Melissa George’s Change of Heart

Melissa George

Melissa George started off her long and illustrious career, playing Angel Parrish for three years on the Seven Network soap, Home and Away. After leaving the series in 1996, Melissa ventured to America and gained recurring roles on shows such as Friends and Grey’s Anatomy.

Although the long-running soap kick-started her acting career, Melissa stated that she was trying to distance herself from the role when she appeared on the Seven Network morning show, The Morning Show in 2012. After what was labelled by the media as an “epic tantrum”, the actress claimed that it occurred because she heard a crew member say, “Let’s not talk about Hunted or The Slap or anything, because they’re not our network. Let’s have the Aussie b*tch promote Home and Away.”

However, it seems like the actress has had a change of heart, having made the following Instagram post earlier this week:

The actress told NewsCorp Australia that she made peace with Home and Away and her role on the series earlier this year. She stated, “I had a melancholy moment and it’s funny, whenever my mum misses me, she often watches that scene, she loves it so much. I just thought it was really beautiful. It was just a really beautiful photo. I went through a bit of my resume, I put up pictures of Hunted, In Treatment, little things like that, then came across that [Home and Away] one and thought ‘oh, I remember that day so well.’ I fell in love with acting that very day.

She also went on to explain that the meltdown on The Morning Show was due to the comments backstage, saying “I was just so hurt and reacted in a way that anybody would. I was really, really hurt by comments I heard backstage and I reacted in a way, at the time, that I thought was right. The way it was received was unfortunately out of my hands and it certainly didn’t get well received at all.

Melissa, finally, reassured her loyal fans and supporters that she does lover her country and she is proud to be an Australian – “the bottom line is, Australia is my country and my family live there and I’m from there and it’s time to move on and leave it in the past. My true love is my country, it really is … I’ve never forgotten where I’m from, where I started or anything like that … I was just really, really hurt in that one moment. It was a shame, but my family live there, my sons are Australian and I make sure they are.

Late last year, Melissa posted a tweet, using a photo from Back to the Bay’s 1993 preview article about her first day of acting:

Viewers can see Melissa George as Angel Parrish on Home and Away: The Early Years at 9am on 7TWO.

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