Oz Preview – Wedding Bells & Farewells

Episodes 6621-6625
Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd March 2017

This week, it’s time to say goodbye to Matt Page (Alec Snow) and Evelyn MacGuire (Philippa Northeast) who depart Summer Bay for Vietnam – but not before a surprise wedding!

Only a few weeks ago, it was revealed that Evie had been offered a one year scholarship to take up a teaching post in Vietnam. However the couple were forced to rethink when it became apparent that Matt’s sister Ellie (Darcey Wilson) didn’t want to move to a foreign country.

Recently though, after Ellie’s place in the family was reaffirmed to her by Matt & Evie offering to apply for guardianship, she happily agreed to the move—and with only a week to prepare, it was all systems go.

With a family unit in place, Evie decided to go one step further and make it official, by proposing to Matt! “Rekindling this love with Matt proved to Evie that love still does exist and still does have happening endings” Philippa told TV WEEK. “She wanted to take hold of that.

With their departure imminent, the couple decide to hold a last-minute wedding in Summer Bay so they can share the day with their loved ones, and the town come together to help make it happen. “It’s a rush to organise” explained Philippa. “But in true Summer Bay fashion, everyone gets on board to make the wedding day as special as it can be.

But when her uncle Zac (Charlie Clausen), who is still at a conference in Adelaide, calls to say his flight has been delayed, Evie wonders whether to cancel the ceremony.

It’s really devastating” Philippa continued. “Zac is her last family member and Evie feels that if he is not there, then Hannah isn’t there, Oscar isn’t there, Dad’s not there, Mum’s not there.

Eventually Zac calls again to talk some sense into Evie, saying that it’s what Hannah and Oscar would have wanted, and the garden ceremony goes ahead—officiated by none other than Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher).

Zac finally makes it to the reception and presents Evie with a very special gift that he’s been holding onto for quite some time, her parents wedding rings.

Speaking of the ceremony, Phillipa said “It’s a really simple, pretty country wedding. The set-up was gorgeous—lots of wood and native flowers. It was a beautiful day.

Meanwhile, whilst one marriage is beginning, another could well be at breaking point, when Zac finally comes clean to Leah (Ada Nicodemou) about his one night stand with Sam Webster (Cheree Cassidy).

The marriage had been in trouble for some time, with Leah continually pushing Zac away during the turmoil of baby Luc’s kidnapping and Billie’s subsequent death, before a blazing row led to Zac retreating to the doorstep of Sam’s motel room.

Leah finally started to open up to Zac in the days afterwards, but the damage had already been done, and Zac was all ready to tell Leah the truth before Matt convinced him to keep quiet to avoid more heartbreak. Things were still tense between the couple however, with Zac deciding to head to a teaching conference in Adelaide.

This week, Zac finally tells the truth to a heartbroken Leah following his return from Adelaide. Whilst she tries to put on a brave face for the sake of VJ and Luc, she eventually breaks down in front of Irene.

Leah is devastated” Ada told TV Week. “She loves Zac and she’s very hurt. They’ve been very disconnected and haven’t had time for each other. They’d fallen apart, but for Zac to sleep with Sam—she feels really deceived and can’t see how she’ll get past that. She is just so distraught and upset”

As Leah packs her bags, could Summer Bay be about to lose another of its residents?

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