Another Return Announced

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It has been confirmed that Kimberley Cooper has returned to her Summer Bay role of Gypsy Nash after a break of nearly 10 years.

Gypsy was last seen in early 2002 when she left the bay with Will Smith and their daughter Lily. Whilst Will has returned several times in the following years – the latest of which saw daughter Lily joining him following a split with Gypsy, and ended with his admission of the murder of Penn Graham – this is the first time that Gypsy has come back to the bay since her departure.

In the meantime Kimberley has lived in New York and Los Angeles, and last year married her partner Mick Sacco.

Whilst the length of her tenure is currently under wraps, Kimberley has stated that “It’ss heaven to be back” and that the return will be “dramatic, in true Gypsy style”.

Gypsy’ss return should be seen on Australian screens in approximately 2 months time.