Home and Away Spoiler – Angelo Rosetta returns to Summer Bay

It’s today been announced that the character of Angelo Rosetta, played by Luke Jacobz, will be returning to Summer Bay later this year.

Making the announcement in UK magazine What’s on TV, a Home and Away spokesperson said “We’re thrilled to announce that Luke Jacobz has returned to Summer Bay.

“It’s been almost a decade since his character Angelo Rosetta left the Bay, and now he’s back on the police force with everything to prove.


Luke Jacobz added “It’s been 10 years since I was last here so I’m really looking forward to meeting all the new cast and to see some old friends too. I’m so excited that my first scene back is with Ray Meagher who plays Alf Stewart!

“We all have so much to catch up on. The show has always delivered great Aussie drama and I’m thrilled to be part of the talented family once more.

With Angelo having been forced to resign from the police force back in 2010, fans will no doubt be intrigued as to what brings him back to Summer Bay in that capacity.

Luke later revealed to Sydney Confidential that he was approached by the show producers in January, and that he will be sticking around for a while.

They haven’t said to me I’m coming in to die” he said. “I’m not going to come in then finish my Home and Away career, so it’s a good few months and then if it (ends) or if it continues I’ll be happy either way.

Luke was filming in Palm Beach last week, so we can probably expect Angelo’s return to be airing around July.

Since leaving the show in 2011, Luke Jacobz has hosted the Australian version of reality music competition The X Factor, as well as appearing as a contestant on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2019.

Who was Angelo Rosetta?

Constable Angelo Rosetta first arrived in Summer Bay back in July 2008, where he was providing cover for Jack Holden who was taking time off to deal with Martha’s cancer diagnosis.

After embarking on a short-lived relationship with Belle Taylor, Angelo angrily trashed her house when she left him to return to former boyfriend Aden. He was subsequently the main suspect when Belle was attacked and left for dead, something which had been arranged by developers that she was investigating for dumping toxic waste near the caravan park.

In order to clear his name, Angelo become involved with the developers and switched some incriminating soil samples.

With his own undercover attempts to trap the developers thwarted, the storyline came to a head when Angelo accidentally shot dead Jack Holden, who had followed Angelo to the development site one evening.

Angelo initially tried to cover his tracks but was forced to admit to killing Jack during the wake, and he was carted away.

Residents were furious when Angelo later returned to Summer Bay as part of an investigation by the Marine Area Command into an internatioanl people smuggling operation, but was slowly able to regain the town’s trust and embarked on a relationship with Charlie Buckton.

He subsequently discovered that Jack’s cousin Hugo Austin was behind the smuggling operation, and helped arrange a deal with Hugo which saw him fake his death and enter witness protection.

Angelo was later made station sergeant at Yabbie Creek police station and Hugo emerged from hiding, but following a showdown with corrupt police officer Gordon Eaves, Angelo let Hugo go on the run with girlfriend Martha MacKenzie.

When his version of events didn’t tally up with the physical evidence, Angelo was forced to resign from the police force.

Angelo then moved into the family business by opening an Italian restaurant in the new first floor extension to the surf club, named “Angelo’s”. We were briefly introduced to Angelo’s brother Paolo when he came to the bay seeking Angelo’s help with some loan sharks.

He later went into partnership with newcomer Darryl Braxton, but became uneasy with his business practices and suspected him of laundering money through the restaurant.

Angelo assisted Nicole Franklin in delivering her son George when they became stranded at the top end of the beach, and he and Nicole later embarked on a relationship. After blackmailing Brax into buying his own share in Angelo’s, Angelo left Summer Bay for a new life in the city with Nicole and baby George.

For a full rundown of Angelo’s time in Summer Bay, check out his character profile.

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