Home and Away releases trailer for 2019 Season Finale, with 2 residents set to say goodbye

Home and Away has released a dramatic trailer for the 2019 season finale, teasing that Summer Bay will “say goodbye to two friends”.


As we announced a few days ago, the 2019 season of Home and Away is set to draw to a close in Australia on Wednesday 27th November, with a triple episode on Seven from 7pm.

The newly released trailer shows a thrilling and emotional heist at Northern Districts Hospital. In tense scenes, two unknown gunmen storming the hospital, with at least Alex, Mason, Mackenzie, Jasmine and Marilyn inside.

Whilst we all thought the people gunning for Robbo and his family had finally been put behind bars and were awaiting trial, it seems there may be yet another cruel twist to the tale, as other Summer Bay residents get caught up in the middle with devastating consequences.

Colby and the rest of Yabbie Creek Police set up a cordon outside, but suddenly a gunshot rings out. Image © Channel 7.

Who will say goodbye in the 2019 season finale?

Up to 20 people are being held hostage, and as the police set up a cordon around the hospital and plan their next move, a gunshot rings out from inside. Will one or more Summer Bay residents meet their demise?

Jasmine tells Robbo she’s ready for them to have a baby. Image © Channel 7.

The trailer also features Jasmine announcing to Robbo that she wants them to have a baby. Meanwhile, Ziggy finally returns to Summer Bay, announcing that she’s made a mistake and needs to talk to Dean.

Ziggy rushes to the hospital looking for Dean, but is he even there? Image © Channel 7.

Who is in the car that careers off the road? Image © Channel 7.

However, as she runs to the hospital looking for Dean, a car careers off the road, violently flipping over again and again.

In another scene, Bella is seen taking a number of pills in a dramatic attempt to prove she’s really sick, before doubling over in pain.

Who will say goodbye in this year’s season finale?

Will one or more say goodbye as Home and Away’s 2019 season comes to an end?

Dan Bennett, who over the years has held positions as the show’s Series Script Executive and Network Script Executive, has tweeted that this year’s is “the best season finale in the show’s 32 year history. Don’t miss it!!

The final few episodes before the finale will also see Jade get her revenge on Ryder by making some potentially life destroying accusations, and Bella and Mackenzie have their eyes on some newcomers to the bay. Plus, will we find out what is behind Leah’s disappearance?

The official synopses for the final week of the year are below:

Monday 25th November – Episode 7266

A betrayed and humiliated Ryder deals with the fallout of the allegations.

An escalation in the case leaves Robbo vowing to protect his family and end things once and for all.

Tuesday 26th November – Episode 7267

Tori is finally able to be a mother to her child.

A fraught Jasmine struggles with being separated from Grace.

Mackenzie learns of Jade’s allegations against Ryder.

Wednesday 27th November- Episodes 7268-7270

Lives hang in the balance as an unexpected threat arises.

A reckless Bella takes desperate measures to prove her sickness.

An emotional Ziggy returns to Summer Bay.

Can Robbo crack the case before more lives are lost?

These episodes will air in the UK in the first week of March.

As we’ve previously reported, there will be a series of Home and Away Christmas Specials streamed in the UK during the Christmas Break.

Whilst there’s been no official word from Seven as yet, we’ll take a shot in the dark by presuming they will also be added to 7Plus, so that Aussie fans can also continue to get their Summer Bay fix.