Home and Away: The Early Years Break

The airings of Home and Away: The Early Years on 7TWO in Australia are now on a two week break for the tennis.

The repeats, which are currently showing episodes from October 1995, will return on Monday 23rd January with Episode 1792.

There is however no episode currently scheduled for Thursday 26th January. Consequently when the next episode airs on Friday 27th, the episodes will be back in sync with their original blocks (i.e. an episode originally broadcast on a Friday will once again be shown on a Friday).

On its return, there will be just over 8 weeks of the 1995 season remaining, and the drama is set to ramp up further as we draw closer to the season finale, currently due to air on Friday 24th March 2017.

In these final weeks, we’ll see the dramatic climax to the Dodge/Steven storyline, Kelly and Jack will be reunited with members of their respective families, a young American woman will bring a shock for Alf, Selina will begin to fall under the influence of a spiritual stranger, and in the season finale both Kelly and Shane will face potentially life-threatening situations….

Home and Away: The Early Years returns on Monday 23rd January at 9AM on 7TWO.