Does Willow die in Home and Away?

Sarah Roberts

The last few seconds of the dramatic Home and Away Season Return saw Colby forced to make the decision between girlfriend Chelsea and sister Bella, as Ross held the two at gunpoint in the bush.

Refusing to make such a difficult decision, Colby dived at Ross, causing Ross to shoot at him – but he missed, shooting Willow instead, an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire!

With a bullet wound to the chest, and stuck out in the middle of the National Park, many miles from the nearest hospital, things don’t look good for Willow.

Willow first arrived in Summer Bay in 2017, after her grandmother had brought her car in for a service at Summer Bay Auto, unaware that Willow had stashed $30,000 in it!

In a strange turn of events that can only happen in Summer Bay, she tied Justin up in the garage overnight in a desperate attempt to try and retrieve her lost money, and a few short months later the two of them were together, and she was making Summer Bay her home.

Now, less than 2 years and plenty of drama later, will Home and Away’s first week back for 2019 prove to be Willow’s last?

The episode spoilers for the first few weeks don’t give much away, with Willow’s name making just two appearance between now and Thursday 28th.

Next Monday’s episode spoiler is “With no change in Willow’s condition, Dean is desperate for answers”, suggesting she’s in for a difficult time, and will remain in hospital in a bad way for at least the next week.

Next Tuesday’s spoiler reads “Will Willow pull through a second operation?”, so clearly a first operation obviously isn’t enough to save her. What happens if a second isn’t either…?

Thankfully, Willow fans don’t need to worry. With so many photos of the cast filming at Palm Beach, the real life home of Summer Bay in the Northern Beaches, appearing in the press and online, it’s often easy to tell when cast are still filming, or in some cases, even get a glimpse of their departure scenes being filmed.

In the case of Willow, played by Sarah Roberts, she’s been spotted filming numerous times in the latter months of 2018, and as recently as the 7th February, suggesting she pulls through and will be a part of the show for much more time to come.

She may have a fight on her hands, and will spend the first few months of the year recovering from her bullet wound, but we definitely haven’t seen the last of feisty Willow Harris.

Can the same be said for Chelsea and Bella? Although Ross escaped into the Bush at the end of Monday’s dramatic return, he’s surely not going to give up that easily…

And even if he doesn’t come back to exact revenge on Colby and the ones closest to him, will Chelsea still be willing to stick around after everything that’s happened?

Read our 2019 spoiler article and get more of a glimpse of what’s to come in the first few months of 2019, including whether Chelsea will be sticking around…

Episode spoilers for the first 2 weeks…

Tuesday 19th February

Tragedy sets Colby and Dean on a dangerous path.

Brody is forced to choose between Simone and his marriage.

Wednesday 20th February

Is Colby about to cross the line?

Alf reaches out to an old friend.

Maggie’s maternal instincts flare when Coco is presented with an opportunity.

Thursday 21st February (Tripe Episode)

Alf’s past comes back to haunt him.

Will Coco and Ben convince Maggie to make the right choice?

Ryder fears retribution from the Morgan brothers.

Will Jasmine discover Tori’s secret?

Alf is forced to confront his feelings for Martha.

Raffy is mortified by Mason’s interference.

Marilyn attempts to bring Alf and Martha closer together.

Monday 25th February

Jasmine is torn over whether or not to tell Robbo about the baby.

With no change in Willow’s condition, Dean is desperate for answers.

Will Colby tell Chelsea the truth about Ross?

Tuesday 26th February

Will Willow pull through a second operation?

Maggie experiences pre-marathon jitters.

Alf and Martha reminisce on old times together.

Wednesday 27th February

Ziggy enters the half-marathon to blow off steam, with grave consequences.

Brody and Simone take time out to get to know each other.

Thursday 28th February (Triple Episode)

How will Chelsea react to Colbys decision?

The bay farewells Coco to Cairns and exciting, new opportunities.

Is seeing Ziggy in hospital the wake-up call that Brody needs?

Will Jasmine crumble under the weight of Tori’s secret?

Bella feels responsible for ruining her brother’s life. What does Colby’s future look like now?

Tori, Jasmine and Robbo showdown.

Dean is haunted by his past actions.

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