupling official.


Leah is absolutely terrified,” Ada told New Idea. “She is in an extremely emotional and physically abusive situation and all of her strength and power is taken away. She is being turned into a ‘Stepford-type’ wife.

A desperate Leah has to hatch a plan to escape. We already know from the 2020 promo that Leah manages to free herself at least briefly, as she is seen running through the bush in a wedding dress, but will he catch up with her before she makes it to safety?


Full spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 24th February
Is Willow ready to make a big decision? Jasmine makes peace with Robbo’s gift. There’s shock when a mystery photo suggests Leah could be alive.

Tuesday 25th February
Justin is devastated as Leah’s photo leads to more questions than answers.Alex and Willow have big decisions to make.

Wednesday 26th February
Justin’s losing his mind in his search for Leah. What now for Willow and Alex?

Thursday 27th February
Jasmine struggles with grief. Justin and Colby’s search for Leah takes a dramatic twist.

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