Home and Away Spoilers – Are Willow and Alex leaving?

Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts) has a huge decision to make this week, as girlfriend Alex Neilson (Zoe Ventoura) asks her to leave Summer Bay with her.

It’s only been a few months since the whirlwind romance started—with Willow having to take some time to come to terms with a new side to her sexuality, along with the inevitable coming out to her loved ones.

Thankfullyall have been supportive of the relationship, and Willow is now comfortable with Alex being the woman for her.

Willow has realised that Alex is the love of her life,” Sarah Roberts told New Idea.

When Alex was caught up in the siege, there was so much that Willow wanted to say to her. She was desperately hoping she was OK – and wanted nothing more than to tell her just how much she means to her.”

Unfortunately, it can sometimes take a lifechanging event to make people realise how they really feel,” Sarah continued. “The siege brought out a lot of honesty between Alex and Willow.

But just as everything seems to be settling down, this blossoming relationship could be about to fall apart when Alex receives a phone call. It’s the locum agency, who want her to take on a new job—in Queensland.



Keeping quiet for the moment, Alex sounds out Willow about whether she would ever consider moving away, after all there’d be loads of gyms around the country that would want someone with her experience.

But unaware of the motives behind Alex’s question, Willow isn’t interested in leaving Summer Bay, particularly now that she has sole responsibility of running the gym following the deaths of co-workers Robbo and Mason.

“Willow can’t imagine leaving her ‘family’, including Dean (Patrick O’Connor), Colby (Tim Franklin) and Bella (Courtney Miller), and the life that she has set up for herself in the Bay,” Sarah told New Idea.


Alex later asks Tori (Penny McNamee), who she’s covering for as Head of the Emergency Department at Northern Districts Hospital, whether she is considering going back to work after her maternity leave.

Tori replies that she probably will and Alex is quietly disappointed to hear this.


Finally Alex is forced to come clean to Willow about the job offer, and the fact that they want her to start in three weeks time. Shocked, Willow asks Alex to turn it down and stay with her in Summer Bay.

But when Alex explains that it could be a fresh start for both of them after a traumatic few weeks, it leaves Willow with food for thought.



Could “Willex” be about to head off into the sunset?

Sadly, as we’d previously reported, an end to Willow and Alex’s relationship was always going to be inevitable—on-screen at least.

The very nature of Alex’s job as a locum doctor, drafted in to cover Tori’s six month maternity leave, meant there was unlikely to be anything to keep her in Summer Bay long-term.

We also considered the fact that Zoe Ventoura is based in Los Angeles with husband Dan McPherson, and whilst Zoe reportedly jumped at the chance to return to Australia to take on the role, there was never any mention of it being permanent.

Zoe has not been seen filming at Palm Beach since late August (around the time these episodes were being filmed), which makes Alex’s departure all the more likely.

But will Willow go with her? It would seem not, as Sarah Roberts has so far remained with the show, and was seen filming this week by those on the Official Home and Away Tour.

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