June Editorial

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Welcome to yet another exciting edition of the Back to the Bay editorial.

So, what did May bring at Back to the Bay? Well, as promised, we revealed the results of Home and Away’ss Most Popular Villain. Angie Russell took the lead with time to spare, winning the poll almost 100 points ahead of our second most popular villain, Eve Jacobson It seems Angie’ss memory is far from forgotten, years after her dramatic exit from the bay.

Three of Home and Away’ss ex-Script Producers (Coral Droun, Daniel Bennett and Bevan Lee) were kind enough to provide their thoughts on our top 3 most popular villains, making the feature even more of an interesting read. Laurie Foell even took time out to express her delight at being voted #1. The poll was a great success, so thanks to everyone who voted.

Last month also saw many of our character profiles receive detailed updates (Johnny, Rocco and Sally), and even more receive brief updates to bring them in line with UK episodes. This month, we’sll be bringing you even more profile updates, as we work towards our goal of ensuring all our profiles for current UK and Australian characters are detailed and up to date. Expect updates for characters such as Irene and Amanda to follow shortly, with more over the course of the month.

Last month, we asked you to submit questions to be set to Debra Lawrance, who played Pippa Fletcher/Ross on the show from 1990 onwards. Fingers crossed, June will see the results of that interview, so check back regularly for an in depth look at the woman behind one of Home and Away’ss best loved characters. And who knows, maybe we have more secret interviews under our sleeves. The only way you’sll find out is by checking back. =P

Other upcoming updates in June include a selection of videos of Home and Away’ss opening titles from over the years, the final wedding video, the usual UK episode summaries and exclusive previews of Australian storylines, as well as some content so new we haven’st even thought it up yet.

See you next month!


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